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"Call it Raging Star for all I care, just get it out of my sight."

The exact words of Princess Celestia after having defeated the Oozaru form of a baby Saiyan. With nopony in Equestria willing to house this beast and Princess Luna's hopeful expectations for its well being, the baby Saiyan is sent to be a labor slave in the distant Minotaur lands. It is there that Luna hopes to quell his inate bloodlust and perhaps eventually befriend this strange creature. What will it take for a power-driven Saiyan to live peacefully in a world he was destined to destroy? More than anypony would ever hope to think.

Cover art drawn by Me
Vectored by the awesome Roarin Thunder!

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 85 )

Don't you just hate downvotes without a comment to back it up? I'll add this to my read later list.

2997015 Them haters have no idea how good the first chapter is. They need to get open minded.

Yes, people who downvote simply for the fact it has either a tag or genre they don't like. Those are people who don't ever give a story a chance.

This story is very well made, the grammar and use of a variety of words is surpar to many other stories on a site such as this. :moustache:

Raging Star shows his saiyan body's natural ability to harness Ki energy easier than other species I see! This is a great chapter, can't wait for more! I really want Raging Star to go down the path of SLAUGHTER ALL LIFE-FORMS ON THE PLANET! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Sorry, hehe. There aren't barely, if any, stories of a saiyan slaughtering the Equestrian inhabitants as his mission. Just want something nice and dark, without going to far.

3053183 Hey, give me a while to get Raze's Journey on the road and you might see an alternate ending. Of evil!

Yeah, Im thinking of making a non-canon AU arc.
Alternate Universe within an Alternate Universe:derpytongue2:

3115801 Yeah! Evil Raze is a fun character. I'll make sure he is.

The power of an Oozaru is quite strong, but a Super Saiyan would be far more ideal if you're looking to conquer something quickly.

Too bad nopony knows what a super saiyan is...
or what a saiyan is for that matter

3116926 Yeah, I gotcha. I'm looking forward to more of this story.

Comment posted by Roarin Thunder deleted Aug 28th, 2013

The plot thickens! :rainbowdetermined2:

Kill them all Raging Star! Show them your saiyan might! Grow bigger, better, faster, and stronger! :rainbowdetermined2:

This story grows on me like a leech and I love it!

Oh boy, he's killed a spirit! Where's the red moon at?! No red moons... Anyway, I loved this chapter and I can't wait for more!

Mmh Mmh Mmhh, Dragon steak! Taste just like that Trex's tail that Gohan cut off to eat in the wild! :scootangel:

3192101 of course anyone who watched avatar:the last airbender

I enjoyed this chapter thoroughly, I can only expect this story to get better. Seems like Raging Star is having trouble avoiding getting knocked out. Raze can sort of relate to him.

Well, he may be a Saiyan, but he's still only a child

Silly Raging Star, it's harder for your hidden power to be unleashed than a saiyan hybrid's! So of course you can't expect yourself to just fly like that even when your falling downward.

In a nutshell, you ain't no Gohan. :twilightsheepish:

There should be a parody chapter where goku shows up and either he does the whole '...And this is to go even further beyond!' or 'Kaioken!' a kaoi what?'

Well I did have a... Nvm, I'll keep it a secret:raritywink:

Depends on your preference, but they're both technically right. Ki is just a spin-off of the Chinese term chi, but in the american dub its just energy. Ki is not really mentioned (dunno bout Kai though)

I believe in Ki :yay:

Now go Oozaru and KILL THEM ALL! ALL OF THEM! :pinkiecrazy:

3231863 Goku: Celestia! For sending a youngling of a saiyan to be a slave, I will fight you as a true super saiyan.
Celestia: *Gulp* If you let me gather the true power of harmony, I'll give you a pizza!
Goku: What you did was unforgivable!
Goku: I told you that's not gonna work!
Celestia: *smirks smoothly* With stuffed crust.
*Goku stops his charge*
King Kai: Goookuuu....!
Goku: Now hear me out King Kai...
King Kai: Dammit Goku! That is retarded!
Goku: But King Kaiii~ It's stuffed crust...

Oozaru... The Great Ape...

A powerful form, unlocked by the blutz wave of a full moon, or a certain technique. With endurance so great, it's hard to imagine it ever being defeated.

Behold, the transformation.

It's only so funny that Satyan is so confident. Without the antidote, Raging will die anyway.

I wanted him to be like Mr. Satan (so you were right about that :raritywink:) but with actual fighting prowess. So yeah, he's full of himself, but has the power to back it up.

But... Didn't Luna say she wouldn't raise the moon as a full moon? So what's the point of keeping Raging Star inside if in the earlier chapter she said that? Unless I'm mistaken that is and just need to reread.

No, I think you caught me in a discrepancy. I'll have to adjust it accordingly... :ajbemused:

Out of curiosity, wouldn't the Oozaru transformation burn off any poisons/sedates and magical binds/spells because of the influx of not only blutz waves, but also Ki energy coursing through his veins as it changes and overdrives his body to begin the transformation? At least, that is my opinion unless the magic/bindings or poisons/sedates are designed specifically to influence his Ki energy or natural instinct like in Saiyan of Equestria Chapter 40 chaos potion.

Naturally, yes. Stop giving out spoilers. :twilightangry2:

Lol :rainbowwild:

At first i thought, hot damn this is cool.

Then I read Princess Luna has fingers.

Nope. NOPE

Is it just princess Luna that bothers you...

Or everypony else as well? Regardless, at least you gave it chance. Though I don't see why something as little as that would be so bad. Anthro is such a broad term, and frankly, for the nature of the fic, fingers were recommended.

Yes... Yes!

Oozaru! Oozaru! Oozaru! :yay:

This has been a chapter week hasn't it? Chapters of DBZxMLP stories being updated.

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