• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Evil in Harmony

The sun rose again in Twilight’s new castle. Loki decided to leave the mirror in the castle. ‘Loki why are you experimenting with universe travel again?’ Discord asked Loki.

Loki turned to him. “I think I got it just give me a moment.” With a deep breath he tore open a hole in space-time. “Ok let’s see if I can get this just right!” Loki placed his power into the vortex and was soon sucked up into it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" With a jump Loki landed in what looked like Ponyville. However. things didn't feel right. His senses felt a huge imbalance in the position of Harmony. With a flash he saw what looked like anthro versions of Celestia and Luna fighting something.

'Whoa, this is trippy.' Loki thought as he saw the anthro princesses. He then shook his head and put on his serious face... literally. 'No time for that, I'd better put a stop to this.' Loki then teleported so that he was above the fight and looked at the scene. As soon as he did he noticed that the two celestial princesses looked like they were about to collapse as they stood defiant against someone in an inky black cloak that hid their face and figure. The only thing Loki could tell about them was that they were able to use magic given the aura coming off of their hands.

"Alright, I think it's about time we put a stop to all this. I'm sure we're all reasonable beings here so I think we can come to some sort of understanding." He said trying to keep up a smile.

"Discord?" All three beings asked in complete shock.

"That's impossible!" the cloaked being boomed as they took a step back. "I killed you."

Loki was confused by the figure's voice. It sounded so familiar, but there was something off about it. "Wait a minute, something killed me in this world?" Discord asked.

'Maybe this is this world's Tirek? He could've stolen your magic and then killed you in this world.' Loki suggested.

"But that voice was clearly feminine."

'Tirek could be a girl in this world. There are an infinite number of possibilities," Loki reminded him.

“Ok one I'm not Discord, I'm Loki and I come from another universe and you are?" Loki asked deciding to get things out there before things get out of hand.

"Another universe?" Celestia asked. "Yes one without this, four legged versions." Loki pointed to their two legs and general figures.

"So, are you Tirek?" He asked. The cloaked came down and the wings came out. It was an anthro version of Twilight. However Loki could feel it. She had absorbed the elements of harmony.

'Oh my god, Twilight? No.' Loki answered with a thought.

'Idiot! She’s about to attack!' With a burst from her horn Loki summoned up a massive shield blocking the rainbow blast. The fact the magic wasn't overcoming the barrier caused Celestia, Luna and afterwards Twilight to blink in amazement.

"What, how can you overpower the power of the elements?!" Twilight growled as she charged up her magic one more time. Loki didn't answer. He was too shell shocked by the revelation. He just fell to the ground and stared off into the distance as he tried to digest this news.

'H-how could Twilight do this? This isn't like her. She would never even think about attacking Celestia. This is all wrong. Something or someone has to be controlling her.' He thought as he tried to find some sort of answer to all this.

"Loki, this isn't your Twilight!" Discord screamed trying to snap Loki out of it. "Loki, do something! She's about to attack again!" Loki didn't bother to respond. His mind was still spinning and trying to find any form of explanation for what he was seeing.

The anthro version of Twilight smirked as she noticed the look on Loki's face. "I don't know how you blocked my magic the first time, but you don't seem to be in any condition to do it again. I already killed one Discord, I can kill some cheap clone from another world. You won't stop me from doing what I have to do!" She bellowed as she fired another rainbow blast that came rocketing towards Loki. Discord cursed to himself when the beam was dangerously close to hitting them and thrust his way in control of Loki's body. He threw up his paw and talon and fired a blast of pure chaos energy to counter Twilight's attack.

The two beams meet and to Twilight's amazement it stalemated the blast. Finally the blast created a dust storm in it Discord in control of Loki teleported him and the Princesses while using his spell to hide their magic. When they were away However Loki attempted to take back control. Appearing as the astral version of Discord which all three could see.

"Loki what's wrong with you? You could have summoned that chaos Power and ended it in 10 seconds flat." Discord said.

Loki turned to him. "I'm sorry Discord but this is not what I was expecting when I traveled across dimensions." Loki answered.

"But you already crossed into three other realities." Discord countered.

"I know, but... I-I... when I saw Twilight fighting Celestia and Luna like that, it just felt wrong. Neither of the Twilights I've met were anything like this. And besides, I can't just use that chaos form. That just destroys things. I can't just kill this world's Twilight, there might be something controlling her."

Luna and Celestia exchanged a sad look before turning back to Loki. "I'm afraid that there is nothing controlling Twilight," Celestia told him. "She is doing this of her own will."

A dark glower overtook Loki's face. "Start the story from the beginning." Celestia nodded and tried to find a way to start.

"Very well, shortly after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, evil creatures were constantly coming to attack Equestria, and Twilight and her friends would need to use the elements. As time went on Twilight studied the magic of the elements and became obsessed with finding a more efficient way to deal with the constant threats. Nopony saw a problem with this considering the research would be very helpful for all of Equestria. Then, something terrible happened once Sombra returned." She said with a slight hitch in her voice.

"While she did overcame his dark magic and helped end him Sombra showed her the future and how pointless it was for her to fight." Luna looked down. "It slowly drove her to the brink and before we knew it didn’t take long before she did something she'd regret..." Loki soon realized.

"She absorbed the elements didn't she?" He said Celestia looked away.

"She did but at the cost of her friends."

Loki looked down. 'Great a Twilight driven to save them goes overboard.' Celestia looked at him.

"If you don't mind me ask but how did you counter the elements powers?" Celestia asked.

Loki blinked. "Well this kinda." Appearing was the elements of Disharmony. "The elements of Disharmony the source of my power."

Both Celestia and Luna seemed to be amazed by the artifacts that Loki was showing them. Luna then turned to the projection of Discord and looked between him and Loki. "What is going on here? I don't think I understand.”

"Well Luna, somehow Loki and I fused together. We've been trying to separate ourselves but we haven't made any real headway in that department," Discord answered with a bit of a shrug.

"Can we please get back on track here?" Loki asked with a bit of an edge to his voice. "We have a serious problem here and we need to solve it."

"Well what do you suggest we do?" Discord asked as he floated over to Loki. "You froze up when you saw Twilight, do you want me to take control and take care of this?" Loki closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"No, seeing as Twilight isn't being controlled by anything we might be able to have her see the breadth of her actions and have her try to atone."

"And what if she's too far gone to listen to you?" Discord asked with an arched eyebrow.

Loki flinched for a moment, but he eventually steeled his resolve and gave Discord a determined look. "Then I'll do what has to be done."

He turned to them. "You better get into hiding I’ve got an Alicorn to talk to." Loki said as the elements returned to him and Discord as well he took off for this universe's Twilight He found her in the vast wastes of Equestria with a landing she turned to him. "Ok listen, I don't want to fight you, this isn't right." Loki started however she unleashed another blast Loki teleported away.

"Enough! I will not hear your lies!" She said with a teleport she kicked him over the head sending him into a boulder.

Loki got up. "Oh great I guess I have no choice." With a teleport of his own a baseball bat was swung over her and into the ground before Loki grabbed her bouch off and dropkicked her.

Twilight had her wings raised and with it rushed him with a rainboom level speed. Slamming into him. Loki was sent right into the nearby town by her. With six lights forming for her horns tip she let loose a blast that after a while grew in size. Loki had a barrier around him when it was down the town was gone.

Loki looked behind him and saw the smoking crater that had once been a town. "Twilight, you have to stop this!" Loki called out. "Can't you see that you're becoming the threat to Equestria that you wanted to stop?!"

Twilight just smiled manically down at him and charged her magic again. "If Equestria wants to see me as a threat, then fine. If a few ponies have to die along the way, then fine. Once I'm in charge of Equestria then nothing will ever be able to threaten us ever again! Now die so I can make Equestria safe forever!" She let the magic loose again and Loki teleported away just as he disappeared from her line of sight due to the size of the blast. Loki reappeared above the clouds to stay out of her sights.

"Loki, she isn't going to listen." Discord told him. "It's time to go all out and end this fight."

'I guess you're right,' Loki thought with a sigh. 'I really wish we didn't have to though.'

With a snap of his talons teleported behind and unleashed a chaotic blast right into her sending her to the nearby mountain before using his powers to form hands out of the mountain’s stone as it hit her repeatedly. However a shield came down and she she came gunning with the clouds striking lighting around him. As she then took this time to smash him over the head. However when he landed with a painful crash on a mountain. 'That’s it I have little choice do I?" Loki asked. He got up and summoned the elements of Disharmony. Right as he was about to summon his powers Twilights blast stuck him sending him through a mountain and into another one and another.... and another and another. He was finally hit his last one as it became rubble around him.

Twilight appeared over him. "Well then you're no longer a threat to this world." However six light passed by her as they came into the ruble.

"You call me a threat, and yeah with my powers I could easy be one but here’s the thing I'm Loki, Defender of the balance." Loki voice was heard before the rocks were blasted away revealing his Chaos power form.

Twilight attempted a full power blast which hit Loki point blank no shield when the dust cleared Loki was standing there unfazed. "Impossi...ahh." She was soon punched in the gut.

"My turn." He said as the shock wave from his speed finally caught up with her.

Loki then reached up and grabbed her by the horn and started to slam her repeatedly onto the ground. After a few seconds he then held her against the ground and pointed his paw directly at her. He then charged up pure chaos magic and allowed it to collect in front of his paw. Once he felt that he had enough he let the magic go and whispered, "I'm sorry," Loki turned away as Twilight disappeared in the blast.

Loki then fell to his knees as he tried to keep himself calm. "Loki, calm down. This had to be done and that wasn't the Twilight you've come to know. They have led two different lives and are two very different people."

'I know that. Look, sometimes there are things that you know consciously, but that your subconscious just doesn't quite get yet.'

"Fair enough, I'm just glad this is… wait, this can't be." Discord and Loki then noticed that they could sense Twilight's energy. Loki looked up and as the dust settled he saw that Twilight was still standing, albeit barely.

'Damn it, I think I held back a little,' Loki thought as he hopped to his feet.

"You said sorry before you hit me with your magic, you've constantly tried to talk me out of my plans, and that shell shocked expression when you first saw me. Why? Why do you care so much to stop me without killing me?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Loki told her as he subtly charged up his magic. "Now, this is your last chance. Stand down or I will have to kill you." He warned her without hesitating.

Twilight readied another blast. "Fine then." Loki let out the same blast he unleashed on Tirek. Twilight screamed as she slowly became nothing. When it was over Loki looked down.

"I'm sorry Twilight." with a flash his form returned to normal as he teleported away. Celestia and Luna saw Loki reappearing. "Well?" Celestia asked.

"It’s done I tried to make her see reason. I was forced to destroy her down to the atom." Loki answered.

Celestia did her best to maintain her composure but it was obvious that despite Twilight's crimes, there was still some affection that was felt towards her. "This may be for the best. Let's hope that she can find some forgiveness in the next life."

"I agree," Loki said as he looked in the direction that he and Twilight had fought in. "Despite everything, she was trying to protect this place. Even if it was in a horrifying way."

"Well then, we shall hold a small service for her and then attempt to repair the damages she caused," Luna said as she looked out at some of the rubble.

"What will you do Loki? We certainly could use your help rebuilding and maintaining the peace. The people of Equestria will certainly see you as a hero," she finished. Loki just shook his head at that.

He ripped off a fang giving them a token of his. A vortex opened up behind him. "Loki." The voice of his Twilight said. "You better be coming back!" Loki gave a salute and hopped right in. With the vortex closed the two princesses held the fang. However in the wasteland where she was defeated A light of rainbows where seen. On the ground was something, someone, somepony.

"I can't believe I let my guard down." Her main became Ethereal.

As Loki traveled back he felt a strange sense of foreboding. 'Discord did you feel that?' Loki asked the deity in his mind.

'Yes you don't think she could come back right?' Discord asked As they came near the mirror.

'No.... at least I hope not.'

“I'm sure it was just some sort of trick to our senses or something like that," Discord reasoned.

'Yeah, only one of us could manage to survive being blasted apart like that.' Loki thought with a strained chuckle. He then let out a long yawn as he placed a paw on the surface of the mirror. 'Uggh, I am completely drained, physically and emotionally. When we get back I'm just going to collapse onto my bed and fall asleep.'

"You know what, after the day you had you've earned it." Discord said with a chuckle. A few moments later Loki returned to the castle where Twilight was waiting for him.

“Loki, why were you gone so long? You told me that you were just going to do some exploring."

"I'm sorry Twilight, I got caught up in something. I'd tell you more, but I'm exhausted, I think I'll just go collapse onto a pillow," Loki said as he let out another long yawn. Twilight's look turned sympathetic and she smiled a little.

"How about this, I'll let you stay in one of the guest rooms so you don't have to teleport."

"What about Nyx?"

"I'll go get her. You two can stay here for the night. You just go and rest."

"Alright Twilight, you're the best."