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My name is Jake. Or Orpheus. Which ever you want to call me, I'm used to both. I could explain that I'm a mute brony gamer and I was sent Equestria.... but I'll explain like this...

I was sent to Equestria by a merchant... a very creepy one too. He sold me a steel cosplay Evoker, thanks to my brother giving me money. I didn't think much of it at the time, but what was my luck to find an fake Evoker? Buuuut now I'm stuck in a equestria with a limited supply of Soul Points to survive on. If only I could find a Soma in Equestria...

Oh yeah, I can talk now too.

Why is my life so... weird.

Displaced story about a mute brony who plays games, preferably persona games. like that cliche hasn't been used a million times.

Tag will be updated as I go.

Cover art is temporary, or until I can find someone to make me some.

Rated teen for strong language and for violence. I mean, this is a displaced story!!! Why the heck wouldn't a displaced fight something?!

It gets a bit darker as the story goes. You've been warned.

Check out my other displaced story: The non-Equestrian Equestrian hero!

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 158 )

This story sounds like it will be interesting :moustache: can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

Damn... I was kind of hoping to get to read a story from the perspective of a mute... Oh well...

Take a like, and a tracking, I don't know if I'll read it, but... *shrug*

5744762 That was what it was going to be in the beginning but then if you look at Orpheus's design then it makes a lot more sense... Or less... Juuust ignore the crazy author over here.

My thoughts about this: HELL YEAH! I WANT MORE!

5744823 I got more coming... though If you look at my new blog then you'll see why it's taking so long...

I guess I should stop writing this comment and start writing this story.

Best background filly and Persona?! Fuck Five Nights at Sombra's this is where it's at! Now I just want Dinky to take the evoker and just whisperTha...Na...Tosth02.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/336/9/8/dark_hour_in_ponyville__poster_version__by_thatfatbrony-d5mteu6.png

5778435 I have a different plan that involves our good friend Jake and Thanatos. The evoker will later b- POSSIBLE SPOILER THAT MOST EVERYONE SAW COMING!!!

I've also got a question for you and the other people reading this: How do you like fire?

How much do you like Time Turner and Derpy?

Little hint for the next chapter there. Don't mind that.

5779124 Do you want the good news, the even worse news or the bad news first?

5779150 The bad news is that there is no even worse news so I guess that would be another piece of good news? Anyways the real good news is this is an alternate equestria so this is most likely the only universe that he dies in!

5779156 Ah.

Also, I know with 100% certainty that if Jake ended up in a Aura Blades crossover, Pecila would hug him.

5779160 He'll be accepting crossovers as soon as the token is made. So that could be a possibility when the chance comes.

5779165 Oh yeah, I'm working on a little side project with a mute displaced. Do you want to look it over after I've finished the first chapter and see how good I did?

5779177 S-sure? I guess?

I really do need to get the next chapter started atleast but ok, I'll keep procrastinating.

The moment equine devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate. Entrusting his future to the cards, equine clings to a dim hope. Yet, the arcana is the means by which all is revealed. Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are... Death awaits you.

5782234 Spoken like a true master.



Wait, is that a line from nyx?

5782245 Huh. I got to re-watch Persona 3.

Nix (Nxy?) is the only Shadow/god to teach life lessons while trying to destroy the world... THANKS ATLUS!

Dammit, I totally want Jake or Adrian to get Pecila's toekn and summon her now.

Pecila: *is hugging Adrian* I am never letting go of you. No wait, we totally need to get a camera!

5787344 Adrian: What the hell!? Jake!!! Do something!!!

Jake: What should I do? It's your problem. *Walks away hugging Dinky*

5787361 Pecila: I need a camera so i can take a picture with both of you! See my best friend Flynn is a huuuuge fan of Persona and she'd get totally jealous of me if I got pictures to prove that I met you two!

5787381 Adrian: .... uh... Jake? How do I shoot fire?

Jake: Thanatos doesn't learn Agi skills. You're screwed man! :rainbowlaugh:

God, Now I want that to happen...

5787392 Pecila: Shut up and let's find that deer like pegasus kid!

5787397 Adrian: WAAAAIIIITTT!!!!

Jake: ... I'm such a jerk. Bye!

5787400 Pecila: *chases* Let me love you, sweet god of death and master of strings!

5787403 Jake: Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm already taken.

Adrian: Welp, We're screwed!

5787410 Pecila: I still want hugs! I'll call Flynn here!

(no seriously, Cat loves Persona.)

5787424 But yeah, I really hope we do a crossover in the future.

5787429 Yeah. That would be the best thing ever.

5787454 I just finished a crossover but I think it would be amusing if Pecila just vanished in front of Flynn and Luke in the middle of a chapter to go to your world.

5787475 I would find that most amusing too.

If my brother wound up as Thanatos in Equestria, he would flip out. If I wound up the physical embodiment of the Death arcana in Persona 3 I would work on getting my more human form back. After all, it's a binary switch for Ryoji, why can't I do the same?

5787601 Well, Ryoji transformed into a being similar to thanatos. Well, that's what the wiki says but I say he's still thanatos. So whenever Minato summons thanatos he's summoning Ryoji!

5787608 I agree. Besides, it's not like any one can deny that besides Atlus its self.

Slight problem. About halfway through the chapter, you didn't close the italics bracket properly.

5789076 This was written in a gdoc so it's bound to have problems.

Sooooo.... Ya gonna want to summon me or not? I mean, you have one of my tokens so you could summon me if you wanted. Just so you know, I toned down the innuendo to only two or three in that crossover I did with Pecila, I'll be able to leave them behind, but not completely if you don't want them.

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