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Just a guy that will be writing random game crossovers with ponies!

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Well, I goofed · 10:51pm Sep 7th, 2018

After my incredibly long wait for the next chapter in Three Brethren, Three Kings, we will have to wait some more :( However unfortunate that is, it is a necessary evil! My reasoning for the chapter NOT coming out this weekend is simple for two reasons, 1. I forgot my PC:twilightblush: and 2. The computer housing ALL of my plans died... Rip old comp:facehoof: So with this minor setback, the next chapter will be released the NEXT weekend! I promise!:twilightsmile:

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No problem! I’ve really been enjoying your story and can’t wait for more chapters!:twilightsmile:

Thank you for wanting to follow my story and giving it a thumbs up haha

Your welcome! It’s been an enjoyable ride so far and I can’t wait for more! I’ve liked the premise, and the whole crossovers and references have been pleasant to read!

Thanks for faving Ghost Of Reach! What do you like/dislike about it?


You're welcome! I loved your star wars story, it was well made and I enjoyed it.

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