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Twilight Sparkle will not pass up on this incredible opportunity – a batpony stallion came to stay in Ponyville and is willing to share knowledge and information! It would allow to finally fill all the gaps in Equestrian knowledge about their species!

The questions are prepared, the tape is set. Let's start the interview!

5th place in the EQD Batpony Writeoff Competition (link)

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this was really good, love that ending :moustache:

This is wonderful. I hope to see maybe a second interview....Maybe.


Thank you. I would say the case of a second interview depends on positive-enough reception of this one. :twilightsmile:

New headcanon! This is pretty much the only batpony story that A: didn't say something I disagreed with and B: named them in a more realistic fashion. That,, plus the fact that this story specifically adressed the parts of the other stories I disagreed with, made it an enjoyable read.


Thank you for your opinion. :pinkiesmile:

I aimed to write this in a fashion that would give noctrali a realistic background, without otherworld/supernatural/overdone ideas. I figured they would fit into the general setting more naturally that way.

(By the way - glory to Princess Luna. :twilightsmile: )

Author Interviewer

I found this incredibly dull, but I will give you points for coming up with a decent, and above all, original name for the batpony race.

Yay worldbuilding! I really really loved this. It is going to be HARD to decide which ones to vote for with the writeoff, especially as there's already three stories from it I've read and loved! Ah well, more good stuff is always better than less good stuff.

There's a group I've seen called the World-Building Alliance; you might want to submit this story to there, if you can (I'm still not really sure how groups work on here).

I think I have a fondness for world-building stories presented in the form of Twilight interviewing a member of the culture in question. Heck, I think I really love world-building stories presented as an interview or essay or brochure or something like that, instead of as "background details" to a story. I'm weird like that.


Thank you for your opinion and time you spent to read this nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

Also, good luck in the competition, for I know you entered it too.


I enjoy world-building myself. The show presented an incredible opportunity, for it left a great amount of space for fanfiction writers who would want to try shaping Equestria and worlds beyond it. Also, if you say there is a group devoted to that, I might be sincerely interested.

Also, thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

Why would you have those last few lines there aaaahhhhhhhh
This just
Yes. All of my yes I absolutely adore this kind of world building. I love it when it's this thorough.
Is the batponies' language Russian or something? I mean, they live in the mountains in constant snow, ther words have rolled 'r's and well...I kept hearing him with Heavy's voice. XD


I just imagined Midnight as the Heavy and had a hearty laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

I am very glad you enjoyed it. I think a stern Eastern European accent is a good choice for this species. Also those last few lines do have a logical explanation... perhaps... :pinkiecrazy:

Congratulations on the 5th place in the EQD's writeoff! :yay:

That's some solid worldbuilding skills you've displayed. Keep it up - I can honestly say that thanks to you my knowledge about batponies has grown from 'oh, Luna's got cool guards' to 'oh, they are an actual, living, breathing and interesting species'. Good job!


Thank you kindly. Comments like that make the writer's job so much more satisfying. :twilightsmile:

Allow me to also say that I am keeping an eye on your "Of Lilies and Chestnuts" story. That is one, adorable take on noctrali. At least on a specific, "nutsie" member of the species. :pinkiesmile:


:takes a bow:

Now this, this was a lovely story.

Now, I've read a few stories like this one. 'Twilight has a interview/date (on some occasions) with a bat/vampony/threstral yatta yatta nihaio. Of them, however, I find this to be my favorite. The world building is done -very- deliberatly, and crafts a fine mental image of the Seven Peaks of the Batponies.

Also- calling them batponies instead of threstrals, that's something I rather like. I mean, I honestly don't like the name 'bat-pony' over threstral, mostly because threstrals ARE a kind of mythical horse, where as I have yet to see a 'bat pony' in legend outside of a threstral.

But in this story, it works. It's obviously a deliberate choice, and one that helps with that world building I mentioned before which makes me rather happy.

Also, the deconstructing of the Vampire legend based on what a bat-pony is? Very enjoyable. And I am curious as to see what he meant at the end. Heh, and the flirting between tall, dark, bat-winged and apparently quite handsome and everypony's favorite egghead made for engaging reading, even with only 'word' cues to go by. It feels more like an actual interview or talk with someone, very natural.

Frankly, all in all, a story I'd love to see continued, or a world I'd love to have explored more.


Thank you very much for the comment. I am extremely happy that I was able to provide a story that was both appealing and reached its goal - making noctrali a more complex, living and breathing race.

I wasn't originally planning on a sequel, but seeing how the story was received I am deliberating expanding it, in not too distant future, I think. :twilightsmile:

‘Great! That wraps this up. Conclusion for today: Some batponies are actually vampires, but, fear not, they do not drink blood one way or the other...’
‘N-no. No, we don’t’
: silence :
‘... did you just hesitate?’
‘Did I...? Well...’
: silent laughter :
‘I guess I did.’
: click :

:trixieshiftright:hmm...... More questions are raised now from that.
:moustache: Probably just means that the only blood ever drink-ed is only in battle.....:derpyderp2: maybe?


Only Midnight can tell us for sure. :raritywink:

3679962 True. Thank you for writing this. It was very insightful, even for a head-cannon. It makes quite a lot of sense to be perfectly honest. Also I like how you have set-up their infrastructure/community/etc. :pinkiesmile:


Many thanks. It gives me joy to see that my approach to noctrali received such a positive feedback. :twilightsmile:

FimFiction needs a batpony tag.


I agree. Crystal Ponies have a tag, let us give a chance to noctrali.

love the way this story is structured like a video recording. the backstory and info about the batponies is very intresting as well with words like vampire being a messed up form of wampire


More linguistic butchery! The word is wampir, not "wampire"! :flutterrage:

Alright, joking aside, I thank you for your comment and for your appreciation. :twilightsmile:

Bravo,a masterpiece of work and a watcher gained.

I'm confused. How did ts get human technology?


Thank you kindly. :twilightsmile:


I believe that, since we already experienced devices as complex as arcade machines in the show, tape recorders would be something acquirable in Equestria. :pinkiesmile:

Das Ende hat mich zum Schluss, dass Mitternacht ist ein Vampir zu kommen. Wäre das wahr sein?:duck:


Sie können in der nächsten Geschichte zu überprüfen, mein Freund. :twilightsmile:

4509259 Wenn Sie Englisch bevorzugen, lebe ich in Amerika, und gerne aufnehmen würde:twilightblush:. Wie für das Lesen der nächsten Geschichte, ich bin in Teil vier.:twilightsmile:


Make sure you check out the sequel, Rendezvous with a Batpony. :raritywink:

That was exceptionally good. It really shows how a great writer can create an engaging story out of almost nothing but worldbuilding — not to mention being constrained to dialogue only. Speaking of dialogue (no pun intended), I think it's remarkable how well you convey the intonations and tone of the conversation without needing to state it outright.
As for the content itself... I suppose there's not much that hasn't already been said. The view you present on the noctrali is not only interesting, but believable as well, and I greatly enjoyed finding out about it. Well, I suppose it's on to the sequel for me.


I always welcome new readers embarking on my magical adventure. :raritywink:

Enjoy yourself.

6271723 love the humorous crossover in this. You have a favorite from me.


Why, thank you very much. :twilightsmile:

When I saw this passage,

"Ah, but that is our traditional weaponry. While you favor spears, we have hoofshoes with two sharp blades attached to them, made for slashing and stabbing in an animal fashion. Claw-like, much?"

I thought of this image. The artist does amazing work.


Oh, yes! This is a wonderful piece of art! This image exactly was not my inspiration, but I have found a reasonable amount of drawings with batponies using clawed hoofshoes. It felt natural, and true to their nature, to make those their weaponry.

Actually batpony is not a correct term. These THESTRALS are known as undead dragon horses


You weren't paying attention. :rainbowlaugh:

7991653 If you referring to me reading the story I am on the third one now

Really enjoyed reading this. It was quite an interesting take on bat ponies. I especially liked their history with Luna and Celestia. Great job. =)


I'm very glad you enjoyed it! Make sure to check out the other stories, if you haven't already. :twilightsmile:

I plan on it, just haven't gotten to it yet. XD

why not mangos?

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