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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"


A Diamond Dog attack has shattered the quiet calmness of the Pie family rock farm. Now besieged in their own home, the Pies grow desperate to find a solution.

As it turns out, one of their four young fillies has a solution in mind—though it's a bit unorthodox.

This story is an entry in the Season 9 Bingo Contest. I received bingo card #042, containing "Starlight Relapse," "Pony Science," "Earth Pony Flight," "Ember," and "Diamond Dogs." I assert that this contains elements of "Pony Science" and "Diamond Dogs." Story idea & description text by FanOfMostEverything!

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I was hoping to see this get published. Didn't expect it to be your Bingo entry, but I'm not complaining. Thank you for putting up the origin of the Pie sisters' other party pony, and best of luck in the contest.

And here I was hoping that someone was going to throw Limestone into a coconut, and drink that bowl up.

Only the Pie family can turn a home invasion into a party.

So you finally posted this. It's fun, and in it's own weird way, it fits. If you ever do a Limestone story where you need a backstory for her cutie mark this would do nicely. And confuse the heck out of some of the readers while it's at it... :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the core of the idea! It's opening the door to a lot of interesting headcanon for me. And TBH I hadn't planned to submit this for the contest either, but I realized fairly late in the game that it might work.

The family that fends off invaders together, stays together!

You assume there's not some straight everclear in there. :rainbowderp:

I'm 100% on-board with this being her cutie mark story in my corner of the 'verse. I imagine the EqG version would be more slice-of-life-y, though; she'd probably be a bit younger, and she'd just be trying to make mom & dad happy by surprising them with something they both like...

Ugh, that one's sad now that I think about it. :twilightoops:

That's one awesome way to settle a dispute.

Yet another beautifully written and excellently paced specimen.

Limestone isn't the easiest to write about, yet you're able to write well crafted and humorous stories anyways.

I'm happy to catalog this in my journal.

My headcanon has Limestone's daughter being kicked out of Celestia's school for gifted unicorns for dealing drugs so I guess this fits the narrative.

The resolution is a bit sillily easy, but this is amusing and has been upvoted. :pinkiehappy: Thank you for sharing!


Igneous’ eyes went wide. He turned to see Cloudy fixing him with an aghast expression. “Igneous!” she hissed. “Art thou… intemperate?!
Maud cleared her throat again. “I’m just saying, they’re both flammable. We could fashion a pair of Molotrot Cocktails out of them.”

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