• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Super Crystal Empire Mecha Force!

Twilight was waiting at the train station. "Hello Twilight." She turned to see Best Seller. The student of Celestia looked away from the magic salesman. Twilight would be lying if she said she hadn’t developed some feelings for the magic shop-owner. "So why are you waiting here?" He asked. Loki had an idea what was going to happen.

"Oh hello, Best Seller. I was on my way to Canterlot. Celestia says she has some important test for me."

"A test? Well, considering your track record, I'd say you have nothing to worry about." Best Seller told her with a smile." Twilight returned the smile and blushed a little as she heard the compliment.

"Thank you, Best Seller. I wish I shared some of that confidence."

"Well, if it's confidence that you need, I could always come with you." Twilight's smile grew a little wider as she heard that.

"I guess I wouldn't be opposed to a little confidence booster. I was a little nervous about Celestia suddenly summoning me like this."

"You have nothing to worry about. There isn't a test out there you can't pass. You can trust me on that." Right at that moment the train pulled up.

As they both came to the palace Celestia was with Luna and Chrysalis who decided to stay under supervision of the princesses for a while. They were looking out at the stained glass windows and discussing the matters at hoof. "I think we must get Loki." Chrysalis stated.

"Why because you like him?" Luna asked.

Chrysalis’s cheeks darkened and she turned away from the lunar princess. “Of course not, he’s just helpful. That’s all.”

"Princess Celestia." It was Twilight and Best Seller. Celestia had heard about the new store own in Ponyville. How he managed to get all his ware was anyone's guess. However he knew how to use every one of them. He even had a pet Windigo.

"Hello Twilight, I am glad to see you as well." Celestia said as she wrapped a wing around Twilight for a quick embrace.

"And Best Seller, it is nice to see you as well. Though, I didn't see much of you at my niece's wedding."

"Well, I was a little busy. Actually I think we all were considering what happened." Chrysalis turned away from Twilight and Best Seller and appeared to be a little embarrassed.

"Yes well, there is an important matter we must discuss." Celestia interrupted.

"Ooh, I know this one!" Best Seller called out. "Something from about 1000 years ago has returned and is causing trouble." Best Seller called out. Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis blinked in surprise at the accuracy of his guess.

"Yes, it is the Crystal Empire. It and its inhabitants have finally returned." Luna said.

Best Seller the answered. "I'm guessing that the empire’s despot has returned as well? King Sombra." Best Seller answered. Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis and Twilight all blinked at him. "What? I have a lot of old books and know a lot about old Equestria." He said answering there questions. Chrysalis brushed it off as did Twilight. Luna did as well but Celestia was kind of suspicious at this. However, given the threat Sombra posed she brushed it off for now.

Celestia went on about the crystal empire and Sombra which Best Seller knew about as Celestia used her magic to give Twilight the necessary spell she'd need.

"I'm going with you." Chrysalis said.

"Wait, why are you coming with us?" Twilight asked as she got in a defensive posture. Before she could do anything else Best Seller stepped in front of her.

"Twilight, we shouldn't try fighting her. I know you don't trust her right now, but we could use her help when we get to the empire. From everything I've ever read, Sombra's dark magic is very dangerous."

"Alright, you make a good point. I'll trust your judgment on this." Twilight said with a sigh.

"Thank you Best Seller. I will do my best to help. I do have a debt to repay," Chrysalis said with a dip of her head.

"Very well," Celestia said as she stared at Twilight intently. "Twilight, you must find and retrieve the Crystal Heart. That is the source of the empire's magic. And it will help defeat Sombra. Remember Twilight, if you fail this test, all of Equestria will be in danger."

"I understand, Princess." Twilight said as she started to tremble slightly. Best Seller just placed a hoof on her side and offered her a small smile.

"Hey, remember what I told you, there, isn't a test out there that you can't handle."

"Thank you, Best Seller. I needed to hear that."

As the group along with Chrysalis went out Best Seller could sense Sombra’s energies, it was dark and almost unnatural. Once they finally got to their stop they were greeted by Shining armor. On his horn was a black mass something made from Sombra’s own magic. Best Seller was on auto pilot though the whole thing until they finally got to the empire. The crystal ponies looked at the new comers. For Loki, he could sense Sombra was getting closer to the empire or what was left of him.

As they were looking around the library he got away from them and in a flash his true from appeared. However unknown to him a certain Unicorn saw it. Twilight dropped her book as it landed with a loud thud, causing Loki turned to see the element wielder of magic stare in shock.

"See I told you!" Pinkie Pie said from on top the self.

'I really should've thought that one through.' Loki thought with a grimace.

"Twilight, I can explain."

"Save it!" Twilight boomed. "I don't want to hear anything you have to say!" She continued with tears in her eyes. "Was everything we did together just some game to you?!"

"No, that wasn't... I-I never wanted to hurt you." Loki stammered. "I was going to tell you eventually, I just didn't know when would be a good time."

"Save it," Twilight said as she turned away from Loki. "I can't believe I fell for your trick. You're just as bad as the real Discord." The sound of shattering glass could be heard as Loki slumped over completely. He kicked himself for what he had done. He had played one too many games, and now he was paying the price for it.

"Here, this book should be able to help you." He said as he snapped his talons and gave a book to Twilight without looking at her. "I really am sorry, Twilight." He finished as he teleported outside the city.

As he did he saw Sombra’s huge shadow. The shadow stopped as it saw what looked like Discord. Sombra was confused at this. Discord was free? Then why hasn't the planet been turned into a mad world already. Discord sat in the snow. Of course this wasn't Discord but Loki.

'Great I managed to break Twilights heart.... I'm worse than those guys who make her evil.' He said with a tear. However His tear changed the snow below him to give way to green and flowers. Loki looked at his hands.

"No I refuse to be hated." He stood up and saw the barrier collapse. However, right as Sombra went for it Loki appeared right in front of the city and summoned a barrier.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked. A flash later in front of them all was Loki.

"Alright Sombra, you're not going to do anything to this city while I'm here!" Loki called out "standing" between Sombra and the group.

"Crystals!" Sombra hissed.

"Yeah well up yours too buddy." Loki returned. "Now get out of this city before I start to get mad. Sombra's eyes started to glow as he charged up some sort of attack. "Oh good, you wanna do this the hard way. I've got some issues that I need to work out, and your smoky face is the perfect thing to work them out on." Loki said as he cracked his talons on his paw. "Let's do this Smoky the Jackass!" He finished as he charged at Sombra.

Sombra gave a massive blast which Loki countered by firing his own blast. Sombra seemed to be losing. Of course he tapped into more dark magic and emotions. The blast exploded sending them both back Loki got up.

"Crystals!!!!!!!!!" Sombra screamed.

"You want your city back? Here take it!" With that a massive flash happened as the whole city was covered in light. When it was over Sombra looked in wide eyed as what was standing there.

"Sombra let me introduce you to." Lokis voice was heard as a giant robot made from the very empire itself was standing there. "Super Crystal Empire Mecha Force!" The giant robot struck a pose as the ground exploded around them. Another voice was heard everyone in the Crystal Empire were now in the mech.


Loki cringed as he heard Twilight's voice. 'There I go acting without thinking again. Well, at least this time I can do some good.'

"Look Twilight, you don't have to trust me. But, this is a good way to protect the empire and the Crystal Heart. I'll hold Sombra off while you go and find it." Loki told her over a speaker he had made.

"Fine, but you had better make sure nopony gets hurt." Twilight huffed.

"Easier said than done," Loki grumbled before turning his attention back towards Sombra. "Alright Sombra, time to show you what this thing can do, Form Crystal Sword!" Loki brought the arms of his mech together and dragged them apart to create a long, crystal, saber. He then brought the saber down in a wicked slice aimed for Sombra.

The shadowly being cursed from the attack despite not being alive the attack still hurt. "Over the top Lasers Fire!" The mech fired dozens of lasers, Sombra dodged most of them but one did hit him. He reacted by firing a blast of Shadows as dozens of them slammed into the mecha. Inside the mecha Twilight flew back as she suddenly found herself in a part of the city/mecha that wasn't there before. Cadance and Shining found themselves in the control room to see Loki with a suit on as the mecha minic his moves. "Super Crystal Punch!" He punched Sombra. "Hyper crystal kick!" He drop kicked the shadow being.

“Good, the two of you are you here. I’ll need your love energy for this thing’s final attack.”

Both Shining Armor and Cadance blinked as they saw Loki's over the top actions. "What the hay are you doing?!" Shining Armor boomed. Loki didn't even bother to look back as he continued to pantomime actions that the mech mimicked.

"I'm baking a wonderful souffle," Loki said with sarcasm.

"Okay, but why are you fighting Sombra like this?" Cadance asked gently.

"Look, I just didn't think things through. So now I'm fighting inside a giant city turned into a mech. Under normal circumstances I'd find this awesome."

"What do you mean by that?" Shining Armor asked.

"Nothing, now please be quiet so I can concentrate." As he said that Sombra wrapped himself around the mech's neck and started to squeeze. The claxon of alarms went off inside the control room as Loki struggled to remove the shadow.

"Shit, Twilight had better find the Crystal Heart soon."

Twilight was in the room where the heart was kept. "I finally got the Crystal Heart." The alarm went off.

"Twilight hurry get the heart to the power core!" Loki’s voice screamed. He managed to toss Sombra off him but the shadowy being formed into his own mech made out of dark crystals. "Oh shit." Two massive arms came crushing down against Loki’s arm raised like you would a shield. "Shining Nova shield go!" A massive barrier formed as the arms kept smashing against the barrier. Twilight raced with the heart. "Where is the power core? What even is a power core? Why is there even a POWER CORE!?" Twilight screamed/asked.

A map soon appeared showing her where to go. Outside two massive dark crystal swords formed as Sombra ripped them out and slammed against the shield.

On screen. "Shield strengh at 75%" Slam. "63%." Slam. 45% Slam 23% Slam. 1%With another slam They were sent back. 0%

Twilight watched as she was almost there to the core. The mech took off as Spike went flying along with the heart. Sombra readied a final strike.

"CRYSTALS!" However Spike kicked the heart into the power a massive burst of Energy came from the mecha sending Sombra back. "

Time to end this!" The mech floated up. "Super Omnidirectional Final Love Blast!"

The mecha brought took its arms and placed them on its chest. It then pulled open its chest to reveal the power core with the Crystal Heart. The heart started to spin around at blinding speeds and fired a massive beam right into Sombra.

The blast gave way to reveal that Sombra and his mech were no more. Loki let out a sigh of relief as he used the Crystal Mech's periscope to spot the dark crystal horn that was all that remained of Sombra. Loki then used the mech to pick it up.

"There you are you little bastard. Now let's make sure that you never come back again." Loki then teleported out of the mech and grabbed the crystal. "I'll find a way to deal with you later." He continued as he stuffed the crystal into his pocket. Loki then turned back to the Crystal Mech and snapped his talons to turn it back into a city.

'I'd better just leave now. I don't think Twilight will want to see me again, not after lying to her like I did. Maybe I should move out of Ponyville too? No, that would disappoint Nyx too much. I'll just stay out of Twilight's way until she'll accept my apology.'