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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Anti-Magic, Loki Depowered

"Come on, I don't want to be late." Twilight said, it was the day of a meteor shower. Twilight was so ready for this event to happen.

"Twilight calm down I could get us there." Loki answered. The family appeared to see the space rocks coming down. Unknown to them however in the bright shower one rock slowly came down in the Equestrian outland. It glowed for a moment. "Magic...." A voice said coming from it.

"Oh wow, this is so cool!" Nyx cheered as she looked through the telescope that Twilight had brought. "Yeah, this is nice," Loki said as he lounged on a picnic blanket. Twilight was sitting next to him and was jotting down notes as she stared intently at the falling meteors.

"You're right Nyx, these truly are fascinating. I could tell you more about them if you like," Twilight said as she had a large grin at the prospect of sharing knowledge.

"Twilight, why are you taking notes? Can't you just lay down and enjoy this shower with the rest of us?" Loki asked as he patted a spot next to him. Twilight gave Loki a slight smirk as she looked away from her notes for a moment.

"I am enjoying the shower, just in my own way. I'm noting their angle of trajectory and estimating their entry velocity to see if I can collect any samples to study. I'm curious to see what lies beyond this planet. We might even be able to discover new elements or magical energy different than what we're used to," She concluded with a sparkle in her eye.

"I am dating such a nerd," Loki chuckled. "I bet you a hundred bits that they're probably just made of iron and nickel like most meteorites."

"You're on," she said with a large grin.

They looked around for pieces. It seemed Loki was right on the nose with his earlier prediction and he was happy however Twilight saw something, a glowing rock. She attempted to levitate it but nothing happened. "Loki come see this." Twilight said. Loki flew over to see the glowing rock. "I can't lift it with my magic." Twilight showed as she attempted it. Loki used his senses to check it out. It was magicless yet it seemed to have energy to it. Pulling out of his pocket dimension he had metal gloves and picked it up. "What kind of magic is it?" Twilight asked. Loki turned to her. "Twilight this isn't magic."

In a large meeting room of the Canterlot Castle Loki, the Elements, the princesses, the highest members of the guards and researchers were meeting to discuss Loki and Twilight’s discovery. All while their discovery was placed in a glass case.

"I called you all here because of this, this isn't magic despite your original assumption." Loki with a wave formed a weird sphere with lightning and orbs around it. "This is a magical matrix this thing’s magic is." Loki created another construct. "This is its matrix." The other one looked just like it only opposite. "What we are seeing here is Anti-Magic.... real Anti-Magic with a capital M."

“What do you think this means?" Celestia asked.

"I'm not sure," Loki answered as he stared intently at his findings. "All we really know at the moment is that it seems to cancel out any magic that comes into contact with it. Twilight made a note of a lot of the meteors' trajectories so we could glean a general idea of where it came from." A young researcher raised her hoof and seemed enthusiastic about the prospect that the anti-magic meteorite.

"Do you think we should study it? Who knows what we could learn from such a strange specimen. We could even harness it as a new energy source. A changeling guard stepped forward. "Or we could harness it as a way to detain criminals," she said. Loki grimaced as he heard these ideas.

"I don't think that’s a good idea." Another construct came out from the matrix of Anti-magic. "This is something very disturbing." He said pointing at it. He touched his own head and tossed out a similar construct.

"Hey that’s not fun." The construct said in Discord's voice.

"This thing whatever it is, is both hostile to magic... and it’s as smart as you or me.... everyone here." Loki looked at them all. "I believe we just made first contact." Twilight was wide eyed. "You mean?" Loki nodded.

"This is an alien being not native to our world." He looked at it.

"So, do you think it can hear us?" Chrysalis asked as she warily compared the two matrices. Loki shook his head.

"We have no way of knowing what this is capable of. It might be able to 'hear' us, but if it does communicate it probably does so in a way that is foreign to us. I'd recommend approaching this with extreme caution."

"Don't you think that we should attempt to find a way to communicate with it?" Twilight asked.

"If this is an actual intelligence shouldn't we try to foster a relationship?" Loki considered that for a moment. His inner nerd was screaming that it was a terrible idea. Years of ingesting science-fiction and comic books told him that poking around at the extra-terrestrial materials usually didn't end well. Then again, the idea of contact with an alien species made that same part of him giddy.

“Well yes though I won't even begin to know how to unless...." He took Discord and placed him back inside his head. "I could try to use my abilities to alter my form until I gain the ability to communicate with it, but that could take weeks or." Loki sent an astral projection. "The astral plane seems to be protected from its powers it I can just." Loki astral from touched it as it glowed.

"Magic." The rock broke and a liquid formed before it became a glowing ball. "Where am I?" It said. It somehow saw them. "Magic, magic everywhere."

"Loki what did you just do?" Twilight whispered into his ear.

"Well, I may have used my mind in order to help teach it our language."

"How did you manage that when it cancels out magic?" "Well astral projection doesn't operate via magical energy after the initial spell. I used my astral projection to connect our minds for a brief moment.

"Isn't that extremely dangerous?" Twilight asked getting slightly worried.

"We can worry about that later, right now I should help calm our guest down." Loki then turned to the strange, glowing ball with an apprehensive smile. "Hello there, yes there is a lot of magic here. But don't worry, we're going to help you if we can."

"Where am I?" the orb asked in an androgynous voice.

"This is Equestria. You landed here during a meteor shower.

The entity looked around. The alicorns and Chrysalis had powerful magic. However this thing. Whatever it was it had magic yet it wasn't there. However, whatever it was, it was massive. "You have the largest measure of magic here." It moved close.

"Who and What are you?" It asked. Loki decided that it was best to go first. "I'm Loki, god of Chaos, defender of the balance of magical energy." He said. The glowing ball floated to him.

"A god?” The orb glowed. "I haven't killed a god before." It attempted to smash the glass but it bounced off. "What is this?!" it screamed.

"Well, that is a special cage I had made with the help of these researchers to contain your anti-magic energy. And now I'm glad I did seeing as you tried to kill me."

"This cheap cage won't hold me for long. I will see you ripped apart right down to your very core."

"Well, I would say I didn't see something like this coming, but then I'd be a liar," Loki said with a drawn out sigh. He then turned to the others with a serious look. "Okay everyone I think we need to figure out a way to contain this thing for as long as we can and then deal with this once and for all."

"You won't succeed, I will destroy all of your precious magic and see to it that your kingdoms shall..." Loki snapped his talons so that a soundproof bubble surrounded the orb's cage.

"Yeah I think we should hurry up on this."

The entity attempted to escape out of the cage each time failing. "So long as nothing else happens." The door came open as Celestia and Luna were tossed into the cage. While it didn't break they did scream as cracks formed on the cage’s surface. "Pinkie Pie!" Loki screamed.

A bit later, the cage was fixed and the princesses were in the hospital. "Well they’re ok, the entity did drain them it should be a week before they are back up." The nurse said. Loki paced. "This isn't good they raise the sun and moon who else has the power to do that?" Loki stopped. "It’s time for sunrise isn't it?" He asked. Twilight nodded. "Yes but what does that mean?" Loki walked through the window and with his hands he slowly raised them up as the sun rose up. Without Luna and Celestia he was the only other being able to raise the sun.

"Well that's one problem solved," Twilight said as she looked at the sunrise. "But we still have to figure out a way to deal with that entity.

"We're all working on that, but we have to be careful. One misstep and we could end up like Celestia and Luna. I bet you wish you had actually lost that one hundred bits, huh?" Twilight just smiled a little as she looked up at Loki.

"Not really, I know that no matter what happens we'll be able to stop this. So I think I can live with a temporary threat if it means I can learn that we're not alone in the universe and winning a hundred bits off of you."

"Wow," Loki said slightly surprised.

"What is it?"

"Back when we started dating you'd have a near mental breakdown if someone slightly misplaced your mouthwash. Now you're facing a planetary threat without breaking a sweat." He gave his wife a smile.

“What can I say, being the wife to a god does wonders for a mare’s confidence,” she replied with a chuckle and a smile of her own.

Inside his cage the entity hit the glass over and over again. "Magic!" The entity screamed with a glow it smashed the glass again as cracks started to from. Loki appeared in the room as he let his powers move the Celestial Objects. "Alright I want answers, who are you!" Loki demanded the entity turned to him.

"I am Zel." It said. Loki glared at him.

"I got that much I'm starting to think you are not an alien per say." Loki glared. "An Eldritch Abomination more likely... After all Magic is a part of this universe and you are not magic you're something else."

"I suppose that much is true. But this information won't have much use for you considering your world will be dead soon," The entity stated evenly.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I can," the entity declared causing a slight shiver to go up Loki's spine.

"Well I'm not going to let you do that. Even if I have to give up my own life I will keep you from destroying this world. And just to let you know, I've died before."

"And how do you plan on stopping me?" The entity asked with a chuckle. "I've already broken free of your little cage and none of your magic can have an effect on me." Loki smirked a little at that as he charged magic into his paw and talon.

"Correction, magic can't affect you directly. I could still lift something with my magic and hit you with it."

The entity gave a laugh at him. "It doesn't matter." Loki reacted by dropping a rock on him.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." A guard came in as Loki had to move out to keep the sun moving. However while Loki left, a small tendril of the entity grabbed the guard. After a few moments the glow of the entity was seen leaving the room.

Loki suddenly felt a huge change in the world. 'What was that?' he asked himself he flew over back to the guard finding him unconscious with his cutie mark gone. Not a bit of magic existed within him.

"Oh no, I can't let that thing spread. I don't know if I'll be able to reverse the effects it has when this is all over. I need to go get Twilight and see if we can find this thing." Loki then teleported back to the Castle of Friendship and appeared right in front of Twilight's throne.

"Twilight, the anti-magic entity has escaped and it's already stolen a guard's magic."

"This is awful, what do you think we should do?"

"I don't know, but magic can affect it indirectly so we can hit it with things that we levitate."

"Okay, I'll send a message to the other princesses and have them help us with this."

"Good call, I'll go look for the thing right now and see if I can slow it down."

"Okay, just be careful," Twilight said with a worried look.

"Hey, I'll be fine. We're in this together after all."

"Always," Twilight said with a smile. "Now go and save the world. I'll be there with the princesses soon."

As the entity moved through A cage was tossed over him. Loki appeared. "So it seems I shouldn't have left you alone." The entity moved through the barriers. "This can't hold me, now then." The entity attempted to attack Loki whole pulled out one of the tokens. With a glow the earth came up and surrounded him.

"Like it? It’s a little gift from a dragon god.”

"It is frail magic just like everything else on this world," The entity said with a laugh as it broke free of the earth cage. "You and all of the creatures on this planet rely on it for everything. But don't worry, I shall free you from it. I am the great cleanser of the universe."

"Well, that was a great little speech, but I like this place the way it is so I'm going to have to stop you," Loki laughed as he charged up his magic. He then picked up a large boulder in his magical grasp and slammed it into the entity. This didn't faze the entity much as it snaked a tendril out of Loki's notice and wrapped it around one of his legs.

"Now you shall have none of your power!" The entity cried. Loki then cried out as he could slowly feel his magic leave him.

Loki tapped into the element of power the sudden rush injured the entity. "What? That actually hurt." It said. Loki sighed.

"Seems you have a limit to how much magic you can absorb? Kinda like anti-matter and matter." Loki summoned the elements powers in a flash he appeared in his chaos power. "Lets’ see how long this will take me." Loki said as he rushed the being. Twilight and the others saw the burst of chaos form Loki as they went to investigate. When they got there they saw Loki slamming a mountain on the entity then slammed another one.

"Whoa, that's something new," Rainbow Dash said as she seemed impressed with what she was seeing.

"This is bad," Twilight said as she felt the energy coming off of Loki.

"Whaddya mean, Twilight?" Applejack asked.

"He's using his elements' powers. That's a last resort for him. We have to hurry, he needs our help." Loki continued to look for things to hit the entity with but nothing seemed to be slowing it down. The entity then lashed out with multiple dark tendrils in an attempt to wrap them around Loki.

"You cannot stop me!" it cried. "Nothing with magic will ever be able to stop me!" Just as the tendrils were about to reach him he teleported out of the way.

"Yeesh, do you just like to hear yourself talk?" Loki asked as he held a bubble full of magma above him. "And I thought Pinkie and I liked to talk." He then let the magma now lava go right onto the entity.

The entity actually screamed under the heat of the molten rock. Loki looked down at the entity. "Well you're no longer a threat." Loki said as he floated a bit off the magma. However several tendrils shot out and covered Loki. He gave out a scream. As both he and the thing crashed into the magma. Within Loki's powers body dimension Discord saw the tendrils closing in on the power matrix of the elements and him.

"Loki!" Twilight screamed she charged up her magic in hopes of saving him. Loki could feel pain he then heard Twilight screaming.

"It’s no use I will destroy all magic.... wait..." The entity magic being started to scream. Something was wrong. "What’s going on.... no it can't... be.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Loki gave a final scream. The magma slid away with Loki in the center.

'Why do I feel so... weak?" Loki asked. Discord was the one to answer.

"Loki that thing, whatever your body did was to late Loki your connection to the elements of disharmony has been...."

"No," Loki said as he looked himself over and tried to use some magic. However, nothing happened. His and Twilight's eyes widened at the lack of anything crazy happening. "I can't believe it."

"Yes, your connection has been severed. You can't perform any magic now." Discord told him.

"Loki, what's wrong?" Twilight asked warily as she approached him.

"It's gone Twilight," he said slowly.

"My magic is gone. That thing took it all." Twilight's jaw dropped when she heard that. She then rushed over to his side and wrapped her hooves around him.

"Oh my goodness, that's awful. But don't worry, we can find a way to do something about this."

"Thanks Twilight, what did I do to deserve someone like you?" He asked with a weak smile.

"You've done a lot. And now I'm going to do something for you."

Author's Note:

Well Loki been Depowered, is it permanent? There still two more chapters to go, so lets see.