• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Wedding Part 1

The sun rose on a normal day in ponyville. Well as normal as it could get with the whole castle of Twilight and the reality warping Loki who made their home there. A mail mare Derpy flew as she delivered letters to the cakes, Rainbow Dash, The apples, The Belles, Fluttershy and off. She finally landed in the crystal empire. Shining armor saw one of his guards coming with a letter. "Sir." He said. Written on it.

You are hereby invited to the wedding of, Twilight Sparkle Princess of Friendship, and the Element of Magic, and the Second Lord of change, Master of Disorder, the god of Chaos, defender of the balance, Loki Chaotic.

Shining Armor who had been sipping on a cup of coffee immediately spat it out onto the guard who had given it to him. Shining Armor scanned the letter again just to make sure that he had read it right. The guard's eye twitched slightly as he asked. "Sir, what was written on that letter?" Shining Armor just ignored the guard and charged his horn.

"Cadance needs to see this," he said as he teleported out of the room. The dripping guard then dropped his stance and a small smirk worked onto his face. "Permission to leave early to take a shower, sir? Granted," he finished in an impersonation of the guard captain as he walked out of the room. Shining Armor then reappeared in Cadance's throne room. The princess of love turned toward the disturbance and noticed the disturbed look on her husband's.

"Shining what is it?" Cadance asked. Shining Armored revealed the letter to Cadance. She blinked as she keep rereading it. "Twily is getting married? That's wonderful." Cadance said with a smile.

However for Shining it kinda wasn't. "Yes to Loki, I mean ahhhh." Shining tired to find a reason why it wasn't a good idea.

"Oh come on Shining way are you so afraid?" Cadance asked.

"Well he... ahh." Shining started, then had to think about it, 'Let's see he a reality warper who died saving us and came back to life.' Shining couldn't find one thing bad about Loki.

"Shiny, are you trying to find something wrong with Loki so you can object to her getting married?" Cadance asked with a little smirk as she walked up to her husband. Shining Armor blushed hotly, Cadance had always been able to read his mind like a book. He didn't have a chance to answer her as she walked up to him and started nuzzling at his neck. "Shiny, you need to calm down and think about this for a little bit. Loki has actually shown that he's a good person. Plus, he makes Twilight happy. Now, you know that Twilight never does anything without thinking it through. And she's a full grown mare now so we have to respect her decisions."

Shining Armor let out a sigh, Cadance was right, even if he wished she wasn't. "Alright, I guess I'll have to go get my suit then."

"And I'll pick up a wedding present from the both of us."

"Do you want any help with that?" Shining asked dumbly. Cadance just chuckled and patted his cheek.

"Shiny, I'm the princess of love, do you really think you can keep up with me when it comes to preparing for my sister-in-law's wedding?" Shining shuddered for a moment, Cadance tended to get... excitable when it came to anything related to love and weddings.

"I think I'll just pack our things while you deal with that."

At ponyville twilight friends came running in. "Twilight darling this isn't a joke is it." They all had the invitations. Even Trixie came through as well. There they saw Loki and Twilight looking planning the wedding with a small model.

"Yes actually." Twilight said.

"We are getting married it's not a joke." Loki said.

Nyx was seen almost bouncing off the walls. "Yea we going to be a actual family... Oh my gosh I'm going to be a princess." Nyx said with a huge grin.

"Are you two sure about this? I mean you haven't been dating all that long," Fluttershy asked softly.

"That's true but we have been through quite a bit in that time," Loki replied.

"You didn't flip a coin or something to decide this, did you?" Rainbow Dash asked with a sly look.

Loki got defensive at that. "No, those seminars Twilight recommended me have been helping me get over that. I actually thought about this for a while."

"And you said yes darling?" Rarity asked with a quizzical expression.

"Yes, I had two big realizations recently. The first was when Loki died. I realized that I want to be with Loki as long as I can. And the second was during the trouble with Nyx regressing into Nightmare Moon. That helped me realize that she really is family to me."

"Plus it doesn't help they are true love after all." The voice of Discord was heard as he was in Astral form.

"You know they say love can make even the most orderly saneist of beings, do the most chaotic and insane, why even in my reign I never attempted to destroy love." Discord said. "Besides if you ask me it's far better to be loved then hated." Discord finished.

"Well you kinda caused Loki to die you know." Rainbow Dash countered.

Discord looked down. "Yes but not that I'm basically apart of him giving my knowledge and my magic to him I can hope to both atone for my past misdeeds." Discord answered before he returned to Loki's mind to go back to sleep. "You know Discord actually a genius... He just has the attention span of a newborn."

"Don't say that as if you're any better Loki," Twilight said with a small giggle.

"That's what I have you for," he replied with a grin, "to keep me on task."

Rainbow Dash then made a slight gagging motion. "Can you two knock it off with the mushy stuff, I had a big breakfast and don't need you all to see it."

Rarity chuckled a little at that. "Don't be jealous darling, I'm sure you'll find somepony to be like that with someday."

Rainbow Dash blushed at that. "Wha- I'm not jealous. And like you're one to talk, how many stallions have you broken up with for one reason or another?"

It was Rarity's turn to blush and the two started going back and forth with each other. Twilight rolled her eyes at the two's antics. "Anyway, I'm glad you're all here, Loki and I were hoping you could help us with the wedding."

"No problem there sugarcube," Applejack said with a smile. "We'll be happy to help."

"Yeah, you can count on me when it comes to anything party related!" Pinkie cheered.

"Oh, speaking of which I have to go send Shining Armor a letter."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Twilight asked with a slightly worried expression.

"Yeah, this is something that Shining and I have to do."

The crystal empire train came to ponyville junction. Stepping out was princess Cadance and Shining Armor. They came up to the castle of friendship. However a voice rang out. "Frieza bad dog!" The Wendigo came charging out with Nyx in tow. As Nyx was sent flying Cadance used her magic to grab her. "Thanks Auntie Cadance." Nyx said.

The spirit of hate turned to its owner. It had a look of sadness. Nyx was put down. "Frieza bad boy!" Nyx yelled out.

"Oh, you're being too hard on the poor dear," Cadance said with a little chuckle. "It looks like he just got overexcited."

"Okay Auntie Cadance!" Nyx beamed.

"Well if you ask me you need to make sure that he gets proper training," Shining Armor said with a bit of a stern look towards the windigo.

"I've been trying Uncle Shiny, mommy even gave me a book on training animals to help. But, it's been pretty hard."

"Cadance, Shining Armor!" Twilight called out as she rushed towards the train platform with Loki right behind her. Cadence then proceeded to do her special cheer with Twilight. Loki then came up beside Shining Armor and smiled a little.

"Good to see you Shining Armor, I hope your trip was comfortable," Loki said.

"It was, though I did have to slip some sleeping pills into Cadance's drink to calm her down," Shining admitted with a chuckle.

"Uhh," Loki replied while blinking. "Don't worry, I told Cadance about it, and she even said I made the right call. She can get a little too excited for weddings. Especially this one."

"Okay, so did you get my second letter?"

"I did, but are you sure about this?" Shining asked.

"I already ran it by Twilight and she agreed to it. Come on, it'll be fun and good for us." Loki said.

"Alright, I guess a bachelor party could be fun."

"That's the spirit. I was thinking of going to Las Pegasus," Loki told him with a wide grin.

"Isn't that all the way on the other side of equestria?" Shining Armor asked.

Loki rolled his eyes. "For you maybe but I can get us there in a flash." Loki answered. Spike came out with a letter.

"Twilight this came for you." The letter was from Princess Celestia.

Dear Twilight, I just got the invitation to your wedding. I must say I'm surprised by this. Luna herself is kinda a romantic and will be over to throw you a batarlet party. signed Celestia.

Loki appeared as the letter became his face. "You know I wonder if we should tell her that Cadence would be the one to marry us right?" Loki asked as the letter returned to normal.

"I'll be sure to tell her eventually, but I'm more worried about this bachelorette party. What do you think Luna is planning?"

"Well considering she hasn't been around for about a thousand years, I'd say that she's going to reenact things she's seen in chick flicks that have come out recently. If you study up on these then I'd say you'd be fine."

"Well ok, but what if she goes with the traditional practices?" Twilight asked.

"Well then you can study those too. I know you like the idea of studying."

"You're right, but I still don't think I like the idea of this."

"Just think of it like a girl's night out with your friends and the princesses."

"Okay, I will. I hope you have fun with Shining Armor. I would really like it if you two could become friends."

"Anything to make you happy Twilight.” Loki said with a smile.

Author's Note:

There is only five more Chapters to go.