• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Loki vs Gremmy

Author's Note:

This is a crossover with Master of Imagination by ElementBrigade

(Loki’s Universe, Castle of Friendship)

“Ok if my reasoning is sound this should work.” loki said as he was writing down something. The Astral form of Discord appeared over him.

“So what have you been doing?” He Astral projection of the deity in his body saw Loki get up with his claws at the ready.

“I’m going to attempt Dimensional travel.” Loki ripped into the wall as it glowed into a portal. “What could go wrong?” Loki said.

As he passed though Discord looked around the room. “Did I reminded him to take out the mirror?” The portal flash in a strange light. “Oh no…. ahhhh.” Discord soon dragged into the vortex as he was tethered to Loki.

(Gremmy Universe)

With a thud Loki landed just outside the Everfree forest. “Oh what hit me?” He asked. Astral Discord slammed back into his body. “Other than that.”

Loki stood up and wondered where i was. I seemed to be another Equestria. “I wonder if this one has a displaced? Only one way to find out.” Removing his fang he tossed the thing to home in of a displaced.

“I still don’t get why you agreed to Celestia’s request to stay in ponyville for a while.” Said Liltotto munching on a candy bar. “I mean it’s not like this will help win the elements over in our favor or something.”

“I’m only doing this because I felt nice, plus seeing how we’re here I might as well see how Vinyl is doing.” Said Gremmy.

“Still I don’t like being in this place, it’s…...too colorful.” Said Candice.

“Relax if anything happens we’ll just teleport the hell out of here. Now come on let’s have a look around and see if anything changed the last time I was here.” Gremmy said as Liltotto and Candice followed him.

A fang was seen coming and hit him from behind before falling onto the ground. Above them was a surfboard with a sail that was seen flying around in the sky. “Wow! There’s actually is a displaced you owe me ten bits.” ‘Discord’ said as a astral appearance of another Discord appeared.

“You cheated.” Astral Discord said.

“Yeah whatever.” The fang returned to his month, the board landed as it became a staff. “Sorry about that I guess you’re this universe's displaced?’

“That’s correct, and who might you be? You’re not my worlds Discord seeing how you’re not anthro.” Asked Gremmy.

“Yeah and you’re more uglier than he is.” Said Liltotto.

“I’m going to ignore that, and yes I’m not your universe Discord in fact i’m actually not a Discord, will until I absorbed my Discord.” He said pointing to the Astral being. “This will speak it better.”

He tossed his fang as it started to speak a recording.

I am Loki, Master of Chaos and Defender of the Balance. If you fight for Balance, for Freedom, and for Good, know that I will come to your aid! But know this...if you fight for imbalance or for the forces of evil....be aware that there are many fates worse than Death!

“So you dressed up as Discord? I have to admit that’s kind of…..sad in my book.” Said Gremmy.

Astral Discord started laughing at him. “Ahahahahahahahahahaha, oh thats gold.” Loki seemed to ignore him.

“Yeah whatever.” A song played in his head and Astral Discord screamed.

“No the horror!”

“While I’m tormenting him I’ll try to guess who you are and what this equestria maybe… let’s see it’s a bleach character I think, Nightmare, Discord, Sombra, Tirek, Starlight?” He said taking guesses. Astral Discord attempted to claw out Loki’s eyes.

“My name is Gremmy V Thoumeaux, and there’s are my lieutenants Liltotto G Lamperd and Candice T Catnipp.” Gremmy said introducing himself and his friends.

“Ok I’m Loki and this is my, Discord and former god of chaos, Discord.” Astral Discord was hitting his head repeatedly. “I’m making him listen to Justin Bieber.” Loki answered.

“Look if this is about the whole Tirek and you dieing thing I’m sorry!” Astral Discord said.

“Huh? I would of let him listen to that Doug theme song, anyway care to tell me what you’re doing here in my Equestria?”

“I was experimenting in dimensional travel, ever since I unlocked the elements of disharmony and became his successor.” He pointed to Discord. “I’ve been meaning to see how far my powers could go, now I realize that I may have barely scratched the service of my power.” Loki finished.

“And it took you this long to realize that now?” Said Liltotto. “I have to say, I’m not impressed.”

“One, I couldn’t make up my mind and use the chance to make my choices that was counterproductive, two I was under the belief I was only as powerful as he was and not his better, three I spent a lot of time looking for Tirek, four I’m in a relationship.” Loki answered.

“Uh huh, I’m still not impressed by all that.”

“Yeah not very impressive.” Said Candice.

Loki rolled his eyes. “You know what would impress you?” Loki asked, “Me turning the star system into a giant robot?” Loki asked joking.

“.........Bad pun.” Said Liltotto.

“Well what then? I have to fight someone? If I do does it have to be him?” He said pointing to Gremmy. Astral Discord was about to stop him from doing something reckless. “Shut up Discord.”

Gremmy gave Loki a creepy killer smile at Loki when he heard him wanting to fight him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you buddy. If I was able to beat Princess Luna and Princess Twilight, then beating you wouldn’t be so much of a problem now should it?”

Loki gave a smile as the laws of physics moved back in fear. His eyes glowed with magic as the world was suddenly altered. Loki floated in the effect. “So what they don’t hold a candle to me.”

Astral Discord sighed. “You're really doing this? It's been only a week since you fought Tirek.” Astral Discord was then forced back into Loki.

Loki eyes glowed as he was first to move as time stopped for a moment with a sword formed as he ran to attack him while time was stopped, Loki delivered a punch to gremmy’s face and threw him to the side as time moved forward.

“Interesting trick you pulled off.” Said Gremmy who was standing next to Loki without scratch on him. “Had I not imagine a clone of myself to take the damage instead of me, then that would of hurt like hell.”

Loki glared as two things flashed over him. What looked like a dark version of rarity and Applejacks cutie marks. Loki gave a smile. Before Gremmy knew Loki stood there.

“Yeah nice idea but I’m not attacking another clone.” With a flash the real one appeared. “Got to thank the elements of greed and lies.” Loki said.

“Then let’s see how good you are when you magic is reduced by half.” Gremmy said as he Imagine Loki’s defenses and offensive powers being weak. “Question have you ever been shot before in your life by bullets?”

“No actually.” Loki realized what just happened. He summoned up another element. Loki coughed ah he was filled in bullet holes. However Gremmy also coughed up blood. “Apathy.” The element in the form of Flutters cutie mark appeared. ‘Discord I’m not healing like I should!’ Discord screamed at the god in his head.

“That’s because I’m preventing you from healing. The power of imagination is pretty useful when dealing with a god like you are.”

‘He cut down your healing factor.’ Discord screamed back.

“You really need to pay more attention to the middle letter in my name, what do you think the V in my name stands for?” Gremmy asked as he patched himself up from Loki’s surprise attack.

A flash later dashes cutie mark flared, Loki stood up. Appearing again was the cutie mark of Pinkie pie suddenly everyone around was depressed.

“Selfish, Depress, Apathy, Lies and Greed.” He said it like he was singing. Suddenly Loki had a smile. With a final flash Loki powers returned to normal. “And power makes it all complete.”

“Why do I get the feeling you’re just like captain planet.” Gremmy said as he started to walk towards Loki.

However Loki had a smile. “Yeah, I’m like that in a way.” Gremmy found Loki claws on his neck. With a burst of strength Loki tossed him before slamming into him. The two slammed into the moon.

“I am after all the elements of Disharmony.” Loki said with his hands raised he summoned the sun fires.

Gremmy sighed as he snapped his finger, causing the fire that Loki summoned disappeared. “You should really brush up on you history a bit, you do know I have domain other the realm of imagination right?”

“Yeah I know that.” Loki raised his claws up to bring in the stars themselves. “However I’m not your run of the mill Reality warper.” The stars were clashed into a point. In a flash appearing was a huge giant robot. “I’m a reality warper with no fear.”

“Then how about this then.” Gremmy closed his eyes as the giant robot started to disappear in a matter of seconds. “Buddy I’m 1,599 years old, do you think something like this would help you beat me? With the power of imagination on my side you pretty much don’t have much a chance with me. For example I could imagine you in a tu-tu right now.” Gremmy said as he summoned a mirror to have Loki look at himself.

Loki rolled his eyes. The Loki then broke into magic particles. A blast appeared behind him. Time stopped for just second but it was all that was needed. “Its called a distraction.” With a flash he appeared over the crater on earth. “So are you done holding back?” Loki asked, “I think you guys have a second from right?”

“That would be arrancars not quincy’s pal, plus encase you haven’t notice but you might want to look on your chest.” He said as he pointed to the X on Loki’s chest.

“Whats this supposed to mean?” Loki asked. Discord realized it before Loki did. ‘Its a trap!’

Loki was a about to will it away but it was a bit too late.

“Here a little bit of lesson about us quincy’s.” Gremmy said as he pointed at the Seele Schneider around him. “We have more than just our main powers to take care of our opponents. Don’t bother trying to use you magic or powers to escape, I’m preventing you from doing that. What you are standing on is trap we quincy can use is called Sankt Zwinger.”

Loki attempted to break it with his powers. At first nothing happened. ‘Discord stop holding out on me!’ Loki demanded him. Loki attempted it again his elements glowing. Amazingly Loki broke it a bit.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you. Sankt Zwinger is deadly trap that can badly damage any being, including ones that can go between worlds like yourself.” Gremmy pulled out a small cylinder like container of liquid spirit energy. “Now what would happen if I tossed this onto on of my Seele Schneider?”

“I don’t care.” Inside him he got every last ounce of magic he could. “I’ll never stop until I’m dead.”

“Loki what you’re doing is giving Sankt Zwinger more of your spirit energy.” Gremmy tossed the container onto the Seele Schneider. “You might feel sore in the morning after this.” Just as the container this the sword Sankt Zwinger was activated causing tower of reishi energy to surround Loki and hitting him dead on.

“You think Princess Celestia will get made that at these two fight each other?” Asked Liltotto.

“Maybe, but then again Gremmy is making sure no pony in ponyville get’s hurt.” Said Candice watching the fight along with Liltotto. “Why did you think they teleported somewhere else than here?”

“True, though I never thought he would use that move on him. Think he’s going easy on him?”

“Maybe, but this is an interesting fight, but not as good as the fight with Luna.”


Gremy couldn’t see Loki where he was a moment ago. For a moment he almost thought he had killed him. However a voice was heard behind him. “I’ll admit you almost got me there.” Right behind him was Loki. “I’m just as shocked as you are.” Loki said.


Loki cried one more time. Suddenly the mark was removed off his body. “What the?”


‘Oh right.’

(flashback end)

“I have no idea how I did it and probably never will.”

“That would be Nianzol that did that.” Said Liltotto pointing at the human with two tongues and crossed eyes like drepy’s eyes are. “Had he not got you out of there, you would have been rend asunder.”

Loki looked into his mind. ‘Discord was that true?’ Discord thought for a moment. While it did make sense something was kinda off about that explanation. ‘I don’t know your magic was flooding your body and something feels a bit different about it afterwards.’

Loki however shook his head, he had been destroyed to the atom by Tirek himself with no magic. “Yeah that last part is debatable.”

Loki however gathered his powers in his hands. “So you done holding back? Because I really only ever used this once before and I’ll hate to use it not at your best.”

Discord was shocked by this. ‘Loki you're seriously going to use that?’

‘Oh my god yes.’

“*sigh* Fine, but don’t blame me is you get badly hurt.” Gremmy said as he summoned a clone of himself. “Ever seen a meteor up close?”

Loki had a laugh. Each of the elements of disharmony appeared on his body with the element of power right on his heart. In that moment six lights covered Loki.

When it was done however Loki was covered in a aura of of pure chaos. Loki body had lengthen his head was more of a dragon, his claws sharper. He had two horns curved over the sides of his mouth with long whips coming off them. His body was multicolored. The next thing was his power. Just being there was altering the area around him as reality seemed to be off.

“I call this the Chaos Rainbow.”

(Loki’s universe)

“Loki, you here?” Loki’s Twilight Sparkle asked. With her was Nyx his adopted daughter, Nightmare Moon reborn and his pet Wendigo Frieza.

She looked around and couldn’t find him anywhere. Nyx however found something. “What’s this?” she asked as she pulled out what appears to be some kind of brain inside a clear dome like sphere.

Twilight looked it over on the table was Loki’s fang. She used her magic on both to get a idea on what was going on. With a flash she was dragged along with Nyx and Frieza though a portal.

(Gremmy Reality)

The three landed on the ground with a thud. “Loki, what have you done now?” Twilight asked.

She sensed him fighting someone just a bit off. With a spell she teleported in to find Loki in Chaos rainbow facing someone off and they looked evenly matched.

“What’s going on?” Twilight said.

Nyx jumped up. “Daddy fighting someone mommy.”

“......I take it she’s you’re Twilight loki?” Gremmy said as he stopped his attack on Loki.

“That, and my marefriend.” Loki said, Gremmy gave a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“.....She wouldn’t happen to be a racist towards humans does she?”

“What? No, not at all.”

“Good, then I have no problems with her.”

“Loki why are you fighting someone?” She said.

The two looked at the mare for a moment. “Look can we just continue I’ll explain later I promise.” He said with a smile.

“You better, come on Nyx.” The Alicorn Filly just stood there.

“Can’t we just stay and watch?” She asked.

“I don’t see why not.” Said Liltotto.Just as she was about to munch on another candy bar, a magical beam of lavender color energy hit the candy bar out of her hands. “Well it appears the Princess is fully recovered from her battle with you Gremmy.”

“Along with the rest of the Elements.” Said Candice.

“Dammit and I was just enjoying myself.”

“There you are you filthy human!” Yelled Twilight. “You think I’m just gonna let you wander around ponyville after what you did to me!?”

However this Twilight was then trapped in a magic sphere. “Ok, i know this is a different universe and all but I’m seriously like this here?” Loki’s Twilight asked with her horn glowing.

“Hate to say this but yes she along with her friends been harassing me and my ponies in Our Town for the past two to three days. I don’t even know why she’s think all humans are evil, the only info I have was that something happen to her in the mirror world.”

“Buck you human, you might have these ponies fooled but we know what you’re really planning!” Said Rainbow Dash charging at Gremmy.

However she was froze where she stood as the wendigo let loose a blast of ice. “Frieza.” Loki started. “Good boy.” He reached into a rip in tartarus pulling out a weird demon. “Hey you go.” The demon was caught in his mouth.

“....Well...that was something.” Said Gremmy lost at words after seeing that, but was brought back to reality by a kick to the face by Applejack.

“Take that human!” Said Applejack.

“SON OF A BITCH THAT HURT!?” Gremmy said as he looked at AJ feet. “Oh…..one of Luna’s dream weapons….makes sense how that can hurt me.”

“Wait dreams?” Loki asked.

“Luna and Gremmy have the same powers, only Luna can dream of a weapon to hurt Gremmy while Gremmy can make imaginations come to life.” Said Liltotto.

“Ok then.” Applejack was soon swallowed up in the earth. “Yeah you want to postpone the fight, while we you know stop them?” Loki asked, he summoned up a small feather pen and used it to tickle the Pinkie Pie behind him.

“I think we might as well call it a draw, because after we’re done with them I’m not gonna be in the mood to fight you afterwards.” Gremmy said as he dodge a magical beam from Rarity.

“Yeah same here.” causes Pinkie party cannon to fire at her.

“Want us to help you guys out?” Asked Liltotto as her mouth started to stretch, while Candice hands started spark with lightning.

Nyx raised her horn. “Can I try?” She asked. Loki thought it over.

“I guess but no dropping the moon on them.” Loki said. Gremmy raised an eyebrow at that.

“She nightmare moon reborn.” Loki answered back.

“I’m getting the feeling that you got in trouble with your Luna about that?”

“Yes, but she didn’t come and take her, probably because if she did I would banished her to the moon, then destroy it.”

“Makes sense,” Gremmy said as he dodge another beam. “Will you jerks leave me alone already, I mean seriously what did I ever do to you girls anyway?”

Loki levitated up the rarity before imprisoning her in chains. “Well I could use my powers to look into your Twilight's mind… wait were is she?” Two laveder beams were seen hitting him nearby. The two Twilights were having a magical duel up above them.

“Why are you siding with that evil human? Asked AU Twilight. “Can’t you see that he’s evil, I mean look at him he even tried to be a pony just like us.”

“Hey I only did it so I can be with Vinyl you jerk!”

“Like she would ever date a human like you freak!”

“.....Dang I maybe a bitch at time, but even I would never say that to anyone.” Said Candice putting Fluttershy in an electric cage.

Loki’s Twilight blinked at her. ‘If only i brought my friends with me.’ loki’s Twilight rolled her eyes. “So what? Loki was a unicorn for a while, adopted little Nyx and is currently my stallion friend, I think there’s a bit more difference between us then me having four legs and you two.”

“Who’s Nyx?”

“Loki, and my adopted daughter, Nightmare Moon reborn.” Loki’s Twilight answered.


“.......I’m starting to wish Cang Du was here, at least he would say something to shut her up.”

Loki appeared right behind Gremmy Twilight. “What did you call my little girl?” loki voice was calm and nice. She turned back as fear entered her. She turned away to see Loki Twilight’s give a death glare. Loki placed a claw on her shoulder. “This will only hurt for a second.”

(this scene was to violate to show even at M rating)

“Okay…...I get that what she said would piss you, but was it really necessary to do ‘that’ to her? I still need her alive you know?” Asked Gremmy.

“Its a part of being a father, plus she still alive even after ‘that’” Loki said. The other anthro mane six members were frightened of him after what they saw him do.

“Great now how am I gonna explain this to Celestia, I know Luna wouldn’t care but her sister on the other hand would be pissed.”

“Plus we still don’t know why she’s a racist jerk.” Said Candice.

“Oh yeah when I was ripping apart her brain I found some emotional, and maybe tainted magic in her.” Loki answered, “Plus a memory when I was making her fears eat her liver.”

“.....question does the other mane six have what she has?” Gremmy asked.

“Possibly it could be a side effect of their connection to the elements and each other.” Loki answered.

“And did you see who did it to her?”

“Yes however there isn’t one suspect, it was a combination of Discord, Sombra, the sirens and a bit of the other princesses magic lifted inside her along with a bit of emotional and stress instability from being a princess.”

“Hm….can you erase her memories about her hate of humans along with the other, and remove whatever is inside her?”

Loki thought for a moment. “Perhaps, however to be sure you kinda need to watch in case it hasn’t caused any permanent damage to her mind, if you do I would recommend a wendigo fragment to warn it would help consume it off her.”

“Noted.” Gremmy pulled out a disk with a cross on it. “This should help.”

Loki snapped his talons. Anthro Twilight reappeared alive and unconscious. Loki turned to him. “Hey you know that fang I gave you, if you need help or want to have a friendly fight or just hang out keep it.” Loki said.

“And that brain your daughter has on her head, that’s my token if you need my help or my lieutenants for help.”

Loki gave a nod. He held up his personal token and with that a portal opened home. With a wave back he entered along with his family.

Anthro Twilight started to awake soon afterwards. “Ugh….my head.” She said as she looked to see Gremmy, Candice, and Liltotto in front of her. “W-Who are you three.”

“.......Fuck you Loki.”