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A laptop means more frequent story updates! · 9:55pm Jan 18th, 2014

Guess who got a laptop? That's right. X3 This is good for all of you who have been waiting for me to update various stories, like TOTR. I can get in about 1000 words in an hour, pretty much whenever I have free time.
So, rawr.

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684049 What you see is merely an illusion brought about by the convergence of the cosmos in this exact location. :trollestia:

I... See... You...

545060 Working on Rose Petals as of now.

516881 heyy man you posted a new chapter on TOTR thank god cause i need somethin to read havent been on here for a while:applejackunsure:...way to much youtube past couple days:pinkiehappy:

Now I can sleep.:ajsleepy:
Thank you for the support.:twilightsmile:

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