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This story is a sequel to Roam-Springa

Roam-springa: a period of self-reflection. At least that’s what Mom calls it. Who has time for that? Especially when Limestone is the one in charge. She doesn’t need a stupid waste of a couple weeks to know where she belongs.

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This is r e l e v a n t t o m y i n t e r e s t s ! ! ! :pinkiehappy:

It's like someone tailor-made this story for you.

WOW, I am floored! This is not quite the Limestone that I myself envision, but I wholeheartedly enjoy this take on her and the world she encounters. Phrases like “blanket mineshaft” were characterful and beautiful. The references to Trixie, Jack Pot, and the pest pony added richness and life to the setting—to say nothing about your OCs! They fit Ponyville like a glove. “Barn Fife” indeed. :rainbowkiss:

I also thought that Limestone’s solution to not saying “Tartarus” was delectable—and while I usually prefer less vulgarity, I think this was a story where it worked. Your Limestone struggles with some significant issues, and it was jarring to see her obsessiveness and time-skipping, which is why I very much appreciate that you shared the root of your interpretation of her in your author’s note. I think it would’ve been fine without that, but I think it adds another dimension to the character to envision her with that specific kind of struggle.

Overall, this was great. Thank you for writing it! The only question left is, what happens to the jailbird after this? He was too much fun to leave rotting in the clink forever...

AugieDog had a similar comment about the profanity, and I normally don't use it much. Maybe in a single scene when a character gets way overstressed. The only two stories where I used much, other characters reacted poorly to it, so I at least try to establish it's well outside the norm.

Oh, and Monte just drifts in and out of prisons from town to town. He hasn't done anything that bad, so his term isn't very long.

Very interesting tale. It seemed great to see Limestone look on the events. The touch with her and punk metal was nice. And her landing in jail was a nice chuckle. And her use a profanity appropriate.

Though I feel off put by Cloudy being forceful to Marble into hers. Seems a far cry from her character from her previous fic.

I wonder how you would write for Pinkie or Maud?

Mom probably expected her to get all lightheaded about it and collapse wheezing against a tree.

"I took care to raise thee such that thou couldst endure such excess. Truly, we owe much to Pinkamena in that regard."

Brilliant touch with the other ponies on the road. I especially love the idea that Trixie travelled with her father when she was young.

I do wonder where two-thirds of the Cloudsdale buckball roster lives...

Metalhead Limestone is a stretch for me to wrap my head around, but betweej you and Coffee, I can accommodate the idea.

Excellent work with the pacing. We're following Limestone, so we experience the same gaps she does, and experience the same disorientation when they're revealed. And yeah, that whole family's on the spectrum in one way or another.

All told, fantastic work. Limestone and the wider world just weren't meant for each other. At least she only had to be imprisoned twice to realize that. And any nails the rock farm may need in the future are sure to be beautiful.

Strictly speaking—and I wasn’t about to quibble over this with Pasco—I don’t write Limestone as a metalhead. I write Flash as the metalhead, with Limestone joining in (and, yes, getting into it) for her own reasons (including but not limited to Flash). :derpytongue2:

While I’m quibbling, I think there’s ample room to write the Pies without placing them on the spectrum. I actually think it’s rather neat to see an approach to them that leans so hard into that interpretation, because I’ve been so deep down other paths with them for so long. Though don’t get me wrong, regardless of how one writes them, they’ve definitely got a thing that has to be explained and/or worked around.

But don’t mind my quibbles; I just think it’s great to get more quality Limestone fic and a bit o’ discussion thereof. :pinkiehappy:

Nothing happened that was worth remembering. If pressed, Limestone might say she got into some fights, spent a couple nights in prison and went home. It might seem sad, but it is only sad from the perspective of an outsider, for her it was just the same as the rest of her life. The only thing that mattered was the part the left out, where she spent the night with Marble by the side of the road because that was important and therefore private.

Anyway, I love any story that pits the youngest Pie sisters against the world. Spinster sisters 4 lyfe!

It was an interesting exploration and surprise to see a realistic portrayal of an autistic character. Limestone wasn’t among characters I had considered as possibly being on the spectrum (her sisters were) but this idea worked really well!

Poor Marble, at least she'll never have to go through that again.

Oops, wrong story... meant to comment on the other one.

What in Tartarus did Cup Cake have to do with this? As far as Limestone knew, she was just some baker Mom had arranged for Pinkie to apprentice with this coming summer, once school let out.

...Huh. Somehow I made it the whole way through the original story and never made that connection :facehoof:

I really liked the characterisation of Limestone here. On the one hand, I think it's a little unfair to show her as feeling she should be in charge of everything she feels she has some authority in, because in canon we only ever see her get controlling and angry when it's over the farm, which she legitimately does run, and so wants it done her way. But then, having never been much outside the farm before, I can understand why she'd maintain that behaviour in her new surroundings too, as all she's ever known. I much preferred the idea her wanting it done her way and getting frustrated when it isn't, as you've shown it here, to the surface approach of her just being angry and rude for no reason, which one does see as an interpretation of her canon behaviour from time to time (or worse, people just ignoring her personality and writing her as a stock nice pony).

Limestone as a metal fan, absolutely, I think that suits her down to the ground. Limestone as a sports fan I'm a bit more iffy on, the way I see her she'd view things like that as frivolous. Still, as a means to a bar fight...

I'm a little less sure about the final act of the story, from the prison through to the end. The time skip felt a bit strange to me - which is kind of the point, sure, because it's disorienting for her and we're seeing it through her eyes - but I think it was a little out of the blue to really feel satisfying. Or I just missed all the foreshadowing, could be that too. Any idea what the sentence/penalty would likely be, if she hadn't apologised? I kind of wish she'd stuck to her guns, it's not like having a criminal record would cause her much trouble when she works on the family farm, but I guess then it'd be hanging over her as a time she might have been in the wrong and not accepted it.

I don't remember much comedy in the previous story, so the swearing scene was an unexpected delight!

Thanks for writing, we need more serious looks at Limestone.

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