• Published 2nd Nov 2014
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Too Epic for Arrogance - NetherWalker

Vegeta. 1300 years ago, he was a normal kid, with a little less than normal family. But apparently, an Andy Warhol look-alike had other plans. And now, he's in Equestria. They say pride comes before a fall, if so, let's hope it's not a steep incline

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Freedom is his again!

“Alright class, stay close to me! We don’t want a reoccurrence of last trips outcome.” The school group made their way through Milk Rock Cavern, ‘ooh’ing and ‘awe’ing at the various crystal formations that littered the caves walls. All except for three, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie bell, all were trotting with their heads down, forced to stick to the teacher’s side at all times. Miss Cheerilee had requested that they stay with her during this fieldtrip, and to put it lightly, it sucked…

“Aw man,” Sweetie whined, “this is a bummer.”

“Yeah, ya make one mis’take,” Apple Bloom pouted, putting her head lower to the ground.

“Come on guys, It isn’t that bad, It’s not like we’re chained to her!” Scootaloo said, trying to lighten the situation, her voice putting up a good front, but her eyes betraying her as she watched the fillies and colts in their class come and go at their leisure, trampling around the large basin structure that widened out into a colossal dome a few hundred feet up, It was one of the most popular geological finds of the last ten years (What? Scoots can read), and the place where the CMC hoped to try and get their cutie marks at geology, but they couldn’t do that when they were stuck to the teacher the entire time, unable to get into the nooks and cranes to discover! But she knew that Cheerilee was not going to let them out of her sight, not after the incident in Canterlot.

“Since when were you tha’ optimist scoots?” Apple Bloom asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Since everybody else decided to be the downers.” She then looked down at the ground, and began bashing her head up against it, Repeatedly “Oh-*Womp* but who-*Wump* am I-*Womp* Kidding-*Wump* This SUCKS!” with the last word she stopped, keeping her head on the ground as the other two looked on in mild shock at her outburst, looked like she REALLY wanted to try this Geologist thing.

“Listen Scoots, ah know that ya were super excited to come here, but-“Apple Bloom stopped, raising an ear to the air, “Do… you hear that?” It sounded like water at first, sort of a



But slowly it became more of a fracturing sound, like glass slowly breaking, Scootaloo lifted her head to look around, however, she suddenly noticed the fractures that emanated from where she’d been bashing her head, this… waaaas bad. Oh crap baskets.

The floor gave way under the CMC as they went tumbling down a few feet; hit an outcropping with almost comical precision, one after the other, bouncing off into the darkness, their screaming bouncing off the walls with almost as much force as they themselves. (Un)Fortunately though, they were not sent flying into the abyss alone, as two familiar fillies went tumbling after them.

*Vegeta’s P.O.V.*

Do you hear me Andy!? I will gut you!? I’m going to scatter your entrails ALL over the multiverse and use your rib cage as a Xylophone!? … Ah, now I feel much better. I had just finished my internal daily rant at Mister Warhol (for sanities sake), it was one of my favorite activities, right up there with watch the crystals grow, and count the cracks! But who was I fooling, this was as boring as watching paint dry, not to mention embarrassing. I mean, who makes a get away from the rainbow death weapon of death only to be trapped in his own lair for eternity!? I totally thought I had dodged a bullet there, until I realized that I had, in fact, only taken one to the chest. Princess Sunbutt and Lulu really did a number on me, damned elements. I had finally mastered long distance teleportation too.

If you’re still confused as to what happened, allow me to illuminate the situation for you:

1,116 years ago:

The sweat beaded off my brow as I parried blow after blow, this draconequus was certainly becoming a bother. His tail seemed to be his primary weapon, but he was always mixing it up. It was once said that every great warrior had a rhythm that they fought to, but Discords attacks seemed almost sporadic, with no real strategy, no way of really doing damage.

“What’s with these attacks Discord? A breezie’s could be more effective!” He didn’t react much in the way of anger, he never really did when it came to insults, besides maybe an excellent come back, which was what I was expecting, what I didn’t expect however, was silence. But I soon came to realize the true intentions behind his strange attacks, distraction. I stopped blocking letting his blows past my guard and into my solar-plexus and back. I was winded a bit but not much else, when Discord noticed I had stopped blocking, he flew back a distance, starring me down with a near insane glee.

“Oh so you’ve caught on have you?” the pure malice that radiated off his voice was, disturbing. I assumed that this point was the beginning of his decent into madness. But I had yet to realize just how bad had already become. He lifted up his hand and letting me see, and sense, the massive amount of power he had accumulated. I was at first confused by this, how had his power grown so much? And why hasn’t he tried to destroy me with it? “Though I doubt you’ve yet realized just how bad your predicament is… yet.” Then it hit me, he had stolen my power!

“So, this is why you’re being so… disagreeable.” I said, “That level of power could drive anyone mad, so tell me, what do you intend to do with it?” the answer seemed rather apparent, I’d read more than a few books on it, the vault of harmony, where the tree was held. Only a powerful and pure soul could open it.


“Open the vault?” I asked, his look of mild surprise was all I needed to tell me I was right, “And I suppose our dear Celestia and Luna are at the vault as we speak?”

“Well, well, well,” Discord said, slowly clapping his claws together, “You’re just too smart for me, and I suppose you already know that it is not me who is opening the vault?” I nodded.

“Of course It wouldn’t be you, you’re not pure,” I looked him dead in the eye, starring down a pit that was once so full of life, “And what you intend to do with the power your keeping for yourself isn’t pure ether.” It was depressing, to see a rival that for nearly two-hundred years, had fought me, fall into darkness and insanity. He shook his head, sighing,

“It’s been fun, but I’ve got things to do, ponies to betray,” he smiled as he started to vanish, humming like a Cheshire cat, as his body slowly began unraveling until there was nothing left.

“Bastard,” I crossed my arms, knowing exactly what was going to happen next, with the power Discord had been feeding Luna and Celestia, they would open the vault, and collect the elements, then they would teleport here-


“Hello Celestia,” I said, looking over my shoulder, “I suppose today’s the day?” The light coming from the two was tremendous, almost blinding.

“YES.” In case you were wondering why I’m not dodging, or moving at all, the elements have a paralyzing effect on most targets, and in this weakened state, I fell to the paralysis.

“Remember Celestia, the nightmare that the chaos brings!” A final warning, one that I had repeated to her many times throughout our confrontations, I felt miserable, knowing that this was the last… wait a second, Instant Transmission! I focused as the light drew nearer, had to get to the hide out, had to get to the hide out!

“MAY YOU HAVE AN ETERNITY TO THINK ON YOUR CRIMES!” Oh, crap, the light was only inches away now! Had to get out RIGHT NOW! I closed my eyes, and opened them again, noticing that I had changed location, I was now in my meditation chamber. Whew, I might escape judgments hammer a little longer. I made to move, but noticed I couldn’t, thinking that the paralysis hadn’t worn off yet, I waited, and waited, and waited. I’m going to be here for a while aren’t I? I paused for a while, taking in the prospects of being trapped for an indefinite amount of time, and I finally came to a conclusion.

When I get out of here I am going to KILL YOU ANDY WARHOL!!

Present Day:

Well, honestly nothing I could do now but pray to God that someone finds me here,

Dear God,
Please get me out of here,
The less than humble thorn in the side,

Just then I heard high pitched screaming and a loud:


Oh, thank you God! This was then followed by another set of screams and Thuds, and Wada’ you know, a twofer! Guess today was just the day to pull a Houdini, I scanned the edges of peripheral vision trying to find from where my girly saviors would appear, but the screams had come from behind. So, I would have to play the waiting game. I didn’t mind, I may have lost my sanity, but I gained something infinitely more important, patience.

*3rd Person P.O.V.*

“Oh you cannot be serious,” Diamond shouted, rubbing a big red bump that had appeared on her head, “How can you guys be such DITZ!?”

“This was all Scoots’ fault, leave me out of it.” Sweetie said putting her hooves up in the air in mock surrender.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Everything went entirely as planned!” Apple Bloom put a hoof to her face at this, sighing.

“An’ HOW exactly did this go ‘entirely as planned’. Enlighten me.” Scootaloo smiled smugly, and lifting a hoof in the air proclaimed:

“I have freed us of adult supervision!” Silver Spoon, whom had up until that moment been sitting in the corner muttering to herself in a fetal position, stopped rocking herself back and forth, staring at Scootaloo with a mixture of mortal terror and primal rage.

“And that’s A GOOD THING!?” Scootaloo flinched, “Why ON EQUIS would that be a good thing!?”

“Well…” she began, looking unsure, but then it hit her, “Why, Silver of course!” at this the entire cave went silent,

“Uh, what?”

“Silver, Silver and Diamonds!” At this Diamond tiara perked up, though she tried to hide it.

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” Sweetie replied, a look of great confusion covering her face.

“It means that ponies think that there could be valuable things down here, like silver ore, and diamonds by the carriage load!” The two rich fillies turned to look at each other, and Scoots could tell, her plan was defiantly going to work. “You see, I got us away from all the adults so we could do some real snooping, but, we can’t find anything if we stay here.” She smiled, “So, we need to go deeper.” Pointing to the passage way. “You with me?”

“Um, we need a second to talk about it, come on Silver!” Diamond said, she and Silver turning and trotting over a little ways.

“Take your time,” Scootaloo said, smirking and turning to her friends with a happy face, “Yes!”

“An’ what was that supposed ta’ be?” Apple Bloom asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That was my whole plan coming together,” Sweetie’s eyes lit up with understanding as she finally figured it out.

“Ohh, for our cutie marks!”


“But why don’t we just ditch them?” she asked.

“Well, when the adults finally do find us, we want them to be as happy as possible, or else they’ll make up some stupid story about how we left them for dead.” Scoots said, “Also, it’s better to more of us around, that way we can spot stuff more easily!”

“There’s just one problem with that Scoots’.” Apple Bloom said, looking off in the direction of the two bullies.

“What’s that?”

“They’re a couple of idiots.” All three of them looked to where the other two had been to find nothing, only hoof prints.


*Vegeta’s P.O.V.*

GODDAMNIT, WHAT IS TAKING THEM SO LONG! I mentally screamed, waiting was a b@$%#! I continued to listen, suddenly feeling a sense of dread overtaking me, what… if… what if their dead!?


Nope, just being dim-witts. I heard a bit of light, but aggressive chatter, before their disagreement escalated into full scale yelling.

“YOU DO REALIZE THAT WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAD FLASHLIGHTS!?” Aaaaand now their arguing… would you just get over here!?


“OH YEAH, OF COURSE, IN A PITCH BLACK CAVE WITH NO SOURCE OF LIGHT WHAT SO EVER!?” Huh, those voices sounded familiar, like a piece of my old life wafting back to me, but I didn’t have time to reminisce, the one that was shouting before, I could literally feel the negative emotion coming off of her, fear, anger, jealousy, greed, and most important of all, arrogance. Your probably confused as to why I would need these negative emotions, but I feel that it is better to show instead of tell. Now, to play on her greed, I need to get her closer…

*3rd Person P.O.V.*

“YEAH, SO!?” Diamond Fumed, her temper reaching newfound heights.

“SO YO-“ Scootaloo took a deep breath, closed her eyes then counted to ten, “you really think that that was a good idea?” Diamond Tiara was caught off guard by this, how calm she had become, and… was that concern? No, no matter what it was she was not going to be outsmarted, outdone, or outmaneuvered in anyway by that annoying blank flank! She made to answer, but stopped, looking beyond Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie bell, past them deeper into the cave.

“Do… you see that?” all eyes turned to find a sparkling light, emanating from a small opening in the cave wall. The group, tempted by the possibility of finding something of value, dropped their quarrel, and slowly began inching their way towards the gap. Scootaloo was the first to look inside and what she saw was incredible! It was a tube like structure with a diameter of at least two hundred feet, the ceiling was a good fifty feet above them, and the base was lost to a dark abyss. A pillar extended from the center up, stopping at the same level as the entrance, with a bridge running between the two. But that was not what truly caught her eyes, no, it was the thing in the center, a second pillar that seemed to rise from the first, but only for about five feet and it ended in a circle with a spiky top. While the others seemed to be preoccupied with something else, this held her attention, It seemed to be emitting light, the light that was bouncing off of,

“OH HOLY MOTHER OF CELESTIA!” the five fillies trotted across the bridge, ogling at the walls of the cylindrical construction, they were filled to the absolute brim with valuable minerals, metals, and crystals. Each giving off a beautiful glow like the light of the gods had touched them! Scootaloo stopped for a second, cocking her head to the side. Where did that thought come from?

“HAHA, I’m rich!” Diamond screeched, zipping from one side of the bridge to the other, examining the walls greedily.

“You’re already rich Diamond,” Sweetie said, rolling her eyes, “Too rich if you ask me.”

“No pony can ever be too rich! No pony!” she laughed, a sick, overall disturbing cackle that would have seemed more at home in a witch’s body than that of a foal’s. Silver stood back, examining her ‘friend’ with caution,

“Are… you ok tiara?”

“Of course, never been better,” she said, her head twisting like that of a clock work doll, her crazed smile stretching from ear to ear, “And I’ll feel even better when I dispose of all of you!” At this everyone stopped, and looked at the nearly psychotic filly, in their shock, looking for some sign that she was joking. She gave none.

She screeched manically, and rushed Scootaloo, almost seceding in making her fall. The only thing between her a long fall was her hooves grasping the ledge, and Tiaras mercy, which today she was apparently lacking in excess. Diamond pressed her hooves down on Scoots’ fetlocks, holding firm despite the attempts of the three other fillies to pry her off. Her smile and dilated eyes spoke of unimaginably cruel acts, hatred, and joy in others suffering, a hotly pride that consumed everything. Just as she began to push, slowly pushing Scootaloo off the edge, a light exploded from the center of the room, momentarily blinding everypony, and causing Diamond to scream. But as soon as it had appeared, it was gone, leaving the entire room pitch black, except for Tiara’s eyes, which glowed a sickly green.

“Okay, I think this joke has gone a little too far,” a gruff voice said, before something grabbed Scootaloo by the head. She made to scream, but as soon as she was picked up, she was set down. Her hooves hitting solid rock, and the claw of the creature let go of her eyes, she blinked for a few times, her eyes adjusting to the light. Her surprise evident as she gazed at an open landscape, high atop the Unicorn range, snow bit at her hooves as alpine winds tore through her mane. Her confusion only matched by her awe, “Beautiful, isn’t it.” She turned her head to find a minotaur-ish being, with a broad chest and strange hairless hide, his black mane stood on end, pulled back from his head. His eyes, while giving off the air of an ancient, also held a youthful glee, so full of life and vigor, but also hotty and prideful. He smiled, turning to face Scootaloo, whom for whatever reason, stood tall, without much fear, only surprise, and curiosity. “Apologize for that spell earlier, I’m not very good at casting,” He said, looking back across the horizon, “Best left to the unicorns.” He brought his shoulders back, and clenched his fists, slowly rising from the ground, “But, then again, whoever said ‘leave the flying to the Pegasi‘ obviously never met the Wright brothers,” his smile grew bigger, as he let his arms relax, and looked across the land splayed before him, “Or me.” Scootaloo stared, her mouth hitting the snow in a most cartoonish manner, her pupils shrinking in opposition to her surprise, which seemed to have reached unprecedented heights. She shook it off just as he made to fly off, trotting closer to the edge,

“Who the hay are you!?” she called, watching him fly away as if he weighed nothing.

“You’ll find out!” he shouted, looking over his shoulder, “Just don’t blame yourselves for letting me out! Unlike Discord, I have actually an important reason for wanting to be set free.” again he faced the horizon, and curved his flight path towards Everfree and Ponyvile, leaving behind a golden streak in the sky. “I’M JUST TOO EPIC!”

“Something tells me we’re going to get blamed for this…”

Author's Note:

Finally free after a thousand year imprisonment, the cocky prince of saiyans intends to do something big, but what? And what are the repercussions?

Find out on the next reference riddled chapter of:

Dragon Ball P!

(p.s. this chapter will NOT be lengthened soon)