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In need of some help- from y'all! · 2:21am July 29th

So I've not done this sort of thing before, but I'm a bit flummoxed on a one-shot I've got before me. I like it, I like writing it, but I'm a bit unsure of whether or not to extend its length. It could work as a fairly short story, or it could take more length and still be fine by my judgment.

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Cheers to 300 Followers! · 12:23pm April 13th

A big thank you to all who has stuck with me for this far. It's a joy to work hard and share my efforts with every one of you- and even more so when you let me know you like it, too!

Expect a celebratory story to arrive soon. 300 people means something, and I say one more return of some favorites of mine is in order. Stay tuned, and thanks for all the love!

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Crap, it's Valentine's Day next week. Any requests? · 2:05am February 7th

It just sorta kicked in that the worst annual event is coming up. Anything y'all wanna see? I'm always up for requests when it comes to the more thematic holidays, and my idea sheet is sorta blank.

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2021 Recap · 5:23am January 1st

Well, that's done and over with. And thank God, too. That year felt like it went on forever, January of '21 feels like a different life compared to the second half.

But then again, I did get walloped by almighty depression, so that probably didn't help. But hey, we're still here. And I'm somehow not dead, so let's keep this going. I feel like a recap of how things went here might establish some perspective. Let's take a look back at how things went:

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It Christmas · 5:06am Dec 25th, 2021

Merry Christmas! May a harem of beautiful, elegantly-dressed lesbians be there to greet you when you awake.

Enjoy your time with family, and rest peacefully in good humor. It's been a long year, but it doesn't have to be awful today.

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Goodbye, Academia · 11:17pm Dec 9th, 2021

And thank God that I will never have to deal with your bullshit again. Just give me the degree so I can forget all of this, I don't care about the ceremony.

Man alive, ten years was way too long. Sorry about being so MIA for such a long time; whether it be military duties, coursework, or just a depression that won't fucking leave... it's been rough for a few months now. Hopefully once this weekend is over and I can just celebrate Christmas, I'll be able to get a writing rhythm going.

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Help me decide my next story · 2:55pm Nov 17th, 2021

Feeling a bit conflicted about what one-shot story I want to take on next. I have plenty to choose from, but that's sort of the problem. If there's a particular preference for anything, I'm hoping you might be able to make the decision for me. Right now I'm torn; do I take:

- Adagio
- Sunset
- Teacher

Cause all sound equally appealing. Which one looks best to you?

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Any requests for Halloween? · 1:20am Oct 17th, 2021

Title sums it up well enough, I think. Is there anything special y'all would like to see for the 31st? Any special characters, unique ships, something super saucy or sweet?

Sorry for being absent for long as I've been. It's been...
Well, rough. Have a lot of real-world things on my plate that have me scared. But I'd appreciate if someone gave me an idea that would get the juices flowing again.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the fall so far.

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I don't know what to do · 8:19pm Sep 21st, 2021

And by that, well-
I mean me.

I graduate in three months. I've tried to carve out this degree for almost a decade, it took three colleges and even a run from home to finally see it be this close. I'm gonna get it, of that I have no doubt; it's the after that I have to think about now.

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You know you create when.... · 5:32pm Aug 1st, 2021

You get frustrated people favorite a story you didn’t like the result of. Whenever I see people favorite Must Have Crown to Enter I get embarrassed- I should have done ten times better a job than I did on that hunk of junk. I will find a way to rectify that someday.

Sorry for being absent for so long; military duties keep me well occupied and I have people to look after, so I've been relatively worn down. Trying to get back into a rhythm, I think you'll like what comes next.

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