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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"



It was supposed to be a simple stargazing trip up to the mountains. But what Moondancer discovers hidden in the moonlight may change her life forever…

...or may, at least, wear too much eyeliner.

For on this night of nights, there lurks a pony of deep darkness: Moonlight Raven, whose adoration of the strange and mystical not only rivals Moondancer's respect of science and reason, but is physically preventing its pursuit.

Can these lovers of the night find common ground, or are they fated to annoy each other to death?

Pre-read by Bookish Delight and Rune Soldier Dan following an appearance in the November 2015 Writeoff, "Out of Time". Cover art assembled from here and here.

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I enjoyed the back and forth of These two characters, I could see Raven and herself really becoming friends. Love a group with the abstract philosopher.

Again the back and forth as just great, I enjoyed the conversation as well as the detail to the story, you built a wonderful scene here, somber but with it's own charm.

I haven't read a good fic I just delved into in a while so this was a great get away for me. Thank you.

Faved, Hoofed Up and will write a spotlight on this as well if that is ok with you.:twilightsmile:

Quick and cute, this could be a great start to something larger.

Out of the blue with yet another story! I'd be happy to proofread your next one, you know. You work really fast. Great job. The story description is a little vague, though--perhaps you can give us a better idea of what we're getting into?

DAYUM! You got me to picture this! A paw up for that.... it's hard to impress me.:rainbowdetermined2:

6784638 6784783 Thank you guys! Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

6784609 Spotlight? That sounds cool. :coolphoto:

6784754 Thank you! I've expanded the overview. And I'm glad to have your offer. I actually do have another story in the works that might benefit from some input, though I want to get another chapter of the Rarity thing ready before I dive back into that.

I love this story and I love you for making it. Have a follow and a favor :heart::rainbowkiss:

Oh, the interplay of the characters in fantastic. :twilightsmile:

This is a fun little story. It has some nice interplay between the two characters. The title made me think a werewolf was going to jump out at them but, Raven had me thinking Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS! I wonder if Tara Strong would ever do a character like that on the mlp show.

While it might be redundant you could also throw down OC for one of the characters considering that you created one for the story. Anyway, nice story, well described and paced. If you ever want my help on anything again let me know. Have a happy New Year!

6785890 You're too kind! :raritystarry:

6786334 Thanks man! This cleaned-up pretty well from its first incarnation in the Writeoff.

6786937 Thank you, and I'll take you up on that one of these days. But when you mention an OC, I assume you're speaking of Moonlight Raven... who actually is canon! (Although her name was fan-given; she was just listed as "Goth Pony" in her Canterlot Boutique debut.)

I found this to be enjoyable, but the comedy tag just does not seem to fit. Still, a very good Slice of Life story.

6788653 I'm inclined to disagree. I find almost all of Moonlight Raven's dialogue amusing, as well as Moondancer's reactions to Moonlight. I hope Moonlight's sister Sunshine Smiles shows up in later chapters - that could be hilarious!

6788864 Well, the author has this marked complete, but I do see potential for a shorter multi-chapter fic, if he should choose to do so.

6788928 Ooops, kinda miss read that. Feeling a bit foolish now. And disappointed. It's a much better first chapter than it is a one shot. But it's still a pretty good one shot.

6789060 I agree that this would be an even better first chapter of a fic... With maybe some Ravendancer shipping

This is totes adorbs. Hoping for more. :-)

6788653 I respect your point, and I debated this pretty hard before releasing it. In the end, I felt like there were enough humorous elements to make the tag worthwhile. Though my thinking may be colored a bit by the ending, which isn't the best joke ever, but which has come lightyears from the original draft.

I hate to disappoint an audience that wants more, but I fear this is all I've got planned for this one. :raritycry:

But, never say never, right? Surely these two could get up to more shenanigans at some point...

6791805 Perfectly understandable. And I shall watch for more such shenanigans (or other works from you) in the future.

This is friendshipping done right!

Quite entertaining. I enjoyed it in the Writeoff, and I'm glad I finally got around to reading it here.

Was the whole story a setup for that last joke? If so, bravo!

6795214 Danke schoen!

6803295 I'm glad you did as well. :twilightsmile:

6820351 Kind of. I wrote this very quickly, so it was more like trying to stay on a bucking bronco than steering it toward a purposeful conclusion. But as I got toward the end, I knew it needed to finish with a laugh... it was just a matter of getting the joke right.

I did not do that in the original draft. :facehoof: This one is much better.

FYI, this ended up getting a sequel after all!

It's quite a bit sillier than this one, but I think it maintains a similar balance of clashing and cuteness between these two.

7079505 I'll be reading it once I have caught up on the current fic that I'm reading.

Yay. I'd move that to the head of my "to read" queue.7079505

Author Interviewer

I came here for actual shipping, goshdarnit! D:

7177339 Sorry to disappoint! :derpytongue2: No seriously, thanks for checking it out.

Nicely done, I like the friendshipping especially.

Well done I enjoyed!

What a nice little story.

Thank you so much! :twilightsmile: This pairing is fun to write. Apart from the one existing (acutely ridiculous) sequel, I haven't had the right inspiration strike yet to continue their story, but these two are perpetually on my "never say never" list.

You're welcome.

That was... That was just nice. I like nice. Thank you for writing and sharing it! :twilightsmile:

YAY! Moondancer made a friend!

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