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Those fools who follow the NLR, and the SE are too blind by arrogance. They don't know real power, they don't know real victory. They are weak compared to our expert soldiers. They are weak compared to the Empire's mighty Starships. They don't know the real power of the force. We have the Death Star. And one day we will finish the 2 warring factions off, with one quick and swift blow. Ending with both monarch's deaths.

The New Order, shall reign over Equestria with no influence from either of the princesses. Magic shall not be used, only hard labor will be used. We shall promise peace and prosperity to Equestria if we win! We will not enslave you! We will free you from the NLR! We are the Future of Equestria! We shall show the Celestial Sisters that they are no match for the power of the Force!

Wake up Equestria for we are the future. We are your new self. We are Equestria's peaceful future.
Security Code: Black
Security Code Black means, we are at war. All forces attack when ordered.
Order in effect: Order 77
Order 77 means to destroy the NLR at all costs.
Admin: To become admin, you must be approved. The ways you become an admin are simple: Show loyalty to the empire. Once your loyalty is shown, I will oversee the process.
Bans: Ban people who speak against our Empire.
Appeals: With my permission you can return.

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Alpha-14, reporting for duty!

Hi, i am a grey jedi/alicorn. I come in peace. And I'm new. I wish to fond a way to peace. Plz don't ban me!

hey some moof-milker put a hyper-bypass on the hyper drive.

Why haven't I found this group sooner? Long live the Empire!

And since the Founder is no longer active, I have made a story fetutring the Imperial side, would that be something for this group?

Yolo m8 you shall be promoted my new favorite imperial follower (after Grand Moff Tarkin).

I find your lack of friendship... disturbing.
I am no imposter. I am Darth Vader. *breathing sounds*

To The Death Star.

337510 I read your story about the S.S. in Equestria, it was Excellent and well written, perhaps, if posted here, would be one of the great texts of the Empire.

373857 All Hail the Great and Powerful Emperor!


Captain Liaga of the Imperial Star Destroyer Desolator awaiting orders.

That day sucked.

All hail the Galactic Empire:pinkiehappy: who else is loyal to our cause:duck:?


Ah an't luke and really a down vote:ajbemused:


no Luke i am your father :trollestia:

  • Viewing 19 - 38 of 38
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