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Princess Luna has returned to Equestria from her millennium of exile, but much has been lost to her: centuries of time, the respect and admiration of a nation, and perhaps worst of all, the beautiful stars in her mane.

Fortunately, she hasn't lost the love of her sister.

Entrant to the first Quills and Sofas Speedwriting competition for the prompt "The Stars are Gone".

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Comments ( 23 )

Beautiful. I especially appreciate the focus on contrasting the sisters' manes, and the nature of that final knot. Thank you for this.

How endearing.
That was a delight to read. I like stories that focus on simple yet intimate moments.
Well done. :twilightsmile:

That was a sweet little morsel of a story.

A beautiful and heartwarming little story. Loved it :heart:

Sibling stories connect with me all too well, and this was no exception. Thank you for giving us this touching moment to share with the sisters.

That was very nice. These heartwarming sibling moments are always a joy to read. Also, I have to admit:

"Fine, then! Should a suitable torture not be provided to me daily, I shall enact a means to punish myself," said Luna.

I like the nod to the Tantabus.

Very sweet!

Simply put, I loved this!:twilightsmile:

Who's chopping onions?! :twilightangry2:

Aww, what a lovely piece.

A lovely little Sisters story. :twilightsmile:

What a lovely story of the two sisters. Thank you so much for it. :twilightsmile:

What a heartwarming scene. :twilightsmile: I'm honored to add it to my library! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Awwwww sweet sister story.

A charming little story, with hints of things to come with the Tantabus, but otherwise an enjoyable look at a well deserved moment for the two sisters reunited.

And Luna with a tangled, mundane Mane in terrible need of brushing is an undeniably cute image.

Nicely done, Trixie. The last knot and the first twinkle in Luna's tail were great. Always do enjoy sisterly bonding!

It was a good story, and the final sentence really caps it all off.

I really really appreciate stories like this which take a look at pony events retroactively. Most current stories are set in whatever season is current, but I think the old ideas are still really interesting.

It's a delightful piece! Worth reading a second time:).

Oh, yeah. I'd been aware of this roughly since it was published, but put off reading it until the right moment. Stories about Luna returning from exile are a favourite theme, and one that's just not seen that often anymore. This was excellent, and reminds me of the old days.

And, I'll prolly go to Hell for this, but...

"Fine, then! Should a suitable torture not be provided to me daily, I shall enact a means to punish myself," said Luna.

would be an excellent point of departure for a slapstick BDSM story with inescapably complex self-bondage, out of control spanking machines, and bizarre humiliations.

"Fine, then! Should a suitable torture not be provided to me daily, I shall enact a means to punish myself," said Luna.

I would prefer it remaining a referene to The Tantabus.


Yesss, yesss, give in to the heartwarming, Trick. Succomb to the cute stories!

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