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Hello everyone! My name is ChristtonMash and I am a huge fan of Sonic, DBZ, and MLP. In other words, expect lots of crossovers and 4th wall breaks.


After the Phantom Ruby had been destroyed, Sonic the Hedgehog had expected to land back into his own world and finally find some time to relax. Instead, the blue blur managed to ended up into the magical world of Equestria during the middle of the first ever Festival of Friendship.

However, things quickly take a turn for the worse as the fearsome Storm Army attacks, enslaving everyone in the city and turning three of the four princesses to stone.

Now tasked with collecting the Chaos Emeralds, protecting Equestria, and finding a way back home once more, Sonic will set out on brand new adventures from a grand world expedition beyond Equestria to teaching at the first School of Friendship, but not without the help of some new friends along the way.

Sonic The Hedgehog is owned by SEGA
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro

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Comments ( 16 )

Great start, I'm loving where this is going. Can't wait to see what's next.

Alright, I'm down. Good start.

Not bad keep going it’s getting good👍🏾

Oh boy Classic Sonic's in for a new adventure! Commence the Sonic Boom song from Sonic CD!

Jason Griniff!!! Sweet! He's my favorite Sonic voice!

I’m looking forward to see how this goes

I gotta say this is pretty good

One thing that it's hard to get used to is Mania Sonic speaking, like, i'm so used to him being mute hearing him speak is weird

Still, good job

What’s the point of writing stories if your not going to update

I dunno. The drive for Writing has just sort of gone away. I’ll do it from time to time, but I have other things like running YouTube channel and gaming in general that I’ve been enjoying more than this. I won’t be as active on here, but I’ll drop in from time to time and I hope you can respect this decision.

Are you going to update this year?

It's been 2 years and this story hasn't been updated:fluttercry:

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