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So, once again I escape my prison, falsely accused of being crazy. I have only one person to turn to. I hope she still loves me after what I did last time. Now, about that crazy bit, I'm not crazy. I'm mentally incomplete, learn the difference.

Now to actually get myself 'fixed' I need a knife, and a way into Princess Twilights living quarters. Any ideas?

This is a new Idea I had. A Displaced story that is not about the Displaced but another being from the Equestria the Displaced got sent to.

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MORE cool story though

Oh, You and your wonderfully crazy ideas for stories :twilightsheepish:
It's always fascinating to listen to you :twilightsmile:
I hope people will like this :raritywink:
In any case, It will be interesting to see what imaginative adventure you mix up next :moustache:

5777961 Oh, craziness comes to me like a second nature. So don't you worry about that.

A little quote: Only the truly crazy, can prove that they are not.

[Gives a Standing Ovation] Very witty indeed! :moustache:

5777968 Life without madness would be boring. I hope you do not throw this away for I really enjoy it.

5781186 This story has a deeper purpose, but to hope that I would reveal what it is would not just be foolish but also a spoiler.

Well this got my interest real quick...I'm intrigued to say the least.

God, this is beautiful.

5784459 I thank thee for such glamorous support.

Your second chapter is as good as the first.

I know already what happens then... and where her adventures will continue...

I simply LOVE having spoilers others don't have!

5794289 Shush you. Only cause you're a fellow writer and I kinda did tell you what would happen. Still, there's a lot of stuff I didn't tell you. So be quiet and enjoy the ride.

5794380 But that's what I LOVE about spoilers, they aren't in HD (high details) but only vague. It makes me want to know more about a story :derpytongue2:

5794383 Yes, my highly elaborate plan has succeeded! (Not really, the stuff I told you was about the majority of what I had come up with at the time.) Most stuff I write follows a very vague guideline, this means I can write whatever I find necessary in between the main plot points. Like most of this chapter has been. (It still contained some stuff important to the plot.) If not counting the pre determined guideline I write everything on the go, then I re-read it and change stuff to fit better. Then re-read it again and make it good for publishing.

5794403 I make up things on the go too!
I think about things like:
-Who are the protagonists & antagonists?
-Are there any omnipotent superman gods who would save our character by slightly shifting their weight?
-Are there rivals, or a conflict going on in the background?
-What is the story about (roughly)

And then I make up even more things because I can't get myself to writing, and when I write it still has enough flexibility!

5794421 My thought process when making up a story.

- God, I'm tired.
-Let's think about Ponies or something instead of focusing on what I'm doing.
-Hey, that makes for a decent story.
-Let's elaborate.
-Who is the story about?
-What can they do?
-What would be cool if they got involved with it?
-And, now think about something else.


5794437 I dunno, stuff get's into my head I write it. You know I have a Displaced story where RD ends up an Alicorn? Well, never elaborated enough to make it a story.

Also, the fact I'm using Jack Frost for my main Displaced story? It was originally meant to be Willy Wonka. But going to a ski resort drastically changed my mind + I watched both frozen and Rise of the Guardians in the car on my way there, and once again once I was there. So... Shit happens.

5794450 Yeah...
Remember the 'Ultimate Guardian' (something along these lines you called him) of my Displaced?
I made him up when we started talking to counter your arguments, and now he is already in my story...
Just so it doesn't seem Deus Ex Machina.

5794460 Ehm... Non first language speaker, never caught the meaning of Deus Ex Machina. Explain?

Also, you made something up while we were talking to counter me? ... Can't blame you, think I did the same. Not entirely sure.

5794470 God out of Maschine, I think it was.
It means this.

5794482 Thanks. Now I get it... My, oh my... I have that in my stories... But... It was pre planned, and it's not really... You won't believe me... Damn it. This is so going to bother me.

5794497 Why?
It can be quite funny if used correctly, and it is possible to have the character just not seem like the solution, and it is still a Deus ex Machina.

5794512 It's bothering me because I don't see it as Deus Ex Machina. But all the readers will. And besides... I don't know. And it bothers me to no end. Something is suddenly very wrong.

It's like one of those 'Mind blown' + 'Life changing' moments for me right now.

5794527 Well, you COULD do it like here...
Or if it's in here, then the story was just too short to include it here...
Just let your mind stay blown. Then you don't have to fix it the next time it gets blown up.

5794535 You know what? I'm gonna ignore this. The story? I'll do like I always do, I say I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. And keep the story as it was meant to be.

5794541 That's the right spirit!


Oh shit! He broke, go get the hammer!

What hammer? The big one?

Yes, make sure you hit him just right or you'll kill him.

I'll try.


Is he dead? Did I kill him?


No, he'll live.

5794560 So you have an angel and a demon working together in your head?

I have somebody who wants to be like Nightmare Moon and a psychopath who can be convinced by logic in my head! TAKE THAT!

Talking about me, you STILL haven't let me cut off your brother's arm.
You didn't seriously think he would let you do that? Are you THAT stupid?
No... just obsessed enough to pull at any stray possibilities!

ANYWAYS, let's get this discussion ended. I am getting tired.

5794570 *Recovered from mental blow*

No, they're not really an angel and a devil. They're alternative personalities that bleed out of mine. They constantly replace each other so I don't even bother getting to know them. Yet somehow they know each other. Last time I had three of them, they really fucked shit up.

5794578 Reminds me of birdman...
He's started existing, and we tricked him into working as an additional intelligence-provider, how it does increase my intelligence?
Pain powers all.

5794585 Hah, one of mine was meant to fix the shit the others busted. He did well until he accidentally had a hoof in deleting a whole story concept. They never recovered from me banning cakes from the inside of my head.

5794599 Nice to hear that :twilightsmile:
Deep in our hearts, we all have split-personalities...

5794603 Yeah... In our hearts...

5794609 If we can get them to come out we are (un)lucky...
But atleast deep in our hearts.

The class system rings the little SCP Containment Facility bell in my head :pinkiecrazy: I like this x3

Ummm..... When did this become a DBZ crossover? Like, I know this was supposed to happen as they were the displaced, but still. DBZ? You shoulda made her power level OVER 9000!!!! Sorry, I just had to do that.

5798874 If you mean that Diane should have had a really high power level, then I say no. And the Vegeta was the pre-earth Vegeta, meaning he was quite weak and unable to go super saiyan. Diane beat him with a secret move and ingenuity. But I do think you'll rather enjoy the next chapter.

5798883 Ah, I see. No, I actually don't, since I don't watch DBZ.:twilightsheepish: I do know who Vegeta and Pan are though.

5798893 Ah, I myself am no expert, However I have seen the whole series from the first episode of Dragon ball, to the last one of Dragon ball GT. That's one summer vacation gone...

Gogo Diane!

Nothing is stronger than Past-Emotional-Conflict-Diane!

She has the power OF PINKIE and HER VERY OWN MAGIC.

A deadly combination.

God would be scared!

5800893 Well, Vegeta was pretty low on power from his fight with Pan, and Diane did almost lose. She only won because she had her secret move.

5800942 Paperlapapp. THE EVENT would be defeated by her!

5800970 I do not understand what that meant.

5801300 Oh, sorry to disappoint. To early in the story.

5801701 I know. But I am talking theoretical!

5801716 Yeah, had I not already decided on the timing... then that would have been a possibility.

I'm not crazy. I'm mentally incomplete, learn the difference.
Now to actually get myself 'fixed' I need a knife, and a way into Princess Twilights living quarters.

Favorited and liked.

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