• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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A being in a heavy cloak looked out into the void of space. On the asteroid that they where standing on. The star it orbited was newborn in this universe. It raised its arm up. As a pendant was seen. With a toss it was sent up.

The hand that caught it was not a hand but Talons. With a touch it opened up to show a Lavender Alicorn, and a Black Alicorn filly. "Twilight, Nyx...." The unknown being said. "I will find my way home.

The pendant was closed and pocketed into the cloak. With a jump the cloaked being took off jumping from Asteroid and flying around it, a signal fang and goatee popping out. A voice was hard next to him. "You really think you can even find them? You know how impossible that is right?" The voice asked.

Another one cut it off. "Of course he can after all." A portal soon opened up and a all around seemed to be lights yet not in a void of something and nothing.

"He is Loki." The cloaked being face was seen. It was the once displaced Eric Smith, now know as Loki.

God of Balance.


Author's Note:

That was a great ride. Now I know what your thinking, What happens now?

Simple, a Sequel, Loki has a vast Void to find his home in and a long Journey to do so.

I like to give Special thanks to thunderclap my co-writer. Thanks :pinkiehappy: