• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Loki's a father. Say hi Nyx.

Author's Note:

Nyx is owned by her creator Pen Stroke.

The next day as Best Seller/Loki was getting his shop ready to open. As he was just finishing up the bell on the door rang.

"See Twilight I told you a magic shop had opened up."

Best Seller/Loki turned to see the element of magic and her dragon assistant entering his shop. Twilight looked around the shop in awe. Unknown to her Loki had stocked his shop with objects he found, enchanted or got using his powers. Twilight blinked was that a Zebra Shaman mask?

“Well hello there, what brings you to my humble little store?” Best Seller asked.

"Oh, I was just curious about your shop, that's all." Twilight replied with a small grin. Loki then put on his best shopkeeper voice and motioned to some of his more impressive items.

"Oh, curious about my curios are you?" He said with a grin. This caused Twilight to giggle a little while Spike just arched an eyebrow at the joke.

"I don't get it," The little dragon said. Twilight then started looking around the shop and regarding the more choice objects with scientific curiosity.

"This is quite the impressive collection you have here, how did you get all this?"

"I'm afraid that's a trade secret. If word got around about how I get my items, then everypony would do it."

'Well, everyone who can metaphorically bend the laws of physics over a table.'

Spike looked at the red gem in a case. "What's this?" He asked. Loki/Best Seller looked at the gem.

"If you gave that to a pony they’ll go insane with power." Loki said. Twilight turned to him.

"Why do you even have that?" Twilight couldn't believe he would have something like that.

"The blue gem in the nearby case negates its power I keep them both in hope of purifying the gem." Loki finished.

In truth he made those gems to do nothing but create flowers and make it rain soda. However he wasn't going to sell them at least until Trixie came back.

Twilight nodded in understanding. "So you're not just sell these items, you prevent them from causing harm."

"Of course, it would be irresponsible not to." Best Seller said with a smile.

'Well, most of the time anyway. Sometimes it's too much fun to mess with people using these things. Like that body switching statue. Actually, I could use that use that to help two transgendered ponies... if that's even a thing here. Note to self, find this out.'

"I've got a question," Spike called out, derailing Loki's train of thought. "How do you think these gems would taste to a dragon?" Loki chuckled at that. "Well, the blue one would probably be pretty tasty, but the corrupting magic of the red one would probably give you indigestion. Unfortunately they're not for sale."

Spike looked down at this. Loki however fished out something. "Here, have a lollipop free of charge." The dragon took the candy goodness. Loki/Best Seller turn to Twilight.

"So do you want to buy something? I believe I have some old books in the back that are on sale." He said well he kinda took them from the castle of the two sisters but nopony ever went there.

Twilight looked up at this. "Really may I see?" With the back open he brought out a few books including one written by Discord himself when he was basically ruling Equestria.

"These are incredible." Twilight enthused as she looked over the ancient tomes. "How much would all of these cost?" She asked with a hopeful expression. Loki just looked at her and thought about a good amount to charge the librarian.

"Well, these are all very rare, irreplaceable books. But, seeing as you're the student to the princess and you've saved Equestria multiple times, I suppose I can give these to you for 60 bits." Twilight's face lit up as she took the books with her magic, threw a pouch of coins on the counter, and wrapped Loki/Best Seller into a big hug. She then rushed out the door with Spike struggling to hold on. Loki then blinked a few times as he watched her leave. "And I think Twilight just made it to best pony." He said to himself.

He wondered what was going to happen next. However he might go find Tirek again. He decided to leave it to chance. He tossed the special dice he had made and it landed on, "Make a favorite OC real." Loki/Eric knew just the OC. In a flash he was gone. In the ruins of the Palace of the Two Sisters he walked around and found the remains of his target. With a flash he used Discord’s time travel astral ability and right as the blast of wave motion cannon happened he intervened. He returned with a little thing in his hands a filly. Nyx was now real.

Aww, look at her. She's even cuter in real life.' I guess this means I'm a daddy now. Wait, am I even ready to be a parent yet?' Nyx sighed in her sleep and Loki's heart nearly melted. 'Damn it, she's too cute for her own good. Okay, I'll take her in. Though I guess I should hide her wings and ethereal mane, otherwise that'll be a little too much to explain.' Loki snapped his talons and in a flash both he, and Nyx were average unicorns back in his home atop his shop. The bright lights caused Nyx to wake up and she looked around in confusion. Loki didn't know if she could talk yet so he decided to talk first. "Hey there, I'm your daddy. Are you okay?" He told the little filly slowly.

"What happened I remember a bright rainbow light." The little nightmare moon said, Loki gave a laugh at that response.

"Don't worry about it that much, it’s a little dreary."

The next day, in her shop Rarity heard the CMC coming in. However there was a fourth filly. The black unicorn filly with them had a purple vest and a long cloth wrapped around her head.

"Who is this girls?" Rarity asked.

"I'm Nyx." Nyx said.

"Her father’s that new store owner."

"You mean that Best Seller fellow?" Rarity asked. "Twilight was telling me about him, though she didn't say anything about a daughter." Nyx looked away from Rarity.

"My father just adopted me." She said.

"Oh, well then, it seems that my sister and her friends have recruited you into their little club.

"Yes, once they noticed my lack of a cutie mark they pretty much grabbed me off the street." Rarity's eyes narrowed a bit. Something seemed familiar about this new filly. But she just shrugged it off.

"Well, I hope the three of you have a fantastic sleepover."

"We will Rarity!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed. "Come on girls!" Nyx trotted along as she and the rest of the crusaders went to the guest room that Sweetie Belle stayed in.

For Loki though, he was sleepy. "Great I'm a powerful being yet I get sleepy." He sighed with a wave of his hooves the sun was lowered and the moon rose three hours ahead of when it should.

'And now I can get some much needed sleep, with the added benefit of screwing with Celestia and Luna.' Loki thought with a smirk. 'Also, I hope that Nyx is doing alright. Ehh, she'll be fine. That girl is surprisingly mature for her age. And she eats like a black hole. Good thing I can warp reality otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford raising her. And I bet that a ton of bronies would be jealous of me right now for getting to raise a pony. Oh, and because I get to have Discord's powers.' Loki then teleported up to his room and flopped down onto his bed.

Back in Canterlot the sudden night was a cause for alarm. Celestia knew no one had found Loki despite being well Discord’s clone. She wondered if he found someplace else to be like another planet or dimension but the fact the sun was lowered and the moon raised against her will meant it was his doing. At Canterlot however a pink Alicorn looked up at the change in the time of day. However she didn't see the flashes of flames. The next day Pinkie pie jumped into Rarities shop, "Rarity... “ and of course saw the CMC with there newest member."

Pinkie Pie's eyes widened as she saw the little filly and started to bounce around the startled foal. "Ooh, I was right! There is another new pony in town." Pinkie cheered. All of a sudden, Pinkie was stopped by a blue aura and placed gently onto the ground.

"Pinkie darling, please calm down. You're making the poor dear uncomfortable." Nyx composed herself and looked up at Rarity with a grateful expression.

"I-it's fine Miss Rarity. My father is very excitable as well."

"Ooh, who's your daddy?!" Pinkie Pie asked.

"The store owner, Best Seller," Rarity answered.

"I didn't know that he was a daddy." Pinkie said with a tilt of the head.

"He just adopted me. Anyway, I have to go. My father will be opening up the store fairly soon."

As the little filly walked away Pinkie blinked and shook her head. She just realized the pony was familiar.

"Something’s not right about that pony." Pinkie Pie went into stealth mode behind the pony. As she entered the shop/home her father owned and her the dark windows made it hard to see. Pinkie pie used her strange pinkie Goggle's to see inside. Best Seller’s voice was heard.

"So how was it?" He asked. Nyx tossed off the clothes revealing her wings and mane.

"It was great," Pinkie was surprise increased as the familiar form of Loki/Discord appeared.

"See I told you."

"Fine, you were right about the crusaders being fun. You don't have to rub my nose in it." Nyx huffed.

"I'm not rubbing your nose in it. I was just trying to show you that I do have your best interests in mind." Loki told her. Nyx didn't know how to react to that and just turned away from Loki.

"I think I'll just have some breakfast now."

"Ok, I'll make you some. I am your dad after all."

"Alright, but can you not use your magic this time. I'm pretty sure I found glitter in my food last time." Loki chuckled and rolled his eyes at the difficult little foal.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do."

Pinkie pulled away from the window and didn't know what to think of what she just saw. 'That was that Loki guy, so why is he acting like little Nightmare Moon's daddy?'

Pinkie Pie’s mind clicked. Best seller appeared right after Discord was defeated while Loki didn't come and set Discord freed as Twilight theorized that Loki could undo the seal from outside. The reason for all that and Nightmare Moon being a friendly filly was one thing. 'Best seller is Loki.'

The reality warping dad was having trouble trying to cook anything. Nyx laughed at her father's failed attempts.

"I can't believe this..." He said. He hit his head on the stove a few minutes later he cried out in pain. "Ahhhh!" Loki screamed as he rushed over to the sink and poured water over his face. This caused Nyx to nearly fall out of her chair from laughing.

"I can't believe that you can warp reality, but you can't make some pancakes?"

"Hey, I think part of the problem is that I can warp reality. Plus, before I came to Equestria I pretty much existed off of frozen and fast food."

"Fair enough, but can you please hurry. Apparently I have to go to school because of you."

"Hey, you missed out on a lot of history. And besides, the other crusaders will be there and you like them.

"Fine, but I still don't see why I can't use my magic on that Diamond Tiara filly."

"Because I'm not going to have you deal with a bully by becoming one." Loki told her with a stern look.