• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Equestria Girls... With Loki Part 2

However the door came open it was human Pinkie pie. She blinked at the too new students. Loki blinked back. "Hello are you both new here?" she asked. They both looked at each other.

"Yes, Twilight and this is my boyfriend Loki." Loki had a juice box he got in secret.

"Sup." Loki said.

"Loki, where did you get a juice box?" Twilight asked.

"That's a good question," Loki replied. Twilight waited for a moment but she still didn't get an answer.

"Well," she pressed.

"Well, what?" Loki asked as he took a sip of his juice. Pinkie giggled at this exchange.

"Hey, I can do things that confound people around me too!" She chirped as she demonstrated this by pulling out a balloon from her hair and made a balloon animal.

"Oh, hello Pinkie Pie." Fluttershy said with some hostility.

'Oh yeah, Sunset has these girls turning on each other,' Loki thought. 'I wonder, if I pushed them a little I could get to watch a catfight? No, Twilight wouldn't appreciate that. Sometimes I hate being responsible.' Loki grumbled in his thoughts.

“Why are you acting hostile?" Twilight asked. Loki had a cookie in his hands. He had no idea where he got it.

"Well they might not be friends here." Loki answered. He took a bite of his cookie. "Where did I even get this?" Loki asked himself as he keep eating the cookie. Twilight looked at him for a moment before looking at the three girls they weren't friends?

"You aren't friends?" She asked. Loki had finished his cookie and was now having a soda. Loki stopped questioning it.

'I wonder.' With a snap of his fingers nothing happened. In another part of the world scientists screamed as gravity and the laws of physics went into the corner of their room and cried.

Loki frowned as he looked down at his fingers in confusion. 'Okay what in the name of... I guess chaos is going on here?' Loki thought. 'Is my magic pretty much limited to me getting snacks? Or is it just not under my control? Oh right, I'd better pay attention to this. These girls are about to have a fight. Though this is a little different than what I remember. I guess my being here has something to do with that.' Loki then remained silent as, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie had a heated argument. Twilight did her best to try and calm the girls down, but she was swept up and lost in the midst of it. Loki cringed and laughed a little as the girls had it out verbally. 'And the temptation to turn this into a catfight is steadily rising.' Loki thought.

"Loki help me." Twilight asked. Loki sighed. A few minutes later Loki held Rarity and Pinkie Pie apart while Fluttershy moved back form the mess.

"You’re pretty strong, what’s your secret?" Pinkie Pie asked.

'Being a physical god has it perks.' Loki thought but didn't want to say they.

"Stronger bones and 30 minutes at the gym every day." Loki said. He placed them both down. "Now then Twilight I'm going to go do something you get them to sit down, magic of friendship, whatever," He said as Loki walked out for a bit. He pulled out another juice box. As he did he saw this dimension’s flash and Sunset shimmer.

"Really?" Loki asked him. He turned to see Loki drinking his juice at him.

"Where did you get the juice box?" He asked. Loki pulled out a cookie.

"That’s a good question a better one is where I got this cookie?"

Flash just blinked at the person in front of him. "Okay, who are you?" Flash asked.

"The name's Loki, what's yours?" Loki asked even though he already knew. "Um, I'm Flash Sentry, and this is my girlfriend Sunset Shimmer. I guess it's nice to meet you."

'Oh it won't be when I'm done with you,' Loki thought with an internal dark chuckle. 'Wait a minute, these two are still together? How did I even have anything to do with that? Maybe my actions in the other Equestria have effects on this one as well. I guess that'll have to do for now. This is some stupid butterfly effect bs right there. So, what, should I do to Flash first?' Loki mulled it over and struggled to narrow something down from the various options that he had. 'Oh man, I really miss my magic right now. If I still had it then I'd be able to use chance to make the decision for me.'


'Huh, maybe Twilight has a point about my indecisiveness.'

"Hey I know you," Sunset said as she pointed to him. Loki didn't care and simply walked to Flash.

"Word to the wise a She-demon is not a good girlfriend." Loki said as he walked away. As the fall former came up Loki watched as Twilight managed to get the human version of mane 5 into being friends again. The Fall Formal happened as he saw until Sunset place the crown on her head beginning to transform into a she demon.

"I was right!" Loki screamed to a horrified Flash.

Loki raised his hands to see that his left had become talons his right had become his paw and he felt his snaggle-tooth. 'Oh great equestrian magic entering this place.’ With this Loki could now use his magic. With a snap of his talons he had a cane in his right hand.

'Huh, definitely going to be keeping this.' Loki thought as he twirled the cane around. Now, would a top hat be too much?" Loki then scratched his chin in thought with his paw to avoid any unfortunate accidents with the talon. 'Screw it, I'm making myself a top hat.' He then snapped his talons once more and a top hat appeared on top of his head. 'Nice, now I'll just wait in the wings just in case my girlfriend needs me. I mean, I could deal with Sunset myself, but Twilight is better than me at the whole reforming magic of friendship speeches.'

Loki then teleported to a secluded spot where he could watch the events unfold without interfering in what was about to happen. Sunset's transformation was complete and she seemed to be impressed with how she looked. Things started to heat up but just like in the show Twilight defeated her leaving Sunset down for a redemption speech. However there was damage to the school.

"Well I see the school needs some fixing." Loki said walking up. "Now that I have better control over my magic." Loki gave a snap and the school was repaired to the point it was brand new again. The other five blinked at this and turned to Twilight then Loki. "Oh yeah I'm a reality warper." Loki said. Rarity was the first to ask for something.

"Can you make me a princess like Twilight?" She asked Loki face somehow had a line mouth no nose and blank eyes for a moment before returning to normal.

"That would be a huge misuse of my powers." Loki answered blinking at that.

Rarity seemed to pout as she turned away from him. Loki rolled his eyes at the girl's antics.

"Wait a minute, you have all your magic back?" Twilight asked. Loki flinched a little at that question and tugged at his collar trying to think up a response.

"Uhh," was all he could get out.

"And if you did have all your magic then why didn't you just snap your talons and solve everything?" Twilight asked as she glared at her floating boyfriend.

"Uhhh," He continued as he tried to think of a way to explain himself. Loki then created an astral image of himself and a wheel that was labeled, "Wheel of Excuses!"

Just as he was about to spin it Twilight called out, "You better not be using chance to try and come up with an excuse!" Loki's expression fell as his astral image popped out of existence.

"I thought that maybe you could get her to see redemption because If I just defeated her it would change nothing?" Loki landed on the ground. "Look Twilight just because I can warp reality doesn't mean it’s a great Idea to do it every time if I solve all problems then no one would learn anything. If I do too much they would become dependent on me." Loki answered using logic... that he got from tv. Twilight blinked that was perfectly logical.

'Wait he actually....' She thought.

"You’re right." Twilight said.

'That actually worked?' Loki screamed in his head. Loki pulled out a watch from his pocket.

"Ok we best get going through the portal." Loki said showing the time. "Although, I can slow down time for us for the moment." Loki finished.

“Why would you do that?" Twilight asked. Loki then gently took her hands and gave her a smile.

"Simple because this is technically our first dance together, and I think it would be nice to have it last for as long as we like." Twilight blushed a little, but smiled as she squeezed Loki's paw.

"I guess that would be nice. But I don't know how well I'd be able to dance while I'm in this form."

'Can't get any worse than your pony dancing,' Loki thought.

Out loud he said, "Don't worry about that and let me take the lead. Do you trust me?" Twilight just nodded and Loki snapped his talons to slow down time to a near standstill. Loki then brought Twilight close to himself and started to slowly dance with Twilight. Loki smiled as the dance started to pick up with Twilight's confidence.

"So, how do you like our first dance together?" He asked.

"This is nice," Twilight admitted. "We'll have to do this once we get back to Equestria."

"I think I could arrange for that to happen."

As the special time bubble gave way the two of them returned element in hand. When they returned Celestia and Cadance saw them and Spike return.

"So?" Cadance asked. Loki pulled out the Element from his personal pocket dimension.

"We got it back.... also Celestia..." Loki was about to finish but stopped. "May I keep the mirror? I feel it would be better to keep it in my shop." Loki said. Celestia knew Loki had a lot of dark magical objects he didn't sell, plus who in their right mind would attack a reality warper?

"Very well." Loki shrank it then pocketed it in his pocket dimension.

"Well my lady may I have this dance?" Loki asked. Twilight gave a smile. Cadance could see the kind of true love between them just like her and Shining. As the two danced into the night Celestia thought to herself.

'Twilight, Loki I hope you both can be happy together.'

Author's Note:

Well the second part is here.