• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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The Second Chaos God

(First POV)

"Eric you coming or what?" I heard from below. I had finally got the last piece of my costume finished. "Finally," looking at myself in the mirror I made sure everything was in place. I came walking down as my character. As my friend saw who I was going as.

"So you finished? Wait, aren't you that god from the horse show?" My friend asked. He didn't know what the show was but I told him long ago. He keep on with the whole horse stuff despite me telling him it was ponies.

"It’s Discord and yes." I said.

Might as well not push it. Later on we were at the comic-con. There was dozens of different people there was one I believe was going as Trevor Philips and whoa that guy went as Deathwing? As I wandered around I came to this booth with all this random stuff. Wait are those what think they are? They looked like the Elements of Harmony only darker. hand-made Elements of disharmony?

"I see you’ve taken a liking to the Elements of Disharmony." The shopkeeper said he had on a huge hood and was reading a book.

"How much?" I asked I mean come on what were the chances.

"Twenty." He said reading his book. I pulled it out I don't care if it’s a deal with the devil or not.

"Deal." As I took the gems. As I walked away with my new gifts. I passed by this guy dressed as Deathwing from before in a flash he was gone. Literally gone.

"What the..." A flash blinded me and I felt pain for a moment like I was being ripped into six pieces then darkness. However the darkness soon gave way to light.

(Third person POV 1,000 years later)

Celestia sighed at what was already happening. Discord had taken the elements and hid them and was now taunting them. However, she wondered if that was the only thing he took.

"Before I go Celestia I have a question when I was taking the elements I found these six fine objects." The reality wrapper appeared and a flash appeared in front of him. They looked like the elements only darker and giving off another form of power.

"Discord where did you get those?" She said with fear. She and her sister found those just after defeating him they had no idea what they were but they gave off the same magic as Discord.

"Princess what are they?" Twilight asked.

Discord looked at the gems with a smile. "Do believe that there are some familiar magic in these I wonder." With a tap on the crown the others spun around as a familiar chaos magic was felt until. A massive burst of chaos appeared in the room. Finally a voice was heard.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhh." Appearing was another Discord.

The other Discord landed on his face and stayed there for a while. Everyone in the room blinked at what they were seeing. Even Discord looked confused by what he was seeing. Twilight turned to Discord with an annoyed look.

"Is this something you cooked up?" Discord pretended to be offended by that.

"Oh come now Twilight. I may enjoy the odd bit of chaos every now and then, but this is something I would never do. I enjoy being one of a kind."

The other Discord blinked at what he was hearing. 'Did I just hear them correctly?' He thought. 'Did that guy just say Twilight? Is that John De Lancie, was he even supposed to be at this convention? Wait, what did he mean by all that? And I'm still on the floor of this place, aren't I?' The other Discord then picked himself off the floor and looked up at all the ponies and his eyes literally bulged out of his face.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhh!" He screamed before passing out.

A cloud appeared above his face and dumped water on him. He stood up and looked around him. He was in equestria. Around him was Celestia, the mane six and Discord. He saw that Twilight was a unicorn and there was the element vault. However before he could fully wrap his head around this he looked at his hands or talons and paw. With a thought a cup of chocolate milk appeared in his hands and he took a sip drinking the glass before dropping the milk it exploded in his face doing nothing. Everything then clicked. 'I have all of Discord’s powers, and judging by the seen this is return of harmony.' He then realized what this meant he knew about Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek, Sunset, the sirens and whatever the other things where.

‘In other words, I have access to all sorts of spoilers… yeah, that about sounds right for Discord. If I don't get myself turned to stone this could be a lot of fun. Hmm, what should be the first thing I do with my god-like powers after the obligatory introductions and explanation of why I'm here. I've already done the reverse glass trick. Maybe I could find the pony Flash Sentry and give him a personality. Nah, there are some things not even a god are capable of.'

"Well, now that you're awake we have a few questions for you." The real Discord said as he lounged on a cotton candy cloud.

"Of course." Eric/the other Discord said as he lounged in mid-air.

'Nice, I just think of something and I can do it. That should avoid the getting used to the powers cliche.'

"Princess what do we do?" Twilight asked.

Celestia was terrified inside. One Discord was more than enough of a scare to her to keep her up at night, but another Discord? It was taking everything she had not to pass the despair event horizon. 'We’re doomed! We are doomed and I know it! No stay calm perhaps Discord would fight him sure the planet would be torn to shreds but at least we won't have two of them.' She'll never admit it but Discord left her with mental scars for a moment she had a wide eyed smile.

"So then who are you?" Discord asked. The other one had to come up with an explanation.

"It would probably be confusing so to put it simple I am a clone of you... Call me Disorder... No let's go with Entropy no that's even stupider, Eris... no Disarray? No… I got it I am Loki!"

"A clone of Discord, that's nuts!" Rainbow Dash called out.

"Well, all things considered I'm a clone of Discord, wouldn't you expect something nuts?"

The newly dubbed Loki said with a smile. Rainbow Dash looked like she wanted to say something about that, but she had to admit it made sense.

"Why have you come here?" Celestia asked carefully.

"I don't really know," Loki admitted with a shrug. "I just sort of wound up here. Oh and don't worry about me being evil. I don't plan on trying to take over Equestria." Celestia let out a little sigh of relief at that. "Though I may do some stupid things every now and then, I mean I can make it rain candy, it'd be too tempting not to abuse these powers a little." All of a sudden, Celestia suddenly felt terrified again.

"Oh lighten up." Loki said. Celestia started glowing. "Well I didn't mean that literally hahaha... Cya." With that Loki disappeared.

Discord gave a laugh. "Oh it's the simple things that matter." He said laughing at Celestia. Loki appeared just outside Ponyville. He knew what was going to happen.

'Ok let's see I can do anything but how long was I stuck as gems?' He asked himself. He didn't need a job because well he was now a god. He probably didn't need to eat because... Well now an avatar of chaos. He looked down. "

I have all the power in the world what is there to do?" He asked himself. As he floated he paused. He remembered this place he was near the tree of harmony. With a snap an idea formed. "I can keep balance of course!"

'Hmm, a spirit/god of chaos keeping balance in the world. I do love me a healthy helping of irony. Well, keeping the balance and messing with the main six and the princesses every now and then. Heh yeah, this is going to be fun. Hmm, what should I do first? I guess preventing Chrysalis from kidnapping Cadance would be good. Though I don't know where she's supposed to be. Or if she hasn't already kidnapped her. Hmm, maybe I should goof off for a bit before I actually keep balance. Wait, I know what I should do!' Loki snapped his talons and a giant wheel with potential actions appeared floating in the air. He then spun the wheel and watched it move. Most of the options were ridiculous like: Make all of the ships canon! (Even all the Rainbow Dash ones) Though a few were responsible actions.

The wheel ended on live in Ponyville as a pony. Loki shrugged.

"Ok then let’s go with that." He waited for Discord’s defeat after a few hours he saw a burst of rainbow energy as Discord was defeated. "Really?" he asked. with a snap he took the form of an Alicorn. However he knew this was too suspicious. In a flash he went unicorn. "Here we go, much better."

He waited for a little while before walking into Ponyville. He saw a Discord statue. "Well now that Discord’s defeated we have Loki to find." Rainbow Dash said.

At that time Loki was whistling to himself as he walked down the main street of Ponyville. 'Well, it looks like I'm the only Discord in this world now. That's good, that had the potential to be confusing. Now, since I admitted to being Discord's clone I should probably be careful to not let the mane six know I'm here. First, I should come up with a pony name. Hmm, how about, Low Key... nah that's just stupid. I might as well just say, Hi, I'm Discord's doppleganger Loki. Now, what should I call myself?' Before Loki could think of anything a voice called out, "Hi, you must be new here. What's your name?"

he pink pony hopped up and down. "Ahhh.... I'm.." Loki thought for a moment. "Best Seller." He said making it up. "Well howdy Best seller." The doppelganger blinked. Did he honestly lie and get away with it? 'Wow I didn't even have to try to lie.' He thought to himself.

He looked around. "I was coming to town to maybe set up shop and I saw all this madness." Loki lied again. Having Discords ability to lie seemed to have made them believe him. He heard a voice coming from the statue nearby. 'I can't believe it too.'

‘Hey, get out of my head buddy. I don't plan on looking around yours.' Loki thought as he mentally scowled at the sealed god.

"That's because you would be brought to the brink of madness if you looked inside my mind," Discord told him with a chuckle.

"You're probably right. Now if you excuse me, I have a party pony to talk to.' Loki said. As he thought that he heard Pinkie let out a loud gasp and rush off, leaving a trail of dust in her wake.

'Oh yeah, I forgot that she did that. Welp, looks like I'm going to have to expect a party in the near future.' Loki then shrugged and continued walking down the street to hopefully run into more ponies.

He came across a unused shop. "Hey." He asked a nearby unicorn. Lyra as the fans said. "Do you know who I have to ask to set up shop?" He asked.

"The mayor." Loki nodded and made his way toward the town hall.

Author's Note:

Done with chapter one. Probably not the best work but still this idea must live!

Also saw the cameos?