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Princess Celestia gets legit deaded by everyone's favorite bacon head.

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gapty #1 · 6 days ago · · ·

RIP Celestia.

Long live princess Sunset Shimmer!

Chisel these words upon Princess Celestia's headstone: "Killed by one filly's cuteness overdose."

absolutely adorable

This one is going into the 'Good Stuff' folder

Wow this was really dang adorable

So cute.

World's most adorbs assassin

"Do you know what the punishment for regicide is, Sunset Shimmer?"
"Execution via bathtime."

*cut to Tempest and Cadance together in a bathtub without any context*

Nice reference to Wild Bill.

Marvelous, I'm glad you noticed it.

Could you tell me which bit it is, I seem to have missed it myself.

Also thanks for the story idea I just had, hehehehe

Darcy #12 · 6 days ago · · ·

Adorable, absolutely adorable

The title itself. Jack Mcall who killed Wild Bill Hickock got called 'The Coward Mcall' after shooting Hickock. Then they hanged him and buried him with the noose still around his neck.

Ah, I was thinking of the movie Jesse James and Robert Ford etc etc

I figured that Sunset was banished not left Equestria. Killing the Queen is definitely a way to achieve exile. But the manner of death is fucking adorable!!

That was an adorable "coup". And I'm glad Celestia was being a good enough sport to play along. :-D

Forty! That's as many as four tens! And that's terrible!

That's Lex Luthor levels of villainy.

Lovely one-shot, it was heartwarming, cute, and above all else ... funny. :moustache:

This kinda reminds me of Sunset amd Celestias banter in this other fic Im reading:


Particularly this chapter.

That was so freaking adorable. Congrats on making the top of the Featured box. Have a Spikestache.

Comment posted by donutmasterjoe deleted Last Wednesday

Eyes twinkling, Celestia gave a melodramatic wobble as she grasped at her wound. Clearly, she was in a lot of pain

Definitely. It's a true pain to waste a blueberry pie this way.

"My deepest apologies, Princess, but she made me an offer I could not refuse." Said the first. He paused for a moment and licked his lips, "Cherry custard."

That was the best she could do? Pathetic. Maybe these guards didn't ate any sweets in moons, but if they live in Canterlot, Donut Joe's is right there. Wondering if they ever go after their shift.

"(...)As punishment for your betrayal, all three of you shall remain at your posts until the end of your shift!"

Well, after that, I doubt they'll go anywhere.

Overall, it was a really sweet reading. Very short, but I enjoyed it. I added to my read later list thinking the title meant to be serious, and honestly, I'm glad it wasn't...or at least, sorta of.

*Shrugs* Wouldn't be my first choice either, but it's what I wrote so it must be *his* favourite flavour.

Delightful work... though I can't help but wonder if Celestia looked back at this and wondered if it had been a warning sign. Still, thank you for a wonderfully adorable short.

She discusses it with Twilight. She words it very poorly, and the twanging of hair is audible immediately.

"Certainly among the top five most adorable attempts on my life."
"... Top five."
"Some of the assassins were just so earnest about it. It was all I could do not to pat them on the head and give them a glass of apple juice."

Truly the cruelest fate indeed.

This was hilariously cute, I especially like the little touches of how young Sunset is, like her struggling to lift all the pies and gobbling Celestia up. The brief insight into Celestia's daily routine was also a superb touch Poor Celly. n_n


Heh. Death by pie is the only way to go. Long live the new princess!

Bill actually had a rule of not sitting with his back to the door. The one time he broke it, that happened (showing why he had that rule in the first place).

It's a good rule, and one to follow.

I mean, it only matters if there are people who want you dead who nobody apprehends in time. Pretty common for outlaws in the Wild West, pretty rare for people living in developed countries.

No wonder this story is featured that long, it's hilarious ♡

Context makes this one of the saddest stories in recent years

My heart~! My poor heart! The cuteness is TOO MUCH~!!! Faved, saved, Approved, and Sacred!

Everyone died. So who is the ruler of Equestria? An undead Celestia?

And the lesson learned is that the key to a well-planned assassination is bribery.

Sweet, delicious bribes. :pinkiehappy:

I'm reminded of a story where I had to point out that the presence of a Tragedy tag combined with the lack of an Alt Universe both hinted at how the central romance was going to end.

One of the most terrifying creatures on the planet if its able to kill sun butt

Fun little story. Its nice to see Celestia and Sunset having a positive encounter before the betrayal. Thanks for writing!

This was adorable and does a great job at portraying Celestia’s motherly instincts that we all love.

It's fitting, to use weapons of truth to take out a lover of the baked good of lies. Very adorable!

Very sweet indeed! :heart:

I can only imagine what those guards reactions would be years later. Still adorable even with knowledge of the future.

Mom Celestia is always absolutely adorable-- Outmatched only by daughter Sunset. This was incredibly cute and adorable!!

Celestia's ears twitched as she heard the sound that would be her only warning,
"Death to tyrants!"

Her head snapped to the cry just in time to see a blueberry pie slam into her side. She turned her gaze to where the pie had come from, and standing there before her was none other than her own student, Sunset Shimmer. And behind Sunset, a mountain of pies.

I was expecting cringe, but not something so wholesome.

Well done, sir!

Celestia awoke, as she always did, right on the dot of 5'o'clock.
She'd gotten pretty good at that, over the years. Oh how she longed for the old days, when she could have slept in until 8, when she could just lay there and luxuriate in that comfortable warmth for so much longer.

With a heavy sigh, she left the balcony, and started thinking princessy thoughts. The day did not wait.

She was thinking of cake, didn't she?

Sunset laughed triumphantly, "At last, now that Celestia is dead, I shall be princess of Equestria!"


"My deepest apologies, Princess, but she made me an offer I could not refuse." Said the first. He paused for a moment and licked his lips, "Cherry custard."
Celestia raised an eyebrow, and cast her gaze at the other two guards.
"Apple rhubarb."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Someone animate this!!!

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