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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


Planet Valhalla Nexus, a strangely large world full of each different type races of Anthropomorphic Furry Vixens. Each kind live in different law rules of kingdoms, compete in tournament hunts to test their skills, and journey to discover treasures or something else in mind. However, there's been some problems in each kingdom as things grew bad in countless years. Even worse, a huge invasion has their coordinates set on the next targets. What happens next when one of the Vixens stumble upon an abandoned space ship containing an endangered sentient? Can the human somehow change the rules and survive from the females having their eyes set on him while training to fight a possible war on Valhalla Nexus?

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Needs more background info. Both of the charatures and the world they are in. Someone else needs to read and check your work before publishing. Your descriptions of the participants is like reading a D&D character sheet. But instead of strength and agility stats you list boob sizes. All pony charactures don't need to be the main 6. Just saying. Don't give up. Do some clean up and add details.

Is this Flora character the same Flora from TwoKinds? Or is it just coincidental from the way you describe her matches the description near perfectly?

I second this have we heard anything?

I might list the strength and stats for the characters in my author's notes.

Got it.

Yes, this one's Flora from TwoKinds, but a bit different for later.

I'm getting another chapter started again for this week.


Can’t wait for the next chapter

It’s alive and so far so good and things are getting interesting here and can’t wait to see more!

Does our future-era human protagonist has awesome guns and vehicles (If they survive the ship's crash.) Or a super power like KI from Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super for example?

You'll find out soon enough when I get back to working on the next chapters soon.

I really want to see this get updated

I say otherwise cause I'm back in business.

Say whatever you want, but I'm going back to my stories which haven't had any more stories published for months. I'm certain many people is waiting impatiently for more chapters, but I know that I can't write them that fast to rush the stories since it can ruin the interest and the fun of it on mine. It takes some calming patients and time to write the chapters out.

are u plane for a new years update / chapter ?
sorry bad at spelling

Yeah, I'm going to complete a chapter first.

Plus I'll be posting in an update on my blog soon when the new year rolls in.

Huh a new chapter and a new player huh...

To use a quote from another space marine type.

Hell It's about time!!!

Brother I don't think the Flamer is going to work on a Snake.

We need the opposite of heat here.

Ice..lots of Ice...all of the ICE!!!!


but brother they will only chill out more:pinkiehappy: WHAT SHOULD WE DO!!!

That is the point brother... snakes fall asleep with enough cold. All the better to behead them with.

this is a true brother ideal !
and now i stop ... for now .................

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