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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"


When Twilight Sparkle's overzealous insistence on correcting a typo in her junk mail draws the attention of a foreign postal service, can she dial-down her OCD long enough to avoid an international incident?

Probably not, but let's see what happens!

Co-written by Georg for pretty-pegasus-wings in Bluegrass Brooke’s Secret Santa fic exchange! Tweaked by Moosetasm! Art by pridark! Featured on Equestria Daily 10Jul.2017! :pinkiegasp:

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I chuckle'd. STOP

Enjoy! (a premium Like.) STOP

Also, first. Yeah! STOP

It was a bright and sunny morning in Ponyville. Birds were singing. Butterflies drifted by in the breeze. And Twilight Sparkle was walking through town, wearing a sock on her horn.

I'm proud of this line :pinkiehappy:

And for the ending, I would like to point out that Blackmail is such an ugly word.

On the first hand: I love this story.

On the second hand: I also love your embedded-box footnote format, and please muchly can you tell me how to do that? :duck:

7818937 Secret Japanese web-coding techniques, passed down from father to son for hundreds of years.

[left_insert]Left side[/left_insert] [right_insert]Right side[/right_insert]


Curse you, O my antiquated BBcode reference sheet, concealer of the mysteries of the Orient!

(Thanks muchly.)

So is there only 1 chapter?

7822716 Oh for the love of... I had that set wrong. This is very definitely a one-shot. Thanks for pointing it out!

Use your knowledge well, young Padawans. Many Bothans died to bring us these inserts.

7818397 That's only one of many great lines. :pinkiehappy: And yes, as you also said, blackmail is magic!!

7818292 Thank you very much!

I have a number of questions, but the rest of me is reminding me that this was a farce and analyzing it too closely will kill it.

That being said, quite entertaining. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

From now on I'm calling all my socks Medical Substance Restraining Devices... :yay:

Dear Awthor:

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7846243 Dear Sir, your attention to this matter is of great esteem to me. I find your offer attractive and like to know if you willing to hold large sum of money in your bank account on behalf of a local prince. Dialing 837-5309 for sending the needful. :heart:

This was not terrible, but you kept misspelling "rensident" as "resident" and I found that really distracting, CoffeeDad.

7858639 Eh? Whazzat?! Get off my lawn, you dang kids with your fancy spellin'! :derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

I don't even.

And in other parts of Equestria, Mr. Undeliverable As Addressed is left wondering why none of his mail ever arrives, and Ms. Current Resident is daily inundated with a veritable flood of fliers, ads, and direct mail pieces...

Rumour has it that Address Service Requested's mail is trapped in an infinite bureaucratic loop involving incorrect paperwork and invalid permits with the regional distribution centres in Canterlot, Manehattan, and Fillydelphia...

8100669 Yes, this. So much this. :rainbowlaugh:

Well it looks like I will have the honor to do this.

So let it be written, so let it be done. :rainbowlaugh:

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