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Ya know, if I were witty, I would put something clever here. But trust me - I ain't.


Huzzah, it's Hearthswarming! That means sweets, decorations, and songs abound in the Pie family household. Or it would, if Pinkie wasn't away in Ponyville for a baking internship. So if she's unable to provide such a festive atmosphere, who will preserve the joy of Hearthswarming?

Limestone will.

She probably won't like it.

(Artwork commissioned from the ever-talented Jargon Scott.)

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This was a really cute fic! I've always been very partial to Limestone, so seeing her struggle to show her more caring side was a treat!

Sure, there were some gaps in the dialogue, and at least one muttered swear word that she could hear

Oh, Limestone. Never change. :rainbowlaugh:

As a huge Limestone fan, I found this a real treat to read - you got her personality down perfectly. She'll always do the right thing in the end, but she'll sure grump about it. Best pony. :heart: The Pie family dynamics are really fun, too.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss... I lost my mom suddenly several years ago as well (also just before Christmas, coincidentally), and nothing can really prepare you for it. I hope this story helped you at least a little. As it is, I really enjoyed it.

Thank you! It's my first Limestone fic, and so I wanted to try to show her as rough around the edges and hesitant to express herself, but not heartless. It was a hard balance for me to keep! Thanks again for reading!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Trying to find the right balance between grumpy and caring for Limestone, as well as the dynamics between the family members,was hard for me, but it sounds like I got it right! And writing this out did help me express a bit, if only a bit, of grief. Thank you so much for reading it!

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