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A shared connection saw them brought together. By accident, by no intention of their own, but lives crossed paths all the same.

It took so long for them to even say hello. Continuous conversation grew slowly, and a real relationship required sorrow as soil. Growth came as time went by.
But now it's good- perhaps even better than good; a little sweetness within each word.
Maybe, if given a little nudge, it could be something new.

My 2024 Valentine's Day special. Enjoy!

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I thought this was very sweet and well-written.

This was good. I just think it needs another chapter or two.

Little idea realized by the maestro~
Bravo and hope for more along the way!

I love it went you go outside the box with ships like these. It makes so much sense and is incredibly sweet. Like the Sunset Velvet one, I hope you come back to this pair at some point

Both of these characters are favorites of mine, so it's quite lovely to see them together in a fic. Nice little read.~:heart:

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