• Published 16th Apr 2015
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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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Pinkie, Wendigo, and Invite

Pinkie Pie ran right into Twilight house/library. "Twilight, Twilight, Twilight!" Pinkie pie screamed. The unicorn came out seeing the jumping, panicking pony. "Pinkie what is it?" Twilight asked. The pink pony took a deep breath.

"Best seller is Loki, Nyx is Nightmare moon!" The pink pony semi-yelled. Twilight blinked there was no way Loki a reality-warper with the powers of Discord could be a unicorn shop keeper. Also who was Nyx?

"Pinkie Pie, who is Nyx? " Twilight asked as she tilted her head at the mare's antics.

"Oh, she's a filly that Best Seller just adopted." Pinkie explained slowly.

"Aww, that was nice of him. Though I wonder how he'll do as a single father," She wondered aloud.

"Twilight, weren't you paying attention? Best Seller is Loki and Nyx is actually Nightmare Moon!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, rearing up on her hind legs.

"Okay Pinkie Pie, what is your proof of all this?"

"I saw it for myself. I thought there was something suspicious about Nyx so I followed her back to her house. And they both transformed, Nyx into an alicorn and Best Seller into Loki!"

"Pinkie, have you been eating raw sugar packets again?" Pinkie had just finished off a sugar packet and scowled at Twilight.

"This has nothing to do with that. Come on, I'll show you.”

Pinkie Pie dragged Twilight with her as they got to the shop the door opened with Nyx in her outfit walking out with Best Seller. "Stop right there." Pinkie pie said. "Go ahead change back to your real form!" Pinkie Pie demanded as she got into Best Seller’s face.

"I have no idea what do you mean?" Pinkie Pie had a smile.

"Really, then what about this!" She removed Nyx’s to reveal a normal mane.

"Why would you do that!?" Nyx demanded. Twilight had to stop this before Pinkie Pie went any further.

"Pinkie stop." Using her magic she attempted to move Pinkie out of the way. "Sorry about this."

Best Seller just smiled as he turned to Twilight. "Don't worry about it. There wasn't any harm done. Oh by the way, I might be getting some more rare books in later this week. So, if you want to come by the store I'd appreciate it. I might even have something about Starswirl the Bearded if that would interest you." He finished.

"Oh, that sounds amazing. I'll be happy to look through your store in the next few days." Twilight said returning the smile.

The two then started walking off with Pinkie Pie calling out, "I know what I saw, Twilight!"

Nyx and Best Seller then started laughing as they started going back toward the schoolhouse.

"You were right, Pinkie Pie did figure out who I was. How did you know that would happen?

“Well, Pinkie might be random and slightly unstable, but she has sharp instincts. And she has certain precognitive abilities. So it’s best to be careful around her"

He then went toward the schoolhouse with Nyx in tow. Ms. Cheerilee was there.

"Hello you must be new here." She said to Nyx. "Hello I am Best Seller and this is my adopted daughter Nyx." Loki/Best Seller said as his adopted daughter was introduced. "Well I'm sure she will make great friends." With that the class began. A solid shadow illusion appeared to take over the shop while he disappeared in his true form he went to the Crystal Empire to see if Sombra had returned. He didn't however. As He simply looked over the frozen wastes

'I guess I have to wait until after Cadance's wedding before I can take care of Sombra. Oh well, I'm not too worried about him. Sombra was like the weakest villain, mostly in development. Though I guess he could've been the weakest in terms of power as well. Oh, I've got an idea! I'll make a scanner and see if I can find out who's more powerful between him and the other villains. Tirek's fully powered form is probably the strongest considering he stole Discord's power too. Okay, my next course of action should be figuring out how to get involved with Cadance's wedding. Actually, I guess I could just warp in once that giant bubble goes up, but that wouldn't be very fun. I know, I'll go as one of the mane six's plus one. And considering I've been giving Twilight books, she might be my best bet.’

With a plan in place Loki was about to teleport but stopped. "Wait what's this." He saw a piece of a magic crystal. "I'm keeping this!" He said and teleported away. He reappeared in the old sister’s library, took a few old books and used his powers to reverse time a bit on them.

'I should test my powers to see how much control I have over the flow of time.'

With that finished he returned to his shop with new books in stock. "Look ma’am your kinda old and… don't touch that!"

He heard his solid illusion scream. In the store was Granny Smith Apple and she was having a senile moment. She was about to break open a jar containing something… Loki had no idea what. When it broke apart granny realized where she was.

"Oh is this the magic store...." However the entity that escaped the jar was a windigo.

"Uh oh, this is bad." Best Seller said, luckily having turned back into a pony already and replacing his illusion. "Granny Smith, you need to get out of here. This thing is dangerous."

"What about you sonny?" Granny Smith asked.

"Don't worry about me. I can handle this thing, just go!"

Granny Smith just nodded and rushed out the door as fast as she could. The windigo moved to follow her out the door, but Best Seller caught it in a magic bubble. Best Seller then changed back into his Loki form.

"Let's see here, what should I do with you?" He said as he scratched his chin thought. Loki then looked over the windigo as it glared back at him. "Awww, you are kind of cute. Ya know for a vengeful spirit that feeds off of hatred. I think I'm gonna keep you." He concluded with a smile. "Nyx! Come down here!"

The alicorn filly came down already having finished her first day at school. She saw the windigo in a bubble.

"Why you have a spirit of hate in a bubble?" She asked. Loki pulled out a spell book. "Let’s see here how to make a familiar ok." With a burst of magic on the windigo it stopped for a moment.

"Nyx I give you, Frieza our windigo pet." He said letting the spirit of hate down. The windigo was soon held tight by Nyx.

"Yes a pet! I get a pet!" She said.

"How did you even get a windigo?" Nyx asked as the new dog licked at her face.

"Well, apparently one of the magical items that I found had an evil spirit trapped inside, and because I couldn't bear to hurt the thing I decided to get us a pet."

"Okay, and why did you name it Frieza? Why couldn't I name it?" Nyx pouted as she looked up at Loki.

"Hey, this is my pet too, and Frieza is sort of a reference. Anyway, you've got to make sure that he's taken care of."

"Okay, I will."

"I know, why don't we go take Frieza for a walk?" "Okay!" Nyx cheered with a smile as Loki snapped his talons to create a collar and leash for the windigo turned dog.

Before they could go on their walk, the shop doors burst open. With a snap Loki was in his Best Seller form and Nyx in her unicorn disguise. The doors burst open with Twilight’s magic at the ready.

"Best Seller Granny Smith told me about the..." She saw Nyx was with her new pet. "What why isn't it causing a world to freeze over?" Twilight asked. Best Seller turned to her.

"Well you see I kinda know how to deal with them there ‘sa lot of crazy stuff you go through with all this so I used a spell to make the windigo my familiar so Nyx and me can have a pet." Best seller said telling a half-truth.

Twilight just blinked at the explanation. "You mean you can just deal with a windigo spirit?" She asked. "Well, I deal in all kinds of magical artifacts Twilight, so of course I know how to defend myself." Best Seller said with a smile.

"So why didn't you just get rid of the windigo?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I figured this would be nicer, and this way Nyx can learn about responsibility." "Hey, I'm plenty responsible!" Nyx pouted.

"Look, if you don't trust that I have this situation under control, why don't you join Nyx and I as we walk our new 'dog'." Best Seller said with a smile.

"And when we're done with that I have some more rare books in stock." He said to sweeten the deal.

Twilight thought about it. "Ok then." Best seller spent his time in Ponyville looking for his targets or selling the occasional things. Nyx got in trouble because Freiza kinda bit Diamond Tiara’s tail turning her to ice for a day. While it was a good laugh Loki, he undid the event and got into life there. However as he was walking he saw Twilight and her friends walking as they were speaking about a wedding.

'So it's almost time for Chrysalis?'

'I wonder if I should ask Twilight out so I can be her plus one to the wedding? Hmm, not right now. It would be bad form to ask a girl out in front of your kid. I'll just wait until we get back to the shop and have Nyx do something.'

"Huh, a wedding, who's getting married?" Best Seller asked with a tilt of the head.

"Oh my brother, apparently he's getting married to some Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, whoever that is." Twilight grumbled.

'Oh yeah, Twilight is a bit overprotective of her brother. I'll just open that can of worms later.'

"Sounds interesting, anyway, I think it's about time to head back to the shop. Nyx needs to give Frieza a bath. And I figured I can sell you those books, Twilight." This seemed to lift Twilight's spirits a bit.

"Okay sounds good."

"Hey, why do I have to give Frieza a bath?" Nyx called out. "Consider it punishment for letting him freeze that filly."

Nyx mumbled something about the whole pet day wasn't her best day. At the shop Twilight walked in to see Nyx giving the windigo a bath in what looked like apple juice.

"Oh Twilight nice to see you’re here, let's see." He pulled out a leather book. Leather wasn't something books had on them in Equestria normally. "This is a book on Star Swirl’s early findings in the fire of Hearth’s Warming Eve and the windigo’s along with some stuff about his life." He dropped it on the table. Also, do you mind me asking you something." Nyx had finally got the windigo into the tub having to use her earth pony strength.

Twilight tilted her head, wondering what Best Seller could want from her. "What is it Best Seller?"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd be willing to go out with me some time?" Best Seller asked with a little smile. Twilight blushed a little and turned her head away from him. "Umm, I don't know what to say. I'm really flattered that you'd want to go out with me."

"Well, if it makes it easier, if you say no I'll stop selling you rare books." Best Seller said with a grin. This got Twilight's attention and she suddenly turned toward him with a panicked expression.

"What?!" She screeched. This caused Best Seller to start laughing and he wiped a tear from his eye. "I was just kidding Twilight." Twilight blushed again and giggled a little.

"Oh, I knew that."

"Sure I guess it can't hurt I guess we can go to the party." She said referring to the wedding, with a smile Best Seller aka Loki had his plan set.