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Reborn. I have changed into (hopefully) a better writer.



A writer, after having disappeared from the site over a year ago, comes across his old story and sees how bad the writing is. Deciding that he could fix this, presses the button he had set aside for such an emergency... The Game Has Been Reset, and with this comes a whole maelstrom of changes. The characters will have actual character! The story will make more sense! The writing won't be as rushed! I'll seriously try to update it more frequently... let's go to this new world with old friends!

Warnings below still apply, as well as the story it's based on. Also HUGE WARNING: I haven't watched the show in a long, long while. I might write down things that are not canon with the new episodes, sorry, but I will not be watching the new episodes to fix this.


Four guys never realized that their lives could change so much. Each of them had dreams of the future, soon all they can think about is their survival in the present.

Gore is going to be used somewhat, sex is only some sexual themes.

Inspiration and credit goes to Neoandermcd for his story Gamers in Equestria. All characters belong to their respective companies. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

SF = Street Fighter
MK = Mortal Kombat
GTA = Grand Theft Auto
SSB = Super Smash Brothers

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 78 )

You need to separate your Wall-o-Text a little bit better, maybe add in a line break with each new paragraph?

5546194 How so? Did I get the planet name wrong? I didn't think there was an official one.

In show Canon, the planet isn't formally named as of yet.

Saying the title is wrong simply because it isn't using the name you yourself use is simply your own opinion.


It's Equis not Equus. That's my understanding if the correct way.

5546240 I think that I'll be using that instead of the way I've been spelling it. I thought it was something similar to that.


The reason why I say it's wrong is because I dint see that I see Equis. That's always been how I've read it.

Ok, so there's obviously Scropion, Ryu, and Bowser... but who's going to be the GTA V character? Just showing the logo doesn't really help.

interesting story so far, lets hope these guys don't make pricks out of themselves by listening to their inner villians, except Ryu of course, he's no villian

Why of all the Smash Bros characters did you choose Bowser!? Ike, Ness or Rob would of been great choices as well!

5550425 probably because of the whole 'Iconic Nintendo Villian' thing that good ole Bow-Bow has going for him, he's pretty much almost as big as Mario in that regard.

also the fact that Bowser is the only beastly villian in the smash lineup (which only consists of himself, Ganondorf and his son/the Koopalings. although, technically Wario, Dark Pit and Meta Knight could be considered villians too, but wario has his own game series now, plus DP and MK are erring more on the 'Anti-Hero' side, as each helps out their respective hero/rival when they think it is the right thing to do)

Waaaaiiiiiit... these guys that get sent there, are they the friends talked about earlier in the chapter?

Comment posted by Opius Malikai deleted Jan 27th, 2015
Comment posted by Opius Malikai deleted Jan 27th, 2015

5555643 After hearing both of your comments I decided that I would rewrite the chapters with Anthro Ponies. Honestly I only kept it humans because I wanted it to be similar to the story I'm basing this on. But I figured that this would work better for me.

That moment when you know you're completley and absolutely fucked...

well? are you still doing this? i'm waiting for when you write more of this.

Comment posted by Little Flame deleted Feb 15th, 2015

Rarity looked at Twilight and said one word, "Fluttershy."

:rainbowderp:oh shit...

no ryu! you cant beat scorpion! didn't you see the death battle? the only chance of winning against him is if you can land the raging demon!

I was actually going to say that, but scorpion can only win if he can get ryu into the netherrealm. then he can turn into a penguin and blow him up

The giant turtle monster looked around before looking at the princess, "Uh, not guilty?"

Where is your army now? haha.

5771121 I want to hug you until you die from suffocation

Ryu vs scorpion

Well we all know scorpion is going to win this


>Smash bros.

I am sighlently sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping for Giga Bowser.

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