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I'm Italian, I like Halo, and my favorite pony is Applejack. What else?


In the chaotic period following the fall of the Covenant Empire, the Shipmaster Vraal Rutaen does his best to ensure the safety of his race. For years he and his crew have fought countless threats, searching at the same time the precious Forerunner technologies on which depends the future of the Sangheili. But this is not enough. The Sangheili, once proud warriors that fought in name of glory and honor, are now without a true purpose to live, risking the extinction. But when they discover accidentally a new planet that defies every law of physics, maybe they've also found the answer to their existential question. All depends on the first contact with the inhabitants.

Chapters 1 to 18 edited by Requiem17.

"Speech in a foreign language." (Ponies hearing Sangheili language - Sangheili hearing human/pony language)


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On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons

Halo Reach references...Halo Reach references everywhere.
Ultra is best Elite armor.

I like where this story is going. Keep up the good work! I hope to see the next chapter pretty soon.:rainbowdetermined2:

You had me at Halo References. :)

Interesting. Usually it's humans meeting ponies, not covenant. But I can see the Elites realizing they're stuck on Equestria and making the best of their lot, plus if they get to defend ponies from Brutes I'll cheer.

And you have a female Elite character... and she's special ops... AWESOME! Please don't kill her off!

A female sanghielli?! In the military!?!?

... Times really HAVE changed...

3974826 I have always been curious about the role of the female sangheili. Glad we can get a peek.

Major Domo..... Freakin Domo XD

3974826 The females were already in the military, although insignificant in number. I figured that after the great schism their role in Sangheili society has increased of importance (in The Thursday War, Raia 'Mdama realized that the females should participate more actively in the political and military life)
3974859 The Gravemind, the pack of Brutes, the Spartans. Nothing of all this could rival with the true plague of the galaxy. The syringe needles.

Awesome chapter. I liked the medics getting respect. I can also totally see Vraal and Shining armor trading stories on protecting their younger female family members.


I see...

Now I feel bad for teabagging every elite I ever killed...

So how humanisque are these 'anthros'? Are they mostly human, but have larger eyes, pony ears, tail, and color? Do they have fur or not...I'm just curious as I'm trying to imagine. {That sometimes happens when you make the characters 'anthro'.}

Still, this is a great chapter as we get some well written Celestia moments and the Covenant Separatists are finally making their move. Keep up the good work.

4202446 Glad you like the story :pinkiesmile: Regarding your question about how they looks like, my point of referral for anthro ponies are the works of artists like ss2sonic, Ambris, sheperd0821,and newyorkx3. I'll describe in a more detailed way the 'Equestrians' in the next chapters, but basically they have big eyes, ears at the top of the head, fur and tails, hands (still a bit uncertain in regard the number of fingers),hooves at the ends of the legs, and back-bent knees (like those of horses and Elites)

4202548 Oh good.:pinkiesmile: {Honestly I prefer anthros like that, you know, with the more 'ponyesque features'.}(And I love those artists, so it's not hard to imagine the characters like that either.)

Nice chapter, I love how the Elites discover the Ponies and have WTF looks on their faces. I'm sure even the Mgalekgolo would have one. I'm also glad Vraal learned from the Covenant's mistakes and doesn't want to start a war. Just toss the Major Domo into the Everfree and he should have enough fun to last him until he gets home:eeyup::trollestia:. But if the Covenant think things are messed up now... just wait until they see what happens if they let Twilight onto their ship... she'll be running around asking questions non stop :twilightsmile:... and it would be even worse if the CMC got on the ship. Can you say accidental weapons discharge :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:
4202548 Good example pic, now I have an idea of what to picture.

4204012 Thank you :pinkiehappy: but let me just say: never underestimate the Sangheili. They won't be the only one to be surprised...

4204062 Well obviously, first contact is going to be tricky. I certainly hope that little cretin DT and her henchpony SS get terrified by a close up view of a Sangheili mouth as it roars at them. But I can't wait to see the Huragok try to wrap their thought process around MAGIC. I picture at least one of them slowly tipping over as they get a mental Blue Screen of Death. Add in Pegasi wings not being big enough to provide enough lift naturally and those poor Huragok are going to want to get very very drunk.

But now that I think about it... could Scootaloo get a jetpack so she can finally fly??? :scootangel:fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/041/d/d/cutie_mark_crusaders_vektor_by_termi92-d4p8ash.png

4204197 electricblueskies.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Halo-Reach-Covenant-Files-6-6-Sangheili-Ranger.jpg
"Jetpacks are not toys, kid. Maybe when you're grown up."

EDIT: Huragok's crisis of identity caused by the weird nature of the planet and its inhabitants will be very likely included in the next chapters.
Little spoiler: the CMC will have their moment on the battlecruiser

The CMC are in for a surprise! Can't wait to see the look on DTs face XD

4204798 It will take some time, but the moment of truth will come.....:pinkiecrazy:

I swear to god if you stop right when it's getting good i'll- i'll don't know what i'll do!

I could only think of David Tennant walking around and doing all this stuff as Time Turner.

I can just see Twilights brain melting down when she see's the skill of the Huragok.

I can't wait to see the first contact. But I bet the Elites will be a bit gobsmacked when they see their first Alicorn. I loved Time Turner giving a physics lesson that the colts and fillies enjoyed, reminds me of Bill Nye the Science Guy and his awesome teaching skills... Hmm, might need to think of importing Bill to Equestria as a higher level science teacher if I ever write my own MLP fic.

Anyway, I can't wait to see Tarya meet the Mane 6, I"m sure she'll turn to any Elite who thinks she should just stay in the kitchen and say, "Now those are some capable females, national heroes, and one of them is a princess." Then when meeting Luna, Celestia, and Cadence something similar.:trollestia::trollestia:

Heaven help the Elites if their first interactions with Ponies turns out to be the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

The first halo crossover where our lead is a covenant. Its gonna be a good read.

4390226 Don't worry, I don't lack the inspiration. The writing of the next chapter is already in progress.
4391073 Thank you :pinkiehappy: Indeed, Time Turner's character is heavily based on the Tenth Doctor, but without the timelord stuff
4391281 I'm working on some gag regarding their interactions.

I just Finnish chapter three. And I want to ask, are the pony's in a arthro form, (human form of a pony, with the features of the pony, color, wings etc...)?:rainbowhuh:

4402027 I admit that in the first chapters it's not immediately clear, but yes, the story is set in an anthropomorphic Equestria. The ponies' appearance is described in a more detailed way in chapter 4 but, like I said previously, if you want a point of reference took as model the work of artists such as Ambris, ss2sonic, sheperd0821 (level 4),and newyorkx3.

When are the elites gonna meet the ponys........

Yeah pity for me its anthro. Not that I have anything with anthro but its will be less exciting when a bipedal alien being meet another bipedal alien being. Unless the author could tell me what level of anthro they are.
4589367 fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/294/0/e/oc_types__velvet_by_shepherd0821-d6rc4qr.jpg

4660591 The "anthro level" (I have no other words to describe it) of the ponies in this story is roughly 4, with hooves at the end of the legs (I don't know why, but I prefer the anthro-ponies with hooves instead of feet)

Ah excellent, atleast I can tolerate that :twilightsmile:
Because I don't exactly like if you make it 4.5 or aka 'Equestria Girls'.....That is one creepy looking malformed malnourished miscoloured human.

4660612 Yeah, I know the feeling. Not that I despise the EG movie, but some aspects of it have left me rather dumbfounded. :rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:
The reason why I chose to use the anthro category it's because in my opinion it has a good potential and it allow to make situations where the "traditional design" it's not perfectly suited, but despite this it's usually underestimated or used just for 'Not Safe For Woona' stories.

Well, I hate the Duke already and I honestly hope Luna gets an excuse to exact some more physical revenge on him. I like the mana window for instant communication between the Crystal Empire and Canterlot, good idea. Now I hope Shining Armor comes home to his wife soon.

4660629 117 never loses. 117 also has the best luck.

4660642 Thank you :yay:
EDITED: The mana window allow to communicate not only between Equestria and the Crystal Empire. We'll see this later in the story

Celestia must be a goddess to have the patience to put up with Blueblood this long.

I don't get it... Is the Aliens Obiting Equestria Covenant Elites?

4661124 The only and unique :pinkiehappy:
I know that Elites is the name with which they are known by most of people, but I've preferred to use the name with which they define themselves, Sangheili

THanks for telling me. YAY Elites in Equestria.... (Sangheili)!!!:pinkiehappy:

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