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Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! - Mega NewWays97

A displaced tale with a twist. Going as a character already in MLP.What could go wrong? Read and find out in this displaced with a twist.

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The Invasion, plus One

During the trip to Canterlot, Best Seller came with the mane six as Twilight’s plus one. As they got off the train they walked or trotted off a bit before they ended up in Canterlot proper. Loki paused, he saw the royal guard getting ready. Most of them were changelings!

'Yeah, that seems like the season two finale. Now, I'm left with an interesting choice here. I could let things play out the way they did in the show and see Twilight go crazy again, or I could just up and expose Chrysalis right away. Ugh, this is a tough one. Maybe I could wait until Chrysalis is alone and try to talk her out of this again. Or at the very least fight her in secret so as to avoid having that huge battle. I think this is one of those moments where I have to employ chance again.'

"Best Seller, what's wrong?" Twilight asked as she came up beside him.

"Oh, nothing's wrong. I was just lost in thought, that's all."

"What were ya thinking about?" Pinkie Pie asked. Best Seller didn't bother to look at Pinkie. She was still suspicious of him. Of course, she was right to be.

“I was just hoping that the babysitter I hired can handle Nyx. I don’t know how something so small can eat so much.”

This satisfied everyone except Pinkie who just kept glaring at Best Seller as they continued their way through the city.

Later, the captain of the royal guard Shining Armor was giving orders to the guards. Twilight walked up to him a look of anger on her face. "Shining!" she yelled. Unknown to them Best Seller aka Loki had created an astral image of himself and did a dice roll.

"So I wait until after Twilight is sent underground and crash the wedding." His astral self said. "Ok then." He returned to see Cadance/Chrysalis looking at Twilight shaking her butt at her.

Best Seller smiled as he saw this. 'I pick the best moments to walk in on things. I wonder how far I could actually go with Twilight on this date? Probably not that far considering we'll be in the same castle as her brother.' "Cadance" then ignored Twilight's antics and turned to the rest of the mane six.

"So these are the ponies that are supposed to help out with the wedding?" She said with a tone that just scream, "unimpressed.

'Wow, Chrysalis seems cranky.' Best Seller thought. 'Then again, she does have to pretend to love someone that she doesn't even know that well. I guess I can give her a pass on the attitude.'

"Cadance, is something the matter? Don't you even remember me?" Twilight said looking like she was on the verge of tears.

Best seller decided to comfort her. "Don't worry Cadance is on edge she is getting married after all and it's probably stressful." The unicorn said.

"Who are you?" Shining armor asked. Loki laughed shining armor was being protective.

'Oh boy Shining Armor’s being protective... Well let's see male unicorn coming with six mares and is comforting the lead.... Yeah, I get it."

He understood the logic being a reality warper. He laughed in his head. 'Every brony’s dream... Go to Equestria, have Discords vast powers, raise a pony and maybe get 'friendly' with one of the mane six?"

Best Seller then realized that Shining Armor was still glaring at him. 'Oh yeah, I still have an angry Shining Armor to assuage.'

"Oh, hello there," Best Seller said with a large grin. "My name is Best Seller. I own a magical item shop in Ponyville. I'm also Twilight's plus one to this event. It's nice to meet you." He finished as he extended a hoof towards Shining Armor. Shining Armor hesitantly took it and shook the offered appendage.

"Likewise," Shining Armor said before turning back to Twilight. "So, how long have you two been dating?" He asked coldly. This caused Twilight to blush a bit.

"Umm, this would actually be our first real date I guess. He just asked me out a few days ago and this seemed like the best idea seeing as it was so close." Loki’s astral image hit a golf ball with his golf club.

Loki watched the ball and winced at its trajectory. 'Damn, I sliced it. Oh well, I'd better get back to working on my plan... whatever that is.' He thought. After that "Cadance" then turned and started to walk away.

"Well, it was... nice meeting all of you, but I have a wedding that I have to make sure is perfect. So, if you'll excuse me." Twilight frowned as Cadance left.

"What happened to Cadance?" She asked mostly to herself. "She's nothing like I remember." Best Seller put a hoof around her again and offered her a smile.

"Don't worry Twilight, like I said she's probably just stressed. I'm sure you'll be seeing the Cadance you remember soon enough." He said trying to stop himself from chuckling.

"Thanks Best Seller. You might be right. But, I have to admit I'm still a little suspicious.”

After a while Best Seller who was on auto pilot was going about things went as the episode went down. Until the rehearsal. where Twilight accused Cadance of being evil. After the whole event, she went to apologize only to get banished to the underground crystal cave. As the wedding was beginning Loki created a solid illusion of Best Seller in hopes to mess with Pinkie Pie. "Ok so when should I appear?" Chrysalis’ cover was blown and right As Celestia fired Chrysalis countered it. The queen couldn't believe this, she was winning. A laugh was heard in the room.

"Really Chrysalis? I warned you about your own defeat and yet you did the predicable thing and not listen." Everyone there looked around and found nothing. Loki soon appeared, dropping his invisibility illusion. "See I told you...." Pinkie Pie started before she saw "Best Seller"

Pinkie Pie did a double take as she looked between Loki and "Best Seller". "What, but I was sure that I saw..."

"You can have your little moment later Pinkie, right now I have a few things to say to Queen Chrysalis." Loki said as he turned to Chrysalis as she overpowered Celestia. Chrysalis then laughed and turned towards Loki looking smug.

"There's no way I can lose now. Thanks to Shining Armor's love no one can stop me!" She declared. Loki just rolled his eyes at that.

"Oh don't get ahead of yourself. So you defeated Celestia, big deal. I can do that too you know."

"So, do you plan on fighting me?" Chrysalis asked.

"I could, but I would prefer to try to talk you out of this."

"There's no way you can talk me out of this, I'm too close to my goal now." Chrysalis growled.

Loki just smiled at her. "Really?" With a snap of his talons everyone in the room had their astral forms sent into the future. "Welcome to the future." Cadance and Shining Armor sent a massive shock wave sending the changeling race flying. "Well this is about 10 minutes or so, so really ten minutes not a bad record. Though it’s not like you actually have hours like Discord or heaven forbid a whole day." With that they returned. "I warned you, you would so now I just made your little victory become a five minutes maybe or if I wanted to I could just end it right now with a thought." Loki said with a smile.

Chrysalis was disheartened by what she had just seen. Loki had told her that she would be bested by the power of love, but she didn't really believe it until she had seen it for herself. "Why are you helping these ponies?" Chrysalis asked as she looked up at Loki.

"Well, I'm not just doing this to help them. I'm also trying to help you as well."

"What?!" Twilight screeched.

"Why would you want to help her? She kidnapped Cadance and me, and brainwashed my brother!"

"Well Twilight, that's because I know that Chrysalis has a good reason for doing this."

"What do you mean?"

"Her people feed on love, if they don't eat it they'll starve. So, her plan was to take over Equestria to feed on all the love you ponies have."

That kinda made sense. "Wait so why go through with an invasion that makes no sense." Twilight said. Loki rolled his eyes.

"Of course, why? Perhaps it's because desperation, the fact she arrived to see Discord appearing and maybe rivals or a sibling wants her dead." Chrysalis flinched at the mention of a sibling. "I guess you have a sibling that wants you dead then?" He asked.

"Pupa... She wants me dead." Loki didn't turn back.

"Well of course power struggles exist all around us my dear." He finished. "That's why I'm here to keep the balance."

Once everyone heard that a clone of Discord wanted to keep the balance, their heads exploded.

"But why would you want to keep the balance?" Celestia asked as she picked herself up off the floor.

"Silly Celestia, I did tell you I wasn't evil, didn't I?" Loki said with a grin. Celestia just rubbed the back of her head at the mention of that. Loki did indeed tell her that. "Anywho, Chrysalis, would you be willing to give up this whole invasion thing and maybe work out a treaty with Equestria?" He asked as he returned his attention to Chrysalis.

"Wait, what about her crimes?" Twilight asked.

"I mean she did kidnap Cadance and me, and brainwashed my brother." Loki scratched his chin in thought for a moment.

"Well, what if she and her changelings did some community service? You could even have a few of her soldiers work in your royal guard. How does that sound Celestia?"

Honestly Celestia didn't know what to believe at this point. Everything started making no sense the moment Loki said he was going to keep the balance. However she was never one for war or fighting. Discords original invasion took it away from her. "I suppose it’s for the best but what about her sister?" Celestia asked. Loki waved his paw.

"Oh sure one high powered Changeling vs a kingdom with six wielders of godlike gems, three Alicorns, her equally as power sister...." Chrysalis broke in. "She’s more powerful than me."

".... almost as powerful sister, and a reality warping entity who can see though disguises? Yeah there’s a word for a plan like that, insanity." Loki finished. Amazingly that made a lot of sense to everyone there. The fact that a chaos entity made sense almost made Celestia faint.

"That made sense yet your Discord’s clone and he doesn't like making sense." Loki had a smile. "It’s a paradox I know. I wouldn't worry about the ramifications of me behaving paradoxically." He said with a wave of his paw. "It's not like me doing so could rip a hole in the very fabric of reality or anything." This caused everyone in the room to Blanche while Loki just chuckled at them. "Anyway, I don't think I have the time to help out with the treaty or anything, my planet needs me!" He called out as he had a cape appear on his back and he crashed through the ceiling and disappeared. Celestia's eye twitched as a tiny piece of rubble hit her forehead.

'This is the strangest day of my life. I think I'm going to need a lot of rest before I can really comprehend what Loki is up to... and cake, lots of cake.' While Celestia was thinking this, Loki switched places with his Best Seller construct.

Chrysalis let her magical hold on Shining Armor go. He blinked after a few moments.

"What just happened?" he asked. After everything was explained and the invasion ended before it could begin.

Later, Best Seller and Twilight walked down a hall together until Pinkie Pie jumped in at him.

"You explain now!" Pinkie Pie said with an angry yell. Best Seller blinked.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Pinkie Pie’s eye twitched at this.

"You know what I mean, how did you exist in two places at once!" She demanded.

"Pinkie stop, this is insane." Pinkie’s eyes twitched. "I'm not insane." She said as she licked liquid sugar.

"Pinkie, I wasn't in two places at once." Best Seller said calmly. "That was the first time I've ever seen that Loki guy."

"I know what I saw mister. You transformed into Loki and your daughter was Nightmare Moon." Pinkie said with a glare.

"Pinkie, can I talk to you for a second, alone." Twilight stressed as she pulled Pinkie aside into another hallway. "Pinkie, why are you doing this to Best Seller?"

"Twilight, I know what I saw. Best Seller is Loki." "Can you please stop that, I actually like Best Seller, and I-I well to be honest I've never really been on too many dates. So I'd appreciate it if you didn't drive away somepony I like." This caused Pinkie to frown a little. She didn't want to make her friend sad, but she also didn't want said friend to get hurt.

"Ok Twilight." Pinkie pie said. However, she glared at Best Seller from behind.

In the frozen north however a magical spell was soon being undone. Loki knew that soon Sombra would return. However he stopped he waited and remember there was something else he could do. 'Was it find Tirek.... no wait I got it.' He remembered a little town of Disharmony. 'I guess I'm going to omit season 5.''

The ground was being moved as Loki removed his head from the ground and had a smile. The town was right where he felt it. He returned underground and dug though the rocks. The ponies in the town suddenly recoiled from a huge explosion in front of the town as Loki came right out his form longer then before as he gave a laugh. "If it isn’t HINO." (Harmony in Name Only) He said. The mayor of the town was there. He said with a smile.

Glimmer trembled as she looked up at the Discord. This shouldn't be possible. Discord was supposed to be sealed away "What do you want from us?" She whimpered.

"Oh it's just you I want." Loki said as he leaned over the frightened mare.

"We won't let you do anything to the mayor of our town!" A dull white stallion called as he stood defiant towards Loki. He just chuckled as he glanced over towards the stallion.

"I like your chutzpah kid, but this mare isn't worth it."

"What do you mean? She helped free us from our cutie marks and gave us a new way of life through equality."

"So you're all equal huh?" Loki said as he arched his eyebrow.

"Of course," The stallion affirmed. "Well, explain this." Loki said as he snapped his talons and created a few large storm clouds over the town.

The whole town was then drenched in water as the storm clouds opened up with Starlight’s mark washing off to reveal the truth. "Oh poor naive fools what you just been living in is a lie, this is Disharmony the kind me and Discord are made of and even if she removed her mark it’s still Disharmony." Loki said. His magic then lifted to Starlight. "You listen here mortal, no one can change harmony I could remove the element barriers and the royal sisters and rule the world calling my mad world harmony but it will never be harmony, there is only one being that can decide what harmony is and that's the TREE OF HARMONY!" Loki gave a smile. "This town is the largest piece of disharmony in Equestria not counting me and Discord and I can't have another foolish mortal play god." He summoned a ball of chaos.

Loki then took the ball and placed it into Starlight. Her whole body lit up for a bit and after a few moments she was revealed, appearing completely unharmed. She looked herself over and her eyes were widened in shock.

"Wh-what did you do to me?" Starlight asked.

"Oh, I pretty much just sealed away any ability you have for you to use your magic to harm others ever again. Seeing as you liked to manipulate others, let's see how like to be manipulated. Oh, and now there's something else I have to do. Now I'm going to leave you with the ponies you've been lying to for possibly years. There's something I have to do." Loki said as he tossed Starlight into the angry crowd before teleporting into the nearby cave. He reappeared wielding a giant, wooden mallet.

‘Ya know, it’s the little things in life that make it all worth-while. Oh, and eat your heart out Gallagher.”

He smashed the vault. "You’re free! YOU’RE FREE!" he cried as all of the town regained their cutie marks. The ponies all looked at her with anger. Starlight tried some magic. Turns out Loki sealed all her magic.

"Oh sweet..." She didn't get to speak as she had a whole town get her the beating of a life time.

Loki smirked at the situation in front of him, ‘that was beautiful.’

He soon returned home to see Nyx training the wendigo. "Your home so did how it go?" She asked. Loki had a smile on his face.

"It was almost like I had a plan or something.”

Nyx just rolled her eyes at her father’s antics.

Back in the town the ponies had a beaten and bloodied Starlight was now tied up on a wooden streak. "Isn't this a bit extreme?" She asked.

The ponies had lit torches, "Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!" The townsponies screamed. Loki was to blame for this giving them the idea.

Loki was looking for more objects for his shop. He came across however a black orb, a cell phone, An eight pointed snowflake combined with a five pointed purple/pink one and a bunch of others.

"What are these things?" He asked deciding to pick two at random he held them up using his powers to figure them out he heard things and saw images.

“To those of you to find this token, to those of you who need a friend, a Guardian or just someone to talk too. I let you know, that I am here. Either come to me or call me. I will not refuse. I am the one of legends, one long forgotten and alone. I am the ageless and the young. I am the one they call Jack Frost. Call me if you need me, for I am one to abide.”

I am Deathwing. Call on me and the very world itself is no longer safe for your enemies. Let my voice be heard on your world! Know this there are lines I will not cross! Let us hope we can be allies.

Loki blinked as he saw dozens of worlds hundreds of tokens flying by and then saw another versions of equestrian. When his vision ended he blinked. 'I'm not the only one?' He thought. He looked at them. 'Well lets see if this works.'

He4 ripped off his fang as a new one grew back. Imbuing it with a connection to him it went off.

I am Loki, Master of Chaos and Defender of the Balance. If you fight for Balance, for Freedom, and for Good, know that I will come to your aid! But know this...if you fight for imbalance or for the forces of evil....be aware that there are many fates worse then Death!

With that the fang was gone.

Author's Note:

There we go Loki now out for crossovers.