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The Gala was fun. Sure, there was a cake to the face, her best dress ruined, an entire night that was brought to an end by a stampede of terrified animals, but it was at least fun.

Though, admittedly, nothing really quite worked out the way she'd hoped. But Rarity was a strong, capable woman- she could take all of this in stride and still be happy. Just... so much for love and romance.


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'Tis a good crackship

I don't know. Tagging a character that doesn't actually appear seems a little misleading, to be honest. Blueblood is tagged but he makes no appearance and the fic is already finished.

Figured his influence was strong enough to warrant it. Fair enough.

What's this? My favorite ship has appeared. You have great taste my friend.

I know what I like.

To the author - I don't ship this (i'm more into m/m stories...hope ya don't mind that!) if there's a fic pops out at me with an interesting concept i'll read it. really good story none the less:)

I personally don't find it a crack ship, but I friggin' love it! I love it so much. It made me warm and fuzzy inside. Weird that I can see the love between two folks and feel the happiness that results so fully, but I can't tell when it's directed at me or from me..... I guess I have a blind spot in my love sense! lol

It's an uncommon pairing, but that's the fun.

“Oh- oh, of course! My apologies,” Rarity said, rising to her feet and giving her dress and doing what she could to wipe away the wrinkles on her dress as though it had not actually been ruined. “And- if there is any mess left, I am truly sorry. It was an eventful night.”

I'm not entirely sure what you were trying to type here but this section "and giving her dress and doing what she could" seems like it wasn't complete.

More like I tried to create a new sentence and forgot to delete the old one.

This is more than just a crackship, this is a........ (What is an adequate description of a princess and a lady)........... A solar flare. A bright flash of beauty amongst the stars. Well written story, I enjoyed it. Rarity and Celestia getting together seems to fit. :raritystarry:

I try.

Common ships are boring. New and different is fun.

I agree, common ships are boring. One of my favorite ships is unfortunately one that doesn't crop up a lot. My favorite ship is Lunashy. They just seem like they would fit, the shy introverted Pegasus and the awkward out of Time princess helping each other grow by bringing one out of her shell and teaching the other about modern day society. But alas, no one really writes that pairing anymore so.... :fluttershbad:

Not written anymore, you say?

I search up fluttershy's name every chance I get to see if there's any new well written stories but the last Fluttershy Luna romance I came across was written in March and the one before that shows up way back in 2017 and it was cancelled. There's probably some I'm missing because some authors don't use the individual tags they just lump every main character together under the mane 6 tag, but I haven't seen many new ones of those two in the last few years.

Well, how about that. Sounds like a fixable problem.

That was such a great read! Love the way you write!
Every description, every image that comes out from the story, is so beautiful. And I just love your interpretation of the characters!

Finale got around to reading this an it truly did not disappoint. I loved every moment, and my ultimate weakness for fancy clothes only makes this better.

Really hope this gets a sequel at some point, maybe revealing their relationship to the world or maybe even a wedding. I dunno, great work either way

I try.

Wedding sequel doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

In the pipe. Have other things to attend to right now. Got in a bad way for a bit.

Only joking, do what you gotta do. Hope everything works out okay

This was really sweet! Thanks for the fic!

This is not stupid, you are not stupid. The heel with it, make some more.

No fic is crack of done right. Nicely done.

I'm trying to work on it's sequel, I swear.

Ok fine. That's one way to get a follow:rainbowwild:

all in front of the Princess of Equestria!

Oof, luna gets no respect.

This story was well written in my opinion. And I’ve kinda wanted this pairing, believe it or not. I think Rarity and Celestia would make a really cute couple. And you did NOT disappoint with that concept at all. Definitely getting a favorite on this one from me :pinkiehappy:

Gees Celestia. If you lay it on any thicker you can pave a path for the poor girl to follow to your bedroom:trollestia:

Celestia didn't just lay it on so thick as to pave a path, she paved a completely level, 2 lane road with beautifully maintained flowers and shrubbery lining it. Then had her magical, driver-less, horse drawn carriage, with destination locating red carpet, bring Rarity strait to her bed chambers. All while Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and any other cheesy "sexy time" song artist playing in the background

This was wonderful!

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