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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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My Little Pony: Battle of Gods

Loki returned to his magic shop and took back on Best Sellers from. He placed Sombra’s horn in an anti-magic glass and in a safe just in case.

Hours later, Twilight and her friends returned to Ponyville. The CMC and Nyx the newest member where seen trying to do skydiving. "Skydiving cutie marks yeah!" As they each attempted to remove their parachutes while Nyx’s failed. "Oh no...." She tapped into her magic to drop her disgust.

Nyx, now shown to be Nightmare Moon flared her wings out to gently bring herself to the ground. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were wide eyed at the fact that their friend was in fact Nightmare Moon.

"Nyx, is that really you?" Apple Bloom asked hesitantly.

Nyx looked away from the other fillies. "Y-yes, it really is me."

"See, I told you that Nyx was really Nightmare Moon."

"We get it Pinkie, you were right." Twilight snapped "Can we just move on please?" Twilight's friends were taken aback by Twilight's attitude. They hadn't seen her this cranky since she had first moved to Ponyville.

"Why didn't you tell us about this?" Sweetie Belle asked. "My father and I thought it would be best if I remained in a disguise considering who I used to be." "Well, I just have to ask," Scootaloo started, "Are you really our friend?" Nyx and Twilight were both surprised by that question.

Nyx blinded at this. "Yes, why would you ask something like that?" Nyx asked. The three fillies looked at each other for a moment.

"Well we kinda thought you know." Scootaloo said. Nyx shock her head. "My dad had no hand in this he only told me that I may like you, our friendship is real we did not manipulate you." Nyx said.

Twilight saw Best Seller’s shop was still opened with Best Seller or Loki moving around his wares. Of course now Twilight knew how he could have gotten the rare objects having reality warping powers would really help them.

The door opened up as Best Seller took a deep breath. "Welcome sorry the shop’s been closed so long, I was out and..." He turned to see it was Twilight. "Oh." He said when he realized who it was.

"Hi, Twilight, what brings you here?" Best Seller asked quietly.

'Maybe she's here to yell at me some more. Yeah, I deserve it.'

"I'm not here to yell at you, if that's what you're wondering." Best Seller almost chuckled at that.

'I'm starting to wonder if she can read minds. Wait she's a woman... mare, eh, same thing really so yeah she can read minds at least a little.'

"I just wanted to ask you something very important." Twilight said evenly.

"Go ahead,"

"Do you actually like me?" She asked. Best Seller blushed darkly as he was taken aback by the question.

"Y-yeah, I do like you."

"Now this one is even more important, is what I feel for you even real?" Best Seller didn't know how to answer that.

"I never did anything to manipulate your emotions. Whatever you felt for me, or feel for me right now, it's completely your choice." Best Seller answered carefully. "Look, I'm sorry that I lied to you. I really was planning on telling you the truth. I just didn't know when to tell you." Twilight took a deep breath to collect her thoughts.

"You didn't manipulate me at all?" She asked. Best Seller nodded.

"Never," He said.

"Well you did kinda save Equestria twice. So I guess I can’t stay too mad at you." Twilight finished. "I have to ask, how did you get Nyx?" Twilight asked.

Loki gave a laugh. "I went to the place where you defeated Nightmare Moon and went back in time to the event I managed to take Nightmare Moon from Luna and kinda had to get something to stabilize her form. So, I took some hair." She looked away. "Your fur sorry," he said. "If I had used mine well Nyx would have been a Eldritch Abomination."

Twilight let out a sigh at that. "A part of me is intrigued by this, but another part of me wishes you hadn't told me that." Loki let out another soft chuckle at her response.

"Yeah, I just kinda kept going. Thinking things through isn't really my strong suit. I've actually used chance to make some of my decisions for me." Twilight actually giggled a little at that.

"Please tell me you're joking."

"Not even a little. I've use a spinner, a coin toss, even dice."

"Oh dear sweet Celestia, you have Discord's power, and yet you're indecisive. That sounds like a bad combination."

"You forgot impulsive. Don't forget, I fought Sombra with a city turned mech when I could probably just've ripped him apart molecule by molecule." The two shared a fairly wrong laugh for a while.

"So you’re actually going to say here?" Twilight asked with Best Sellers cover blown by Twilight and Pinkie Pie it only seemed logical.

"Well no Nyx has friends and honestly I prefer it here." Best Seller said. Twilight felt happy at this.

'Wait am I actually?' The door opened up with Pinkie Pie.

"So what are you going to do?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Well, I’m going to stay like I just told Twilight because I like it here, that and I can't force Nyx to move away from her friends just because of my problems. That would be an awful thing to do as a parent." Loki said with a grin. Pinkie's mind came to a screeching halt at this piece of news.

"But, everypony in Ponyville will find out who you really are. Doesn't that worry you?" "Okay, what would the town even do to me? I'm pretty resistant. Unless you have plans to try to use the Elements of Harmony on me, I'm not going anywhere." Pinkie tried to sputter something out but Twilight and Loki ignored her. "Anyway, I really am sorry Twilight. And I can still sell you rare books if that would interest you?"

"I don't see why not. Oh, do you think you could get me some extra copies of some of the books you've already sold me? I'd like to put them up in the library." Twilight enthused.

"Well, considering my abilities, I think I can arrange that." He returned.

A week had passed with Best Seller or Loki as a few knew continuing his life in Ponyville. However he knew something was going to happen soon. The six were out waiting for something. He looked as Celestia came with Discord’s statue.

'Oh boy it’s time for, Keep Calm and Flutter On...' Best Seller knew Discord kinda wasn't reformed during this.

"What should I do?" A flash came causing dice to appear which he tossed and they landed on, "Challenge Discord to a fight." 'Twilight’s right, leaving it to chance is a bad idea.' As the chaos entity was freed he used his powers for a bit. However while the strange things appeared in a flash they returned to normal.

"May I butt in?" Best Seller said walking up. Celestia was confused until in a flash Best Seller was Loki. "Discord how about this you vs. me I win you agree to help me with keeping balance and if you win your free to go." Loki said.

"Oh, and who do you think you are to challenge me?"

"I think I'm Loki, don't you remember when we were introduced." Loki said feigning confusion. Discord grinded his teeth a bit in frustration, but decided to ignore it.

"Are you really sure you want to go toe to hoof with me? I have thousands of years of experience under my belt." Loki's smile grew wider as he heard that.

"Oh yes and look where your years of experience landed you, turned to stone twice." Celestia tried and failed to hold back her laughter at that comment.

'Maybe I misjudged Loki.' She thought. 'If he can keep getting reactions like this from Discord then I'd say letting them both run free will be worth it.'

"I may have been imprisoned, but I am still the master of chaos." Discord growled as he got in Loki's face.

Loki just rolled his eyes at Discord. “Oh please, you might be chaotic, but you're about as creative as a wet dishcloth. I mean: chocolate rain, cotton candy clouds, and inverting the personalities of Twilight and her friends. How long did it take for you to think that up? Wanna know the difference between you and me Discord? You see a city and you decide to turn it upside down. I see a city and turn it into a giant mech. Face it Discord, after years of ingesting Japanese media, you're no match for me."

"Oh, we'll see about that."

"Loki, what the buck are you doing?" Twilight called out. Loki turned to Twilight with a weak grin. "Well let's just say you were right about leaving my choices up to chance."

Twilight facehooved at that. "Oh Loki, you are so hopeless sometimes." She sighed.

Both Loki and Discord floated up into the air. "So Loki’s going to fight Discord....." Rainbow Dsah said. They turned to Celestia. "Have you ever seen Discord fight?" She asked. Celestia honestly had never seen him do so. In a flash Loki appeared behind Discord and Judo flipped him Discord landed on a mountain and an explosion was seen. Then another explosion erupted. Loki was then felt his tail be grabbed as Discord tossed him while flying up into another mountain then fired a Blast causing the mountain to explode. Loki got out of the rubble and rushed at Discord. With a burst they both delivered a punch at mach-10. The shock wave was felt all through Ponyville and they were both sent back. Loki then raised his hands causing rocks from the earth flew up to Loki in a flash he was covered in armor of stone.

Loki smirked as he looked Discord in the eyes. "Is this all you got Discord? Because if it is you might as well just help me keep the balance in this world right now."

"Oh please, I'm not finished yet. And besides, I still have a few plans that I need to see through."

"Oh yeah, those plunder seeds!" Loki said with a snap of his talons. "I can't believe that I almost forgot about that."

"How did you know about that?" Discord boomed.

"That's not important right now considering you're late for your flight." Loki said with a grin.

"What in the world are you..." Discord didn't have a chance to finish that sentence because a clone of Loki suddenly revealed itself and glued a rocket to Discord's back. Discord then shot out of sight and possibly into space.

The stone copy became dust and blew away on the breeze as if it wasn't there. With a snap of his talons a screen showed Discord landing on the moon. In a flash Loki appeared. Discord’s tail however shot out his feathers as a hand. He slammed Loki on the moon before flashing and punching him then slamming him through the moon itself!

Luna let out a scream at this far away.

Discord appeared and slammed into Loki sending them beyond the system’s inner to outer-regions and slammed him into another moon on another dead world. Discord floated back.

"What, that’s all you got?" Discord asked the asteroid then shifted and Discord was looking at a mech with a huge laser flashing at him. "Crap." The laser smashed into him and to another world. As Discord got up he received a dropkick from the mech.

However, the mech’s leg was then picked up and slammed by Discord who ripped it off changed its density before smashing it into the mech destroying it.

"I will not be taken lightly!" Discord called out, making the rules of a vacuum feel small and inadequate. Loki popped his head out of the planetary mech's wreckage with a eureka face.

"Ooh taking you lightly, that's a great idea!" He returned, at this point the laws of a vacuum were crying in a corner about how they'd never be pretty. In a flash Loki had turned Discord into a balloon version of himself and took out a safety pin to pop him. Loki watched as Discord zipped around as the air escaped his balloon body. Once Discord was done flying around he returned to normal and scanned around looking for Loki with daggers in his eyes, literally. "Service!" A voice from behind Discord called out and showed Loki in a tennis outfit, complete with headband.

Loki snapped his talons and Discord turned into a tennis ball, though it kept his beard. Loki then smashed the Discord tennis ball as hard as he could with his tennis racket and slammed him into the nearest gas giant. Loki then frowned as he watched Discord fly. "Damn, I sliced it. I knew I should've worked on my backhand."

However before Loki knew it two asteroids slammed into him and covered him as Discord appeared. With a snap of his talons the asteroids broke as Loki was set free. On Equestria Celestia groaned in pain. "Surf’s up." Discord said. Loki turned to get a coronal mass injection to the face as Discord surfed the super solar flare. Discord smiled and went ahead and moved a comet which he set on fire and sent it into Loki. When it was done Loki moved back as he found himself soon slammed by Discord and a comet right into a planet. As he lied down Discord held his hands up. A ball of magic formed. "Good bye!" Discord let it go as the planet glowed as a massive crater formed. Loki was kneeling in it. However with a wave a myriad of arrows appeared around Discord. "Chaos arrow!" He screamed as thousands of arrows attacked Loki.

Loki was on the ground of the planet. Discord floated down and held Loki up by his neck. "Looks like I win." Discord was shocked as Loki eyes opened. They were glowing. Cue a massive eye blast slamming Discord into the planet as Loki unleashed a punch right into his face, time suddenly stopped for a moment as three chaos energy balls formed behind Discord with a massive uppercut time moved forward. Discord was sent flying. He stopped for a moment.

'It can't be is he.... stronger than me?' Discord thought. However, before he could go any farther Loki slammed his feet on Discords chest and smashed him right though asteroid comet and finally going through the planet’s atmosphere just outside Ponyville everypony saw the fire ball as Loki slowed time down and formed a ball of chaos right as Discord landed. When the impact/Explosion was over, Discord was in a crater With Loki standing on his neck.

"Yield," Loki said with magic at the ready.

I.... yield," Discord said weakly.

"Woohoo! I did it!" Loki called out. Celestia, Nyx, Twilight and the others rushed over to crowd around Loki.

"Daddy, you're okay!" Nyx called out as she tackled Loki, causing him to fall over. Loki winced and smiled as he started to gently stroke her mane.

"Hey Nyx, I'm glad to see you too, but I'm still a little sore from that fight. Oww," Twilight came up to him too and glared at him while still looking slightly concerned.

"Loki, what in the world were you thinking when you decided to fight Discord like that?!" She boomed.

"Uhhh," he replied as a thought bubble appeared over his head containing a cymbal banging monkey. A few seconds later the monkey slammed the cymbals down and pointed at Twilight while glaring at Loki. "I wasn't really thinking." He finally answered.

"Can you please be more careful. I was worried about you." Loki blinked in surprise at that.

"You were?" He asked.

Twilight blinked for a moment and said, “Yeah, I was.”

Celestia walked over. She had never seen Discord ever yield or admit defeat. Discord himself got up. "I can't believe I was defeated." Discord gave a sigh. "Well on the bright side it beats being imprisoned in stone." Discord said. Celestia herself walked up to Loki.

"I must say I couldn't believe it myself you managed to defeat Discord." However she saw Nyx and finally realized something. The filly was an alicorn. "I hate to ask." Loki revealed that his little filly was Nightmare moon. Celestia blinked. Somehow Loki managed to give Nightmare moon a chance for redemption and an actual life despite once being a dark part of her sister. An hour later Discord was brought into Loki's shop.

"So then there’s a basement you can have I never used it." Discord looked around there was nothing there.

"Do what you want." Loki said.

"Oh, I will." Discord said with a chuckle as he considered what to do with the living space. Loki just shook his head and left Discord alone. Though he did cast a monitoring spell on the room to keep track of Discord and to make sure he didn't go anywhere.

Loki then returned to his Best Seller form to avoid any confusion considering the two looked exactly the same. 'I really need to do something about that.' Loki thought considering his options. 'I could shave the beard off, but that might not be enough. I'm sure I can think of something later, for now I'll just keep looking like a pony. It's not like my powers are some big secret anymore.' Just as he was about to clean the shop, Twilight walked in. She stopped and appeared to be uncomfortable, unsure of what to say.

"Oh hey Twilight."

"Hello, I know things have been a little awkward between us ever since what happened in the Crystal Empire, but we're still friends right?"

"Of course," Loki answered.

"Good," Twilight said as she appeared to relax a little. "Look, I was worried about you during your fight. And since you did it because you didn't think things through, I was thinking that you should talk to somepony before you rush off to do something." Loki smiled a little and nodded.

"Okay Twilight, I'll be sure to consult you before I do something dangerous, stupid, or both." He stated with a chuckle.

"Well thanks, so where is Discord?" Twilight asked. Loki pointed down.

"In the basement," Discord looked around his room. Gravity was gone and the room spun around. He was in an easy chair while a window showed him space. Twilight blinked at this.

"It’s good to know that Celestia left the elements with us in case Discord gets away from your watch." Twilight answered. Loki gave a laugh.

"Well at least she trusts me enough to keep watch over Discord."

Twilight laughed nervously. 'Should I tell him Celestia doesn't trust Discord to honor this? Yeah no.'

"Oh I'm pretty sure Discord won't really honor this. That's why I placed a spell on his room that will give him a small electric shock if he tries to leave without my permission."

"Do you really think that will stop him?" Twilight asked.

"Well when I say a small electric shock I'm talking comparatively. Really the shock would be enough to kill a number of elephants."

"Well, I guess that's one way to keep Discord in check." Twilight stated, not sure what to think about that.

"Well I have another method I want to employ. Do you think Fluttershy would you be willing to spend time with Discord?"

“Why would you want to know that?”

"Easy my plan is to kill him with kindness. Metaphorically of course...Or literally if he gets too difficult." Twilight frowned at that.

"Loki, you're not going to kill anypony, even Discord."

"Don't worry I won't.... I think..... I mean death would be order and chaos won't I'll shut up now." Loki said with a nervous laugh. Nyx came walking in with the pet windigo.

"I'm back." She said.

"Oh look Nyx is here nice talking I got to go do something bye."

In another part of Equestria another pony was in a magic shop wanting a certain object. With the Alicorn Amulet in hoof she walked out of the shop. "Trixie’s going to show Twilight she is the best!"