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Diamond Tiara has something to say to her entire family... and they're not going to be too happy about it. Especially a certain female parent of hers....

This should be fun.

FEATURED 30/3/17-1/4/17

NOW HAS A SEQUEL!! Diamond Tiara's Second Announcement: Better Luck This Time.

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I'm surprised Spoiled didn't keel over from that.

:rainbowlaugh: a good April fool, I thought at First she would say pregnant.


"Come on, you seriously thought I wanted to be a farmer? It's April Fools Day for Luna's sake!"

"Oh, thank goodness, the mere thought that-"

"I'm actually gay, and in love with Applebloom."

Spoiled Rich faints.

8060483 Nah, that would've been TOO anti climatic... :raritywink:

8060490 This ain't a soap opera, ya know... :twilightoops:

8060540 I thought the epilogue was a foregone conclusion, but thanks for writing it... :twistnerd:

I'll have her head for this, you mark my words!

What is she, a pirate? :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know, Apple Bloom, I can never think of the name.


8060556 still, great job you did!

Okay, that went through a variety of things. First tense, then hectic, then funny and finally adorable.

Your word choice is as varied and descriptive as always and every character gets a little part to play. Spoiled is as vile as ever and poor Filthy needs a hug. Especially after the revelation about Diamond wanting to be a farmer. I'd definitely imagine he'd support it, though suddenly having no heir for the business would be a difficult pill to swallow. Randolph, being what seems like Diamond Tiara's personal butler, would have been out of a job...or Celestia forbid he'd be forced to work for Spoiled.

To be honest I didn't actually consider it was an April Fools. I genuinely thought she was going to go live on the farm with AppleBloom. I mean...maybe I'm just gullible. Or maybe it's due to the fact it isn't actually April Fool's day yet. Either way, the reveal was funny. Now Diamond just has a bigger task ahead of her. Again, I don't think Filthy will care much...but Spoiled will fly completely off the handle. If you think about it, if Diamond is now a teenager, she's been moaning about the Crusaders corrupting her for years. That's some serious dedication to being a vile, vile pain.

The style was interesting, with a narrator popping in every now and again. Not sure it really added anything that couldn't have been simply written in standard prose but hey ho. Might as well try some stuff. I'm just imagining the DragonBall Z narrator or the Power Puff's girl narrator blasting out those lines. " Will Diamond Tiara be disowned by Spoiled? Or will the monster's reign of terror simply reach new heights? Find out next time on My Little Pony Z!" Hehehe. I am so immature!

Overall I liked it. Just a short and simple piece. It begs a sequel but also gives you enough information to kind of imagine your own. Or maybe that's just my crazy brain. I admit, a little indulgent part of me is wondering what would happen if this was in tandem with your other story, where she had to come out to another character. Or maybe I'm just slightly biased. Either way. Good job. Thanks for again giving me a good read. Have a nice day!

8060721 That wasn't a narrator in italics... those were her private thoughts! :duck:
Thanks for the review, anyway... hope you're okay! :raritywink:


And at this point, we leave our love-struck teenage sweethearts, as they whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears, and as they fade over the horizon, even exchange a little kiss.

I meant the little lines like this. They just gave me a more narration vibe than the rest of the story did. I dunno. Either way, it was fun.

Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for asking. Writing's been a slog but it means I get to read more so it isn't all bad. Hope you are doing well as well. :twilightsmile: (Give me Starlight emotes FIM fiction!)

8060728 Well, I only put a couple of them in... I just wanted to add a bit of 'happy ending' gloss, I guess. :raritystarry:

And forget about a Starlight emote... we need a Randolph tag for stories. I searched for one for twenty whole minutes... all in vain. :pinkiesad2:

8060742 There isn't one? Good gravy that is horrendous. Poor Randolph. Can't even get a tag in FIM fiction. At least his charge has stopped being a bully, so he has something to be happy for. That's quite tragic.

And yeah, there were only a few. It wasn't a bad thing, I just drew attention to it because I noticed it. That's all. :raritywink: It's fine. Sorry if it came across as mean or anything. It really wasn't my intention.

8060748 If I thought you were being 'mean', I'd be the most oversensitive person in the world. Which I'm not. :pinkiesmile:
And we should start a petition. You set it up, and I'll rally the troops. :rainbowdetermined2:

8060751 Fair enough.

Will do! Except I've never started a petition before and I'm sure they'll get round to it eventually Plus, isn't this basically who Randolph is. That character who never really takes any credit, willing to bow out of the limelight and doesn't need recognition? In a way, this situation is strangely representative of the old boy.

8060756 Yep! I think this worthy stallion needs just a bit of credit in his golden years though, wouldn't you agree? :pinkiehappy:

8060760 That is true. We have 2 full seasons at least to give us a Diamond and Randolph episode. I'll hold out hope for it...and that he gets his own character tag. *nod nod*

That was funny! What good way to start the day. Didn't see her and Bloom together, but I like the ship! Good job!

8060831 Finally, you comment on one of my stories! :pinkiehappy: Glad you like it, and hope to see you again soon... :raritywink:

Yeah reformed or not, Diamond doesn't strike me as the farming type of girl. Not to say she couldn't get accustomed to it if she was forced to do it but the girl's a natural leader and suits a managerial position to a t.

This was funny and cute and featured a ship that I could totally see happening with Diamond reformed now (I certainly ship it). Just picturing the look on Spoiled's face when Diamond first reveals that she was pulling a prank and THEN reveals the actual announcement is nothing less than glorious.

Reformed Diamond Tiara ftw.

8060997 You've been a member here for nearly three years... and this story is your first favourite.
I'm honoured!! :raritystarry:

And you're right, that WOULD be a great scene for afterwards... but I'd rather picture it in my head, than write about it... :raritywink:

Hope we get to see some more reformed DT in season 7 BTW, if she stayed a background character it would be such a waste... :pinkiesad2:

8061000 Well I've favorited other stories before, It's just that I usually end up taking them off either because they stop updating, I realise they weren't really as good as I thought they were at first or because I haven't read them in a while and intend to re-read them. Basically I'm weird though I assure you this story deserves the favourite. I also haven't really been reading much lately because I've been watching the series again so that contributes to it.

Indeed, some things are better left to the imagination of the reader/viewer/player ect.

I would love another Diamond episode but I would also really like a Silver Spoon episode to flesh out her character. I mean all we know is she was Diamond's lackey for 4 seasons until she gave Diamond the sick burn that led to Diamond seriously thinking about who she is. You could say Silver Spoon caused Diamond Tiara's reformation, she deserves her own episode. Show writers, make it happen.

That was a clever twist there at the end. Celestia only knows how Spoiled will take the ACTUAL real announcement. :rainbowlaugh:

I am surprised that Randolph didn't remember the day. I think though Spoiled Rich will have an even worse reaction when she finds out the truth.

8061116 We can only imagine... :twilightoops:
8061122 Well, he is getting on a bit. For instance, my mother sometimes looks for her spectacles, when they're already on the top of her head, bless her. :twilightsheepish:

Ooh, you clever jimmy bastard!

I'm surprised I haven't seen a pony-themed Monopoly yet. Maybe they have one, and I just haven't heard of it...

8061173 I think you mean Monopony. :raritywink: And I have... Try Toys R Us. :moustache:


Here's an image to prove I know just what the heck I'm talking about... :pinkiesmile:

I'm sincerely glad we share the "Diamond Tiara is that high-stakes Monopoly player" headcanon. :twilightsmile:

8061177 Well, I'm sure she has the inherited savvy for it, anyway... :raritywink:


Exactly my line of reasoning. I could see someone doing a pony version of that "draw the squad" meme where one of the CMC is throwing Monopoly money over DT and Scootaloo is the one in jail, or something.

8061249 Yeah, I'm quite fond of her too. :twistnerd:

8061264 I know. Still, she is great, yes? :pinkiehappy:

8061273 Unfortunately, she gets as many speaking roles as DT these days. :pinkiesick:
Oh well, thanks for reading... hope you did enjoy it. :raritystarry:

So reformed Diamond Tiara is now a troll instead of a bully, and apparently now wants to bang Applebloom, a pony she used to hate. Awesome!

8061411 Well, if she is a 'troll' she's in good company... there are plenty of them around on April Fools. And really, the 'victims' should pay more attention to what day it is... :raritywink:

As for her new relationship, it's the classic trope of falling in love with your worst enemy in full effect. And, what's wrong with that? :twistnerd:

8061174 Huh. Well, than, that answers that question.

I'm not a huge fan of the horse-related puns where they're not needed. I don't really mind other people using them, but as the word "monopoly" isn't related to humans specifically--"mono" meaning one, and "poly" meaning many, the word itself meaning one person/entity controlling all business of a certain kind in a certain area--I see no need to change it to "monopony". The word doesn't make sense that way, it sounds weird, and it's not needed. But I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here.

8061432 Yeah, you're right. But seeing as I did it in the fic for comedy purposes, I believe I'm entitled to a bit of leeway. :scootangel:

8061419 Oh nothing's wrong with that, other than they get to bang while I'm still a depraved single (and no, not in a million years would I ever care to fuck a horse, lmao, or watch two horses fuck).

By the way, Applebloom and Diamond Tiara are both adults in this story, right? If not, then my comments about them having sex never happened. You simply imagined them.

8061441 Well, they're teenagers so... I don't actually know. Up to your imagination, I guess... :pinkiesmile:

somehow I expect Spoiled to freak out even more but Filthy to be more angry for her scarring him with the "farmer" nonsense, it's clearly NOT her talent

What he did do afterwards? I shall leave it up to the vivid imagination of good readers like yourself. :raritywink:

8061656 Got a feeling his response to Diamond saying she's gay is more a "So what?"

8061693 Well, if you read the start of the story, I think she sort of knew that already... :twistnerd:

And a few years later a clopfic happend. With Spoiled walking in on them for a funny reaction of course.

8061779 Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever happens next, is entirely down to the reader. :scootangel:

Wow, nice double fake out!

Was like "There's no way it's her coming out, that's way too obvious." "Hah, DT a farmer, that's hilarious!" "Wait... DiamondBloom... HOLY SHIT!"

8061888 Yup, that was the intention... :raritywink:

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