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While wandering around in an ancient mountain, Twilight stumbles upon some ancient fossils. Unfortunately, these fossils are certainly not dead. They are quite talkative, and definitely not friends. A short inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon. Hope you all enjoy!

Also, pic is not mine. If you are the artist and would like it removed, please tell me!

I just realized that I wrote this a month ago.

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Needs more chapters

...I want to insert this in the Pokemon fics group... but how do I classify it?


Let's go with the "One-shot" folder.
Also, zubats. Zubats everywhere.

I bloody knew it! The moment I saw that photo and that title, I could see it had the inevitability of Boris Johnson going down a butter mountain on a skateboard. Speaking as a Cultist of the Dome I disapprove. Funny all the same though. :moustache:


All hail Lord Helix!

The Sword - Arcane Montane

4254290, 4254404, 4255172
Are you all sure? I felt it was pretty complete as is, but if you all want me to go on...
I may have a few ideas. :pinkiehappy:

4254353, 4256115
Let his light shine through us and bring us closer to the truth, closer to ascension. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm perfectly fine with it being in that group. Any others you think it might belong in? :trixieshiftleft:

Fear not, lost sheep of the dome, for I am of the forgiving kind. Mine own brother fell to the temptations of the dome, yet forgiveness is something I was taught to preach.:scootangel:

Interesting; I had never heard that piece before, but after listening, that does sound a whole lot like this story! :pinkiehappy:
I also doesn't hurt that the song is pretty sweet, too! :rainbowdetermined2:

I'm pretty sure the one I inserted this story in isn't the only one about pokemons... plus there are some crossover groups this could easily fit in, and some more "generic" ones that accept nearly EVERY kind of fic. You just need to search for them.
Uh, I could put this in the "Writer's group" too"

It's up to you! :pinkiesmile:

Praise lord helix

4257668 *forgot to add favorite earlier and favorites*

Let his light warm you, brother/sister! :pinkiecrazy:

Tis no trouble! Glad you remembered this time! :twilightsmile:

4257668 Dome is order and progress

Fun fact: I played Dark Souls 2 and after I stopped I saw this
I wanted to make a "Praise the sun" joke

If you insist. A member of both sects is odd... But not unheard of...

"Praise the SUN!" :moustache:

4259048 I did not worship the spiral of lies!

Aha. I must have had you confused with another. When one is a changeling, these things oft happen.

Somehow, it was both sillier and more serious than i expected.

I don't know how to praise you, so i will be merely confused. :applejackconfused:

Two days later, Pinkie Pie found Twilight's fossils, leading to the birth of two new religions which would re-define Equestrian society. Shocked by what she had unleashed, Twilight decided to run away and stick with Old Amber :trollestia:

4262752 Do not praise the author. Praise Helix :moustache:


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