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Apple Bloom asks her special somepony, Diamond Tiara, about the way she behaved in her youth. What follows is an illuminating conversation between two mares who've grown up, have learned from the past, and who're very much in love.

Rated T for: Moderate Language

Characters have been aged up a few years. Late teens/early 20s.

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Let the ship sail

This is really heckin' cute.

Thank you :) I wish there was more diamondbloom out there.

Maybe at some point. :heart: I have another, older diamondbloom story up already if you haven't read it yet, and don't wanna wait until I feel like getting back to pony fic. Until then though, I've been mostly preoccupied with my AO3 account and writing fan fiction for other cartoons and whatnot. Idk when the next horse fic will be.

What other cartoons have you been writing for?

Mostly Netflix's She-Ra at the moment. Riding that high from recent series finale :) Though I've got stuff for Splatoon, Adventure Time, Danganronpa, RWBY, etc. Other various cartoons/video games/anime.

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

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