• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Setting up Shop, also Changelings

Author's Note:

Here chapter 2. Also as you can guess Loki tale is going to be random.

After the whole celebration with Discords defeat Loki had set up his magic items shop. Of course he mostly got these items by being well a reality-warper, he also enchanted some of them. As he had just finished setting his shop the doors opened up.

"Who could this be." he turned to see the CMC. "What brings you three here?" He asked.

"We heard that you had magic items, so we were wondering if you had anything that could help us get our cutie marks?" Scootaloo asked as they all tried to look cute.

'Okay, this leaves me with an interesting moral conundrum. I could give them something to get their cutie marks, but that could end up like Cutie Pox episode. Plus, that could get Twilight and the others to figure out who I am.'

"Sorry girls, but I don't have anything to help earn your cutie marks." The three fillies looked disappointed by this and it made Loki's heart explode.... literally. "Oh don't look like that, my heart can't take it. I can't give you a cutie mark, but what if I gave you three, something else?"

"Like what?" Sweetie Belle asked.

He pulled out a small magical gem. "Here a magical gem that allows you to temporarily turn a cutie mark invisible, use this on a bully." he said using telekinesis to give them. 'That will hopefully help them later.' The CMC knew who to use this on.

"Thanks," they said. Sweetie belle had a few bits with her.

"It’s a gift." Loki said with a smile.

Loki let his time be mostly spent doing business finding rare artifacts and just being lazy. However he finally decided to needed to keep balance. "Ok let’s see what to do.... The ground shook and out came Cerberus."

'Wait a minute, if Cerberus is loose then Tirek will be escaping soon. I should go stop him before he can do anything. But on the other hand, I can watch Twilight steadily go crazy first. Hmm, that is a pretty tempting idea. Maybe I should flip a coin to decide. Okay, if it lands on heads then I watch Twilight go crazy. If it's tails then I go put Tirek back into Tartarus.' Loki created a coin with his magic and flipped it with his hoof. The coin flipped in the air for a moment and landed on his hoof once more. He frowned slightly when he saw it had landed on tails. Loki looked around a little and changed the image on the coin to a head.

"Whelp looks like I get to watch Twilight have a psychotic episode.' He thought with a smile. Loki then whistled a little tune as he closed up his shop. He then slipped into a nearby alley and turned himself invisible so he wouldn’t have to miss a moment of the show he was about to witness.

He laughed at what he was witnessing. You just had to see it in real life to understand the majesty. It was everything the show had made it out to be and more, so much more. The little twitches and spasms of Twilight’s body as she went further and further into the rabbit-hole of insanity was too beautiful to put into words, they should’ve sent a poet. However as he laughed he was watching the whole thing and saw Celestia finally end it, so he decided to go find the magic eater. With his form changed he teleported onto the streets of Canterlot to find his target well wherever Tartarus was anyway. As he did he saw something a changeling in pony form.

'Oh, looks like a precursor to the changeling invasion. Should I go and try to help Chrysalis get some love to feed on so she doesn't have to kidnap Cadance and manipulate Shining Armor. And why did that sound slightly dirty? Oh well, might as well go see what that changeling is up to.’

Loki sank into the city street and snuck up on the disguised changeling. Loki then rose out of the ground right in front of the disguised drone.

"Take me to your leader." Loki said with distortion added to his voice. The changeling started to quiver as they looked up at Loki.

"Discord, what do you want from me?"

"I just told you, take me to your leader."

"But Celestia...."

Loki sighed. "You’re a changeling don't lie to me."

Inside the caves below Canterlot, Chrysalis wondered how this was going to go down. On one hand she had her race to take care off on the other hand..." A flash appeared behind her.

"Who goes...." She stopped. It was 'Discord' The changeling queen blinked.

'How is he free!?' She was afraid of Celestia but she maybe could take Discord? No, nothing short of the elements of harmony could stop him.

"Hello Chrissy." Discord said with a smile.

"How do you know my name?" Queen Chrysalis asked with a bit of fear in her voice.

"Oh, I know lots of things." Loki said with a smile before turning into a triangle and flashing various images on his surface, including one of Chrysalis' defeat. "Lots of things," he said in a distorted voice. "Also, my name isn't Discord. I'm Loki, a sort of clone of Discord."

"A clone of Discord, that doesn't explain much." Chrysalis deadpanned.

"Well, you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you the real story. Anyway, onto why I'm here, I'm sure you're curious about that." Chrysalis nodded slowly at that. "In the near future, you will try to take over Canterlot by kidnapping Princess Cadance, and manipulating the captain of the guard. This will end in failure, and with you being ironically defeated by the power of love."

Chrysalis was defensive about this. However Loki disappeared right then and there leaving Chrysalis alone with her thoughts. Loki was too tired to find Tirek. It was belittling that he couldn't find him after literally hours of searching. "Great it’s getting late."

Loki let out a long sigh as he warped back into his shop. 'Ugh, I failed twice to do anything to help keep the balance.' He thought as he returned to his pony form. 'Maybe it's impossible to change the timeline in this world. Nah, I can't think like that. I just gotta keep my eyes peeled for any other disturbances. But for now, I gotta go to bed. Also, I guess I'll have to fight Chrysalis. Which is too bad, I liked her during the show. And the fanon for her was interesting.' Loki then let out a long yawn. 'Looks like I'd better get some sleep so I can open up shop early tomorrow.'