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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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The Wedding Part 2

A week later as Twilight herself got back from Luna party. It wasn't as good as she thought it was. Luna was more traditional in it. She honestly wondered what happened with Shining armor, Spike, Loki. Walking in with laughter was the three. "You know I didn't think that Stallion actually thought he could take you with no magic!" Shining Armor said.

"Yeah then we had a whole brawl by the way kick right hoof." Loki said.

Spike had a huge piece of ice cream with him. "I can't believe I actually got this." Spike said holding a trophy.

"Yeah kinda hard to stop a greed filled dragon." Loki finished.

With a laugh Shining gave a sigh. "Yeah we leaved half the city in ruins.... nice save Loki."

"Oh please, I've looked at eldritch abominations kiss, I think I can handle putting a city back together."

"Still, I think we learned an important lesson," Shining Armor started.

"Spike isn't allowed to enter eating contests anymore." Spike drooped a little at that.

"Oh come on Shining, no one was hurt and I was able to clean up the mess quickly. There's no need to deprive the little guy of his fun."

"Alright, as long as you're around and Spike tries to control that greed of his." Spike perked up and he jumped up.

"Yes! Thanks you guys, does that mean I can enter the ice cream eating contest in Vanhoover?" Both Loki and Shining Armor shared a worried look for a moment.

"We'll think about it little guy," Loki told him. Twilight blinked a little at what she had heard.

"So I take it the party was fun?" Twilight asked.

Loki gave a laugh. "Twilight what we went though is something only brothers could keep." Loki answered holding both Spike and Shining armor in his arms.

"So then whats this about a brawl? Also half the city being destroyed?" She asked.

"Hey the city back to normal and you can't prove that on us!" Loki answered. He made sure to remove all evidence to the whole party. "Sorry Twily but we made a bro promise." Shining answered.

Spike had a mustache on given to him by Loki. "Bros before mares." the dragon said.

"What about you Twilight?" Loki asked. Twilight didn't want to say how boring her party was.

"Everything was fine, though it was nowhere near as exciting as your party sounds. I'm just glad to see you again."

"Same here Twilight," Loki told her with a smile. "I might've had fun, but it would've been more fun if you were there."

"Ahh, thank you Loki. Still, it won't be too much longer until the ceremony."

"Yeah just as long as..."

"Stop right there Loki," Twilight interrupted. "The last thing we need is for one of us to tempt fate and have something crazy happening to interrupt the wedding."

"Good call... wait a second, I just realized something." Loki said his eyes contracting into pinpricks.

"What is it Loki?" Twilight asked.

"This wedding will be the first time I'll have met your parents." Twilight's pupils contracted as well and she started to shake.

"I haven't told them about us." Twilight said. Loki had glasses on so he could move them down.

"Really?" Loki asked, the mare nodded. Loki gave a sigh as he took off the glasses.

"Well this isn't how I picture them meeting there so to be reality warping son-in-law to be." Loki said.

Shining also had a laugh. "I'm sure they would love you." Shining answered.

Loki took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. "You know what Shining, you're right. We'll get through this."

Twilight then shook off her worry as well. "Really?" She asked with a hopeful look.

"Yeah, we're in this together, aren't we?" Loki asked with a small grin. Twilight then returned the smile. "Always, I have to keep an eye on you otherwise you'd destroy half a city."

Loki chuckled and replied, "Hey, I'm not the one who destroyed half a city. I actually put it back together."

"I'm sure you would've found a way." Loki smiled down at Twilight which she happily returned.

"Ya know, you're probably right." The two then shared a laugh while Shining Armor turned to Spike.

"These two really are good together, huh?"

"That's what I've been saying for a while now."

"Yeah, have you ever thought of being a relationship advisor?" Shining asked.

A astral projection of Discord appeared between the two. "Well if he can get rarity to notice him then maybe," Discord was in thought for a moment. "Actually if you ask me her little sister Sweetie seems a better fit if you ask me." Discord said. Shining still wasn't use to Discord appearing in Astral from wherever he wanted.

"Can you not do that it's very creepy."

Discord rolled his eyes. "Well sorry I kinda don't have a body of my own you know," Discord said. "Plus its fun I actually have you ever seen a dragon scream like a little girl thinking I'm a ghost."

"Alright, but it would be nice to have a little warning before you pop in like that," Shining told him with a sigh. Discord rolled his eyes at that. "I'll see what I can do, still I do have a question. How did your parents react when you told them you were going to marry Cadance?" Shining Armor thought back on that and went took a nervous gulp.

"They may have put Cadance through the ringer with questions and acted just a little overprotective. But I don't think that'll happen with Loki. My parents were always easier on Twilight when it came to dating matters."

"Okay, but there is still the fact that she hasn't told them anything about being in a relationship, let alone getting married. How do you think your parents are going to react to that? If you ask me we should be expecting a knock on the door from the mailpony in about..." *Knock* *Knock* "...0 seconds," he concluded.

The mailpony was derpy who held the letter. "This is for Twilight." She said.

Spike came and took it. "Thanks I'll be sure she gets it." Spike opened the letter.

"Lets see, Dear Twilight, we didn't know you getting married? You haven't even told us who he was! We are coming as quickly as we can." Spike stopped reading afterwards. Discord turned to Shining.

"You want to tell them or should I? I mean if you do you could get blasted by magic, for me well other then the song nothing really." Discord said.

"Uhh, I guess I should tell them. You're not really known for being delicate." Shining told him as he took the letter in his magic and walked toward Loki and Twilight. A few moments later Shining Armor was flying through the air and crashed into the wall next to Spike with a singe mark on his chest. "Oww," Shining groaned. Discord then floated up to him with a smirk.

"So, how'd they take the news?"

"Well, Twilight had a bit of a magical misfire, but other than that she took it well."

Twilight then called out, "Spike! we have to clean the entire castle, and prepare some food! Mom and dad are coming and we aren't even close to being ready!" She cried as she rushed into the room and picked up Spike in her magic.

Loki came and calmed her down. "Twilight look breath, ok I got this." With a snap of his talons he fixed the whole castle up. "There see it's clean all things put in place and all the trash has been sent to another dimension." Loki said. In another dimension a bunch of Eldritch beings looked at the trash floating around. They gave a sigh as the knew who sent it.

"Ok now thats out of the way, Shining you ok bro.?" Discord asked. Shining nodded.

Another train was seen a few hours latter as Twilight's parents got off the train and headed for the castle. "I wonder who Loki is actually? I mean I heard that a being named Loki saved the crystal empire and helped defeat Tirek you think it's him?"

"I suppose it could be," Twilight's father said as he scrunched his face up at the castle. "But why do you think she never told us about the two of them."

"You know how she is dear," Twilight's mother said as she patted his shoulder. "She can get wrapped up in things so much that she can overlook certain details. Remember when she didn't eat for a few days when she was studying for a magic exam?"

"Of course I do, but I still wish she had told us beforehand."

"I do too, but that isn't what happened. Now, let's go and find out what kind of stallion has stolen the heart of our little girl."

"For his sake he'd better be treating her right."

Twilight's mother chuckled at that. "Now now dear, there's no need to go that far, yet."

Once they got to the castle they saw the Wendigo guarding/sleeping outside. Inside they saw their son Shining armor, their daughter-in-law Cadance, there daughter Twilight and the god of chaos with Discords astral projection. "Ok then Candace is going to be minister for the wedding so someone, Discord, is going to have to tell Celestia she isn't going to be minister, right Discord." The astral project raised his eyebrows.

"Why?" Loki rolled his eyes.

"Because you got to be helpful so you go tell her, plus if she does get emotional at least you can't be hit." Loki answered.

"Do you really think that could happen?" Cadance asked with a tilt of her head.

"Well considering that Twilight blasted your husband when she got a surprise I'd say it's a good idea not to take our chances." Loki told her.

"I guess you make a good point, but if we did send Shining I could always play nurse and help him recover." Cadance said with a giggle.

Loki chuckled a bit at that as well, "Well you could do that without having Shining get injured." Both Shining Armor and Twilight blushed crimson at that.

Discord just rolled his eyes. "I'll just be going to tell Celestia the news." He then disappeared and Twilight's parents then cleared their throats and caused the group to turn to them. Twilight shot up and ran over to them with a way too big smile.

“Mom, Dad its good to see you." Twilight said, she was soon embarresses at why they were here.

"It's good to see you too Twilight." Her mother said. Her father was the one to finished.

"So who and where is our son-in-law?" He asked. Loki winced a bit at this.

'Now or never.' loki though. Loki walked up with a bow. "That would be me, Loki god of chaos sir." Loki nervousness caused him to spout out another thing. "Or Best Seller, I guessing you have no idea who that is... Oh look at the time lets continue this conversation never." Loki said as his sweat was literally forming a pond in the castle.

"Loki, why are you so nervous?" Twilight whispered to him.

"I don't know, I just don't know what to do around your parents. I want to make a good impression but..."

"Stop right there, my parents will love you because I love you." Loki then gave her a weak grin and nodded at her before turning back to her parents.

"Umm, sorry about that. Hi there, I'm Loki it's nice to meet you both."

"It's nice to meet you too," Twilight's mother told him with a small smile. "Though we are a bit surprised that the stallion our little girl is going to marry isn't a exactly a stallion."

Loki flinched a little at that. 'Was that a thinly veiled insult. Nah, I'm just overthinking that. Normally I'd use my telepathy to find out, but reading the minds of future in-laws probably won't go over well with Twilight.

Astral Discord soon came to where Celestia was rehearsing for the minister. "Ahhhh Tai." She turned around to see Astral Discord. Discord gave a sigh at what he was about to say. "Loki and Twilight are having Cadance marry them." Astral Discord closed his eyes as a magic blast passed through him.

"What but I spent hours getting this down." Astral Discord thanked his stars he was in the Astral plane.

"Well, they figured that as the Princess of Love, performing a marriage falls under her jurisdiction." Discord explained. This caused Celestia to calm down a little.

"I suppose that does make sense. Still, I can't help but feel cheated."

Discord rolled his eyes at that. "I'm sure you'll be able to perform the next major wedding." This actually caused Celestia to perk up.

"You're right. Maybe I could find somepony for Luna! Ooh, after Cadance is done with Twilight's wedding she could help me with this. She always did love to play matchmaker, plus it'll be a type of family bonding. Now that that's taken care of, I'll go get a dress ready for Twilight's wedding." With that Celestia walked out of the room with a strange smile on her face.

The wedding was just about to begin. Loki was in a tex. Next to him was Shining Armor and Spike. Sitting In the crowd was Frieza, Trixie and the Astral projection of Discord. Twilight came up being let out by her dad. Cadance was said the usual equestrian wedding phase and it leaves them both to say I dos. "You may kiss the bride." Of course Loki picked her up and kissed her. Shining had a tear.

A guard came running in. "Help! Princesses."

Loki and Twilight shared an annoyed look before Loki put Twilight down. "Well I guess we should've seen something like this coming," he said with a sigh.

"Yeah," Twilight agreed, "but at least we made it past the ceremony. Though it is a shame we couldn't make it to the reception."

"Eh, I'm sure we can reschedule it a bit. And at least we still have the honeymoon."

"Ooh, that sounds fun, do you have any plans for that?"

"It's a surprise, now let's go and deal with whatever this is as husband and wife," Loki told Twilight with a grin.

Once they got out they saw that the invader was Pupa and her Changelings. "So you really didn't get the memo? You are out matched!" Loki said.

Pupa however had a smile. "Really? I’m out matched?" A great shadow came from around them. Sombra face soon appeared with something in his jaws. It was the crystal heart and it was darkened. Cadance suddenly screamed in pain as her connection to the heart was causing her problems.

"What are you doing?" Shining asked. With a smile the crystal heart became read.

"Beyond the princess of hate." Cadance was covered in dark magic as the Alicorn of Love became the Alicorn of hate.

"Huh, that certainly wasn't something I was expecting," Loki said as he scratched his chin in thought.

"Is that all you have to say, I've turned one of your own against you, resurrected an old foe of Equestria, and I interrupted your wedding and that's all you have to say to me?" Pupa fumed as she flew down and glared at Loki.

"Oh trust me, I'm pissed that you interrupted Twilight and I's special day, but I'm also riding the high that I'm actually married to the mare of my dreams. Also, you have serious delusions if you think that you'll ever be able to intimidate me." Pupa just smirked at Loki and flared her insectoid wings to her sides.

"We shall see about that. Today, Equestria shall fall and I will be its new ruler!" Loki just smirked right back at that.

"Really? I could snap my talons I can teleport you into the void of space there nothing you have that coul....."Loki slowly started to coat. "Why do I suddenly feel weak." Loki asked.

Astral Discord also started coughing. "Loki I think she found something..." Discord coughed.

"Why it's a little something I found like it?" She said with the necklace around her neck. It had a image of Discord.

"It was made with a special gem infused with Discord's blood to slowly kill him while weakening him seeing as how your fused with him now well." Pupa had a smile.

'What?!' Loki boomed inside his head as he collapsed to a knee. 'There's an equivalent to Kryptonite on this world and you never thought to mention that?!'

"I didn't even know that it existed!" Discord cried in his head. Loki then continued to sink to the ground as the necklace influence grew stronger. 'Well, this could be bad.'

"What about those tokens you have to summon others from another world?" Discord asked.

'I left those at home in a hidden little nook.' Twilight just watched in slack jawed horror as her husband was slowly being killed. When Loki was fully sprawled out on the ground and on the brink of passing out from the pain something snapped inside her. She leveled a glare at Pupa with fire in her eyes. That fire then spread outwards as her mane and tail burst into flames.reducing her wedding dress to cinders.

Her wings then flared and she took off towards Pupa. "You bitch!"

Pupa was knocked away with Twilight. The pain finally stopped but Loki was still weakened. 'Well this can't get any..." A blast was seen behind them as Celestia was fighting Sombra and Luna was fighting Cadance.

A dozen changelings appeared around him. 'Oh great I'm going to die.... again." However at that moment the changelings were struck by Lighting.

"Leave my father alone!" It was Nyx who in a flash of night became Nightmare Moon once again. "I will banish you all to the moon!"

'Oh well ponyville going to be destroyed.... again.' Loki finished after seeing this mess.

Once the changelings surrounding him were dealt with, Nightmare Moon came rushing to Loki's side and helped prop him up. "Are you okay daddy?" She asked as she helped him lean against a nearby structure.

"I'll be fine, but I won't be able to help while Pupa still has that necklace. You're going to have to get it from her and break it. Hopefully that will break it's spell and I'll be able to end this in a matter of seconds.” Nightmare nodded and Loki then told her his plan. While this was going on Twilight was still fighting Pupa. She charged up her horn and a boiling inferno formed at its tip. Pupa stood her ground and charged her horn with her own spell prepared. Twilight let the spell go and Pupa's eyes widened when she saw the large mass of fire shooting towards her.

Pupa teleported away from this. 'Ok this can possible get worse.' Pupa asked herself. A blast almost hit her as Nightmare Moon stood next to Twilight.

"My I ask if you can give her a mother-daughter beet down?" nightmare Moon or Nyx asked her adopted mother.

Twilight saw only red on Pupa. "Lets." Twilight said. The two charged up a spell and unleashed two blasts that merged heading for Pupa. Pupa horn flashed as she summoned a shield. The barrier held as Pupa gave a sigh. Only to receive a attack to the back by Chrysalis. The necklace fell off her.

"I have had enough running Sister." Chrysalis said.

"How dare you betray your own sister?!" Pupa cried as Nightmare Moon took the necklace in her magic.

Chrysalis glared at Pupa. "You're the one who betrayed me. All you've ever done is abuse and berate me. Well here I am actually considered a friend and my hive actually has a good life. So I won't let you take that." And with that Nightmare Moon crushed the necklace under a hoof.

Loki felt almost instantly better with the destruction of the gem and shot up into the air. "Oh yeah, that's waaaay better!" He then teleported behind Pupa and grabbed her in his magic. "Hey Pupa,"

"Uh huh?" She asked with a gulp.

"You've lost," she then let out a long groan.

"And now I'm going to send you blasting off into the horizon." Loki then transformed Pupa into a baseball while he had on a baseball uniform.He then wound up like a pitcher and threw the Pupa-ball as hard as he could.

She went flying into the air. "Now then what else to do oh yes." Sombra had Celestia on the ropes until Loki appeared in front of him.

"Sup." Loki said. Sombra let out a scream as Loki blast him point blank with Chaos magic. Sombra was not a plant. he looked at the corrupted Cadance with a touch the crystal heart was purified and Cadance returned to normal. With a huge bug net all of Pupa Changelings were now caught Loki leaned on the next with a glass of chocolate milk in hand. He literally drank it all, glass and milk. "Well that takes care of that."

"Loki!" Twilight cheered as she rushed over to him and jumped into his arms.He gladly wrapped them around her and smiled down at her.

"Hey honey, you didn't think I was going to die on you, did you?"

Twilight shook her head, "Not even for a second. I just hated seeing someone hurt my husband." She made sure to stress the last word. Loki chuckled a little as he looked over the damage from Pupa's attack. "This was one hell of a first day of our marriage, huh?" Twilight giggled a little.

"Something tells me we're in for plenty more like it."

"You're not having any regrets are you?" Twilight just continued to grin. "Not a chance, we still have to try and give Nyx a little brother or sister, don't we?" She concluded with half-lidded eyes. This caused Loki's smile to grow even wider.

Author's Note:

The Clock Counts Down. Another Chapter closer to the end.