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I never thought of myself as a sailor, but now ships are all I sea. (That pun was bad, but I don't feel bad.) Stories coming soon


After losing her only friend Diamond Tiara finds herself being comforted by the last person she expected. Could this small act of kindness lead to something more... You read the tags already, you know it does. Currently plan on this story being sfw, but will see how long that lasts. Aged them up just in case.

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_____So where does the human tag come into play?

They're human, ir is that specifically for human ocs?

Yeah, what 8651353 said – the same also applies to Apple Bloom. Also, it does feel rushed; we're going through a lot of events in about a thousand words and it feels more like an outline of a chapter (especially since the narration tends to tell rather than show). You seem to jump between past and present tense a lot too.

It's the first thing I've written in over a year, getting back into the swing of it.

So you'll most likely come back and revise this chapter later?

Probably, gonna write a few more chapters first, shake the rusties off.

Ok cool. Can't wait to read the future chapters.

Also, have a follow:pinkiesmile:

_____No, and yes. When the EQG tag first came out, Knighty more-or-less said that the human tag isn't needed anymore, unless the human tag features an actual human in the EQG universe. It was because it was requested a lot and also so that people wouldn't have to use the human tag. So unless there's a human who doesn't have a color skin disease, you don't need the tag. (Due to my belated response, seems as though you already removed it.)

I do try to keep redundancy to a minimum, though I go months at a time with very little activity, so I find myself out of the loop a lot, took me forever just to figure out how to start a new story with the current lay out, lol.

_____Yeah, it was kind of confusing to me, too. I'm not particularly a big fan of the changes. Though, that may just be because I'm quite miffed about indents being removed altogether. If indents were still around I'd probably be perfectly fine with this stupid update.

Well, while you're here, what did you think of the chapter?

_____It's not bad, and it's off to a good start. There's a distinct lack of typos which is an A plus (though it has been two days since I've read it) in my book. I'm not too amazed with it, partly because in my vast library I've read hundreds of stories, many of which have the romance tag. Some were amazing and quite a few were just... meh. Yours falls in the category of, "Hmm, yes, quite right. Congratulations, you have my attention. Now let's see how long you can keep it."

I'll try not to let you down.

Yay! An update! I like how you portrayed Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara in this chapter. Very sweet and adorable.

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying this story too.

Loved how you worded the whole chapter, and I loved the visual image you gave with Apple Bloom and the sunset. Beautifully done.

Nice story, I really hoped it would be a bit more longer, but still, cute and lovely.

This was mostly a short, sweet little fluff piece to give me a break from my other story. After I either finish it or decide I need another break I have every intention of making a sequel to this, I've grown too attached to the pairing not to.

Also, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Wait Apple Bloom is old enough to drive in this fanfic? Unless this is during their Senior year or something.

Whatever fits your head canon best.

Yes, I feel like you did AppleBloom's accent perfectly, I could almost hear her speaking in my head. A sequel would be nice, I could see some first time smut, Diamond telling Silverspoon and her parents with Applebloom telling Sweetie and Scootaloo about their relationship, first time, etc...

I'm glad you liked it.

I actually started working on it already, not sure when it'll be done, but I've started it. I like these two too much to leave it as is.

That’s great news! I cant to read it once it’s out

I'm glad you're so enthused. I will hopefully have the first chapter done some time this month.

Hell yeah! I came here to say this was adorable and I do hope you write more diamond bloom 🥰

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