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Cadance tries to be the best mom in the world. She really does. But when she's summoned to Flurry's school after her young daughter gets in a fight with a classmate, she wonder just how good of a mom she's capable of being.

My technically-not-late entry into the Cadance Is a Terrible Mom contest.

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Loved this to bits. A wonderful look at all of them.

Now this is a damn solid first story.

You get major bonus points for having a Crystal Empire school that isn't, for all intents and purposes, nothing more but a pony version of Crystal Prep from the Friendship Games movie.

Not sure how this qualifies as Cadance being a terrible mom though.

An interesting first start.

This story earned you a follow!

This is a great little story about the trials of parenthood, and you did a wonderful job with the POV focus.

Damn fine fic ya got here

O_O I love this! Here, have a follow!

Aww so cute :) so many Fics try to subvert the shows values, or present them inn new ways. But there is always a special place in heart for fics like this that embody the show so we'll. A lession for kids and grownups wrapped up in a wonderful mix of realistic and magical.

I think it might be less about Cadance actually being a bad mom, and more that she feels like she is.

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Couldn’t say it better myself

I kinda wish that there'd been more of a dialogue between Flurry and Cadence, but still, pretty good.

This fic was just so... lovely.
Absolutely lovely. So in character, so on point, realistic, yet wonderfully thought out and compassionate. :twilightsmile:
So many moms out there think they're bad moms when really they try and work so hard being the best mom they could possibly be.
Flurry and Shiny are so lucky to have Cadance, as she is lucky to have them.

Thank you for sharing this bit of seratonin!

Flurry in a fight reminds me of a comic by some 'Glacierclear' guy years ago where Angry Cadance was storming around Ponyville with Handsome Flurry, who vaporized a pony that bumped into Cadance.

It's still hilarious to me.

Too bad this would never happen in American Public Schools™...

Wonderful story!

communication between parents and staff came in the form of magical scrolls transported via dragon’s breath from the drake who worked in the front office.

I am sad that the series world building moved away from 'all dragons are potential email servers' and am glad you included this. In Fallout Equestria its implied that all students at CSGU were assigned a personal dragon for communication purposes. I like this idea a lot even if it turned out not to be the case.

Do we ever see a Dragon other than Spike send letters?

I always kind of assumed it was an ability only he had because Twilight birthed him with her magic.


I'm pretty certain we don't and that canon is that it's just a Spike thing.

Which disappoints me. :raritydespair:

Ah, the meathead and the mom. They are good parents.

Cadance clenched her teeth and looked down at the floor, and if it weren’t for her stupid pulse pounding between her stupid ears, she might’ve been able to hear herself think, and use those thoughts to come up with something more to say. But she couldn’t, so she didn’t, and now Shining was wrapping his hoof around her and pulling her into her chest, and her eyes were prickling with moisture she could no longer hold back.


Well if this just ain't eleven gallons o' wholesome in a ten gallon barrel! :ajsmug:


Maybe not terrible, but she jumped to conclusions badly until Shining talked her down, and she apparently hasn't paid enough attention to Flurry to *ever* previously realize that her defensive spell was a fear response.

It is damn hard and damn scary being a parent sometimes. Won't be long before I have to deal with something like this. Thank you for the good read.

I really needed a nice story like this today. Very wholesome and got to love how Cadance was with handling what happened and how Shining had to be the one to help ground her into it. This one has earned you a new follower. :twilightsmile:

For the first time that day, a sob escaped Cadance’s chest. She clapped a hoof over her mouth too late to stop it, and soon enough a second sob followed, then a third. The whole time, her husband kept stroking her back and pressing her lips into the top of her head, and eventually it started to actually help. Once she regained control of herself, Shining answered her unfinished question.


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Normally I like these kinds of hyper-dramatic, almost Shakespearian one-offs, but this one is just so dramatic that it becomes downright silly. Like I can appreciate a little drama but you drone on and on and on about how freaked out Cadance was over a six-year-old scuffle that she didnt even hear the whole story of and which hurt no one.

Everything else is good, or great even, it just seems like you either think very poorly of Cadance's character for some reason or genuinely believe such a minor dust-up is worth the freak out she has.

This is a solid 7/10 and woulda been higher if you woulda dialed back the freak out just a touch.

That was absolutely beautiful and wonderful. :raritystarry: And as a parent I have absolutely been here.

Like. Minus the magical powers.

Point. Even more so when you remember that Twilight figured out the same thing within a few minutes of Flurry first doing it. Not after 6 years.

Aww this was such a sweet read! I love the dynamic of Cadence and Shining here, especially with him helping to keep her steady and clear her head from those swirling negativities. That’s something we can all use, just some calm words and reflection on the situation.

I hope to see more from you in the future!

Hi there! I'm here from Comment Club, giving this my first try! Here we go!!

So, first off I'm cracking up that there was even a 'Cadance is a terrible mom' contest. HILARIOUS!! I saw another comment that said Cadance seemed 'over the top' and they couldn't rate it highly for that reason, and I feel like ... geez... okay, you've never heard of motherhood like, as a concept, then?

One of the most stressful, universal parts of motherhood is feeling like you're not measuring up to everyone else. This kind of wild leap of logic, the over-emotional panic, is something that a lot of moms go through. Especially over something that FEELS earth-shaking, especially with your first child, that later turns out to be a nothingburger! Your kid gets into their first fight at school? HUGE DEAL! You get called out of work!? HUGE!! And your kid is basically carrying a nuke on their forehead, at six? EARTH SHATTERING PANIC, MY DUDES!!!

For that reason, I thought Cadance's meltdown was TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE! And it was sweet, how Shining Armor was there to hold her hoof and comfort her through it. It was interesting to see that his expertise in the situation came not from like, parenting books, but from being the kid getting in fights at that age. He turned out fine! ... mostly! It was a good progression of her emotions; we realy knew from the jump that she's barely holding on to her feelings, and when it finally cracks open, it feels like a relief for the reader, too.

My only nitpick (which is very nitpicky, it's a lovely story as I said!) was that it turned out a little too neatly; you know? "Oh it turns out that Flurry was defending her friend from a bully so she was justified in using her magic!" is a pretty neat little bow to put on top, and it sort of removes a lot of the tension in Cadance's situation very neatly, without any effort on her part. It's not bad, or wrong; but I feel like it might have been even stronger if like, say, Flurry DID just get frustrated and wallop some bratty little colt. It happens! Like Mrs. Parsnip (great name!) said: they're just little kids! They're six! Kids get in fights and lose their tempers! It's a great learning experience to talk about big and overwhelming feelings, and how we can work through them with words instead of magic.

The only other thing I noted that I didn't love was (I think jokingly) when Cadance referred to Shining Armor as a big galoot (true), and sort of like another kid? That's a trope that pops up a lot in sitcoms, as well as in real life, and it's always kind of unfortunate to me. Maybe that's just personal preference, do with it what you wish! I really liked the moments where he was a supportive partner, less so when it became mother-son-ish.

Like I said, this was a really sweet, genuine story, and I really liked what you did with the prompt! I hope you won something! She's not a terrible mom, but she's so afraid of being one that she ties herself into knots! And it's very relateable and sweet, even when she's dealing with a kiddo who has a nuke on her face, instead of just a normal kiddo. Bravo!! :heart:

Howdy, hi!

First off, I love me some dad Shining Armour, and you write an awesome dad Shining Armour. Everyone in this is actually very well written with solid characterizations and really endearing personalities. I love the setup of the conflict and how empathetic Shining and Cadance are. The struggle they have with their first big school problem with Flurry who's scared because she thinks she's really screwed up. That she can use her dad's shield spell is also a really nice touch.

The biggest thing about this that really gets me is how patient Cadance is. She's empathetic to her daughter and more concerned ver her wellbeing than enacting some punishment. It's a really sweet charming story with great characters and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading of it.

Thank you very much for the fic~!

I loved this story the first time I read it. I can proudly say I still love it.

You may have left the site, at least for now, but I hope somewhere out there you know that your writing is quite good. That you helped to give a few people smiles. Because I'm certain it did.

This may have been your first story. And a first story, I say, well done. The characterization of Cadance being a mom, Shining Armor being the dad and big brother...heh, I want this family relationship. I love the subtle nudge to Twilight too, and how Shining brought it up to help talk about what's best for Flurry.

Honestly, I'm a sucker for Flurry fics. Need more of these.

this story resonates a lot with what i imagine for Cadance as Flurry grows up from an overly powerful infant to an overly powerful foal, whose moral development she would have a lot of reason to worry about beyond what she already has as a mother. i definitely identify with Cadance a lot in that as a young child i was the opposite of a troublemaker, and so i wouldn't understand my own child being any different, and would be scared of what that meant. it's also nice to see Shining and Cadance as a team here, and Shining being more experienced and calm about the situation due to growing up as Twilight's older brother makes a lot of sense.

all in all, a fantastic example of low-concept done well. thank you for it!

I'm gonna start off by saying that I adore Cadance, with all her faults and virtues. There nearly isn't enough well-written Cadance on this site, and I'm happy to see this one counts as one of them :twilightsmile:

She swallowed hard and kept her stride. Eyes forward, she reminded herself, and chin high. There might not be any photographers around, but there were plenty of foals, and foals talked to their parents and parents spread rumors. Rumors that could bring her capacity to rule into question—that could reflect back on Flurry. And there was nothing Cadance wouldn’t do, nothing she couldn’t handle, if it meant keeping Flurry from getting hurt.

I love how her primary concern here and now is on Flurry, and only Flurry. Good Mom, and you've been nailing Cadance's character so far, heh.

One of her parents. Right. Her doting mother and father, who’d apparently raised a filly so confident in her magical skills that she used them to settle playground disputes. That certainly wouldn’t be front-page news. That certainly wouldn’t give the tabloids fodder for months of editorials and thinkpieces about what kind of parent would raise such a little hellion, what kind of ruler couldn’t even control her flesh and blood...

Overthinking, oof. I can very much relate to that.

For the first time that day, a sob escaped Cadance’s chest. She clapped a hoof over her mouth too late to stop it, and soon enough a second sob followed, then a third. The whole time, her husband kept stroking her back and pressing her lips into the top of her head, and eventually it started to actually help. Once she regained control of herself, Shining answered her unfinished question.

Aw, Cadance :C

Slowly, gently, Shining leaned over and kissed Cadance on the forehead. “And for the record, her mom isn’t a bad pony either. Certainly not because she taught her daughter by example how to stand up to bullies.”

Couple goals :heart: :heart: I love it.

Cadance didn’t need to get much closer to guess what it was: a little stuffed snail with a green felt shell and thoroughly worn seams that had been mended time and time again. Even though she insisted she was a big girl who was responsible enough to pack her own schoolbag, Flurry always made sure her Whammy had a prized place between her school books and pencil case, just in case she ever needed a little boost of confidence or a momentary rush of comfort during the day. She had it squeezed between her front hooves now, her muzzle pressed into the gap between its head and its shell. Her face was pink, and the fur under her eyes was matted with streaks of tears.

Awwww. I'm out of words- just, aw.

I love this. It's the perfect balance between introspective and light, perfect for a story about childhood. Top notch characterisation for Cadance, especially, and few people can get her right.

Thank you for the story :twilightsmile:

You know what I love? I love stories where little kids' feelings get taken seriously and aren't treated as inherently unimportant.

Thank you for this.

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