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Stop me if you heard this before. Guy goes to costume convention as a fictional character. Guy or girl meets a merchant. Get a piece for there costume then goes to Equestria. Here's the thing the guy I am is already in Equestria. Its set in good read the story.

A displaced fic of different direction instead of the usual goes as something else for a change my little pony. Eric Smith went as a MLP character his favorite character. Got some hand made Elements of Disharmony and the rest his history.

Now he is Loki. Let the chaos flow!

Co-written with Thunderclap and our second story together.

Come on you know you want to

All art belongs to its owners.

Looking for a Editor.

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Awww I got the Deathwing you clever genius

My favorite part was the screaming

Stop me if you heard this before. Guy goes to costume convention as a fictional character. Guy or girl meets a merchant. Get a piece for there costume then goes to Equestria.

Welp, this is where I ask you to stop and let me off this tired old ride.

Here's the thing the guy I am is already in Equestria. Its set in good read the story.

After reading this, I HIGHLY doubt that.

The possibilities of this are REALLY entertaining

Your concept is fine, but this story's grammar is hideous.

Awesome story now let see if I can guess the Elements XD
Apathy (Loyalty)
Fury (Kindness)
Avarice (Generosity)
Fear (Laughter)
Power (Magic)

friend is magic, isolation would be disharmonic

I like reference to Bill Cipher :heart:

When I read Discord started a magic shop I had some hope it would be like the magic shop from Howl's Moving Castle.

A mobile location that is bound to several different real world locations, and uses a magical door to switch between destinations, so you can get customers from any of the destinations coming into your shop, and since the real location is mobile it's difficult to track.

Allows for a greater spread of chaos I imagine. There are some stories about shops that move from location to location based on the day, but not one that links every location to one central spot.

"Sorry girls, but I don't have to earn your cutie marks."

^You're right they have to earn it themselves :rainbowlaugh:
(seem a few words missing here unless you meant him to say that lol)

"Ok let’s see what to do.... The ground shock and out came Cerberus."

^He either set Cerberus loose or you need to move an " also the word is 'shook'
Other then Chrissy using the word 'hands' instead of 'hooves' I can't find anymore errors.
Also may wanna add a changeling tag even if they just show up in this chapter...
(Get more views that way :trollestia:)

I'm looking forward to more chapters. Will there be crossovers?

5877921 Valid point, may I suggest one of mine? As long as you're not against any "evil" Displaced coming along... If you don't know who I'm referring to it's my Displaced Black Frost from "Hooves of Ice". He might also be followed by another character by the name of Blood Cleaver, from "Mind and Magic".

great story, but it's language feels to be little too simple.

I'm kinda d'awwing right now :twilightsmile:

I could use that use that to help two transgendered ponies

Pinkie pie used her strange pinkie Goggle's to see inside

Awesome story.

Love the twist with bringing in Nyx.

Hope Loki and Nyx get more involved in the events of the series. Not just the major events like the Changeling invasion.

Will we see Loki start causing some chaos?

Best plan ever, ask Twilight out for selfish/not fully so selfish reasons that she most likely will find out about anyway, what ever could go wrong?

you are like 20% cooler putting these chapters up so fast :rainbowdetermined2:


A big thumbs up. Also, I am honored my token made an appearance in this story.

What's the Deathwing displaced story?

I am Loki, Master of Chaos and Defender of the Balance. If you fight for Balance, for Freedom, and for Good, know that I will come to your aid! But know this...if you fight for imbalance or for the forces of evil....be aware that there are many fates worse then Death!

5882491 You are a fantastic author:twilightsmile:

5883166 Thanks for your help nonetheless

Loki just invited witch trails. WTF

I really like your idea, but I think it needs some work. Here two examples.

At Canterlot however a pink Alicorn looked up at the change in the time of day. However she didn't see the flashes of flames. The next day Pinkie pie jumped into Rarities shop.

Your transitions happen too sudden.

"Something’s not right about that pony." Pinkie Pie went into stealth mode behind the pony. As she entered the shop/home her father owned and her the dark windows made it hard to see. Pinkie pie used her strange pinkie Goggle's to see inside. Best Seller’s voice was heard.

I would say, that you should describe it more. It seems rushed to me, like some part is missing.

Also I wondered about the missing party for Best Seller. Shouldn't Pinkie have thrown a party for him? I mean, obviously some days have past and I really wondered about that. Pinkie would have normally thrown a party on the same day.

I hope this helps you. :twilightsmile:

Just wondering. Why didn't Twilight say anything about the dog freezing a filly? I would have thought, that she would have seen the dog as a threat after that stunt. :rainbowhuh:

Also, the Best Seller/Loki thing is not that comfortable to read. Why don't you use the name of the form he is in at the time? Would be handy that way. :raritywink:

And I think, that the dating should have started sooner. It just seems a little strange to me, that she just takes him to the wedding of his brother, without knowing him that much (no dates and all).

I hope you don't mind me mentioning these things. Just thought, that you should know about the things that seem strange too me. They could be strange for other readers too.

That was awesome I can't wait to see the next chapter I hope twilight forgive him


But it could be important for character meetings. If you say, that you skip the party, when what about Twilight and the others? Twilight would have probably met the new pony there then. It was also never mentioned, that a party at least happened. He said himself, that she is going to throw one and then to be nothing there, seems just not right, in my opinion. :unsuresweetie:


Yeah, but she seemed unsure, about this pet thing herself. It was one of the reasons, why she was going with them. And now, then the windigo is posing a threat, it seems strange, for her not to react at all.

It would have been at least good to know, how she was standing to the freezing of a filly.

5886888 Think of it this way, the windigo is like a puppy at this point. It's not malicious, just curious and overly reactive. With a little training, it'll be fine.

How is it that I got a Japanese ad in the ad box and WHEN LIVE IN AMERICA?!?!?

I think the revelation came too sudden and the way it was revealed, seemed kind of strange to me. I would have expected this too happen a lot later with a lot more consequences, like a mental breakdown for example. It just didn't seem to have such a big effect and that's why I was a little disappointed with it.

Love the mecha by the way. Maybe a Soul Eater reference? :pinkiesmile:


Still. Freezing a filly sounds dangerous to me, even though it may look funny, if you imagine it. I guess, that's just the way I see it.


What clues? Did I overlook something?

"Best seller is Loki, Nyx is Nightmare moon!"

Also, do you mind me asking you something."

^forgot the 1st "
I love this story so much I hope it (almost) never ends :pinkiehappy:
Also is Nyx 'Nightmare Moon' or just have a lot of her memories/knowledge? :rainbowhuh:

5891510 I am sorry for the amulet so much power wasted in a mare like that

"Who are you?" Shining armor asked. Loki laughed shining armor was being protective.


"It’s a paradox I know. I wouldn't worry about the ramifications of me behaving paradoxically." He said with a wave of his paw."It's not like me doing so could rip a hole in the very fabric of reality or anything."


Also shouldn't he have a human form? :rainbowhuh:

>>He does but he kinda went as Discord

Yah know, I would've thought he would change his shape to be more human like by now.

Or is that just me?


please don't kill me

he got away from them and in a flash his true from appeared.

"Now get out of this city before I start to get mad.

^forgot the last "

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