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Even when Twilight caught up with her Canterlot friends, she managed to forget one of them. Now Lyra Heartstrings has the perfect opportunity to correct that oversight. The enormous, mysterious artifact from beyond known time and space is really just a bonus.

Set in late season 5. Inspired by IDW's Transformers vs. G. I. Joe #13, which also provided the cover image. Graciously edited by Themaskedferret.

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I hereby lay claim to the honor of first comment! :moustache:

I came here for Moondancer licking a Transformer. I was not disappointed.

Also, Dash's appearance was the best. :rainbowlaugh:

A fun little one shot. If you ever get some time, I'd be funny to see what happens when/if Megatron wakes up. Or what will happen when Equestira gets Cybtroian tech.

Nice little story the part about Twilight's identification and a bet with Luna was funny. Rainbow Dash was apparently a bit too fast for the guards to catch up.

There is not nearly enough bouncing Lyra in the world.

7403326 Name checks out.

Moondancer licking a Transformer. Huh. You know, it works for me. :twistnerd:

She said, "Flip the sign for me, please?" as she reached under the counter

The underlined word does not exist in the current version of the text. I suggest you rectify this discrepancy.

Also, this was hilarious and far too short.

Meanwhile, back in town, Pinkie has managed to somehow ruin everything

"Who just licks an alien," huh?

I ship it.

Silly Bon Bon. You shouldn't make the tracking devices out of candy!

Pretty great, even if this feels more like the first chapter of something than an entire fic.

Loved the bit with Twi's new SOP for the next decade, and that it was the result of Luna giving her a sucker bet. Luna putting that earth pony hammerspace to good use. Bon Bon made good use of it, too. :pinkiehappy:

"Oh. Oh my. That is a very large minotauroid golem."

I like how she used the magical analog for robot.

The tech could be beyond human capabilities. I also know that ponies are less advanced than humans.

OMG, just when I thought you couldn't make things even more awesome, you prove me wrong! :heart:

for some reason I thought this said incomplete

Aww yeah, that was great. Exactly the expansion from the short excerpt that I was hoping for.

This is FIMFiction's 100,000th story! Congratulations, FoME and FIMFiction!

A nice silly story, I approve.

7404701 Wow, really?

In your face HarryPotterFanFiction.com!:rainbowwild:

Now owr site has 20% more stories than yours.:rainbowdetermined2:


This is glorious.

RUR? Heh, I wonder how you'd ponify Karel Čapek's name. Probably a bit difficult to do :rainbowlaugh:

Still, this was a fun read.
That Twilight's introduction though! Also finding out it was a bet... I bet Luna's cackling maniacally every time she hears about that introduction.

Also, Dash's entrance. That was awesome. And a reference to the Death Battle. Nostalgia strikes!

This is really good, but I'm a little sad that there isn't more to it.

I get it was supposed to be a joke, but damn if I wouldn't enjoy seeing another chapter/sequel to this.

Knew someone would make a story from this image... I approve!:yay:

Great! Now make a full sized sequel because that was awesome!

Well, that was interesting. Favorite part had to be Twilight's regal introduction and Luna's dare.

But, kind of irritated with Rainbow here. I really don't care that it's in her personality to ignore posted guards and or rules if awesome is nearby: I still want to see reprecussions. Here, it would have been beautiful and perfectly fine to see the hoard of guards she bypassed in unison tackle her to the ground and have Twilight have to bail her out.

Seriously though, Rainbow gets away with so much stuff in so many stories that you could almost make a bloody drinking game out of it.

Moving on, this was a fun little story and I would love to see more, with more interaction between Twilight and Lyra.

Sorry for the long delay, everyone. Between the Writeoff and job hunting, I'm driving myself to distraction. By which I mean a lot of Overwatch videos on YouTube. :twilightsheepish: In any case, better late than never.

7403347 7403490
Can't say I didn't deliver what I promised. :rainbowwild:

7403349 7403589 7405878 7406363 7408955
:twilightsheepish: I have an unfortunate tendency to write one-shots that raise all kinds of possibilities without making any plans to explore those possibilities. Sorry about that. Still, you're welcome to use this story as a jumping-off point if you're so inclined. And who knows? I may revisit it at some point. No promises there, though.

There really isn't.

:pinkiehappy: "Ruin? Or improve?"

"Pubescent. Simian. Endocrine system. My better judgement was drowning in estrogen."
"Uh huh. And how's your pen pal in the Crystal Empire?"
"This is how you're getting back at me for never going to that party, isn't it?"
"I can beat either the joke or your skull into the ground. I've made my choice."

Hey, she works with what her cutie mark gives her.

In Luna's case, it was shapeshifting. It's easy to fit fifty grapes in your mouth when you can do decent bullfrog impression. Twilight saw her reassume the Nightmare moon form, but never realized how much fine control she had until it was far too late. Bonbon, however, totally folded space. It helps if you don't think too hard about it as you do it.

It's always important to bear what the characters know in mind. Same reason why Twilight hesitated to consider Megatron alive.

Seriously? Wow. I'd like to thank BronyCon for making Ferret feel ill enough that she had to delay the editing by a few days and myself for not noticing the GDocs notifications for a few more. :derpytongue2:


Heh, I wonder how you'd ponify Karel Čapek's name.

If I knew Czech, I might be able to make a few suggestions.

Luna doesn't laugh when Twilight announces herself. No, the Princess of the Night feel a warm glow of pride in her breast, knowing that she's forced her fellow alicorn to finally shed that excessive humility of hers.

Rest assured, once the artifact is secure in Canterlot, Dash is in for the lecture of a lifetime, plus a dressing-down from Spitfire.

7414832 And then after that proud display of power and Luna's feeling awesome, Twi reverts back to herself and Luna facehooves. Maybe next time, Twilight.

As for Čapek's name... eh... a hard one at that, as that is not a word in the language. But it could, with both eyes slightly closed (and extremely drunk) be considered as something close to čáp, which is a crane (the bird). Fluttershy would be all over that.

It's almost a shame Pinkie Pie wasn't involved- she personally knows Megatron from the Hub ad days, after all.

Author Interviewer

Goddamn. I don't care if you write a sequel to this, I need more of these characters, they are all fucking perfect. XD

So, Rainbow Dash is a deep-cover / amnesiac Transformer. :derpyderp1:

Either that, or she ate one at Gilda's stayover. :derpytongue2:

I don't care if you write a sequel to this. Just write more Lyra-Twilight-Moondancer goodness, pleeeeaaaaaase! :scootangel:
(Now I'm pondering what Moondancer is doing in the Oversaturation universe...)

So, where does "Fucking Perfect" stand grammatically, compared to "Present Perfect"?
(I have many regrets, but this ain't one)

Author Interviewer

Outside the realm of proper names. :B

So much :rainbowlaugh:

This was a great short. I would love to see this continued or perhaps a sequel if you ever get the urge for it.

Weird if Starscream possesses Megatron when/if Rainbow Dash touches it. or when he leaves her body, however that happens... :pinkiesick:

And I rewatched the Death Battle a few days ago and forgot that I had seen it before due to this! And it is still awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

Such an incredible story!

If she's feeling cheeky (and smart) enough, she could argue that the speed and ability to out-fly a squadron of royal guards is her easiest and quickest way of identification. Might do a little bit for the Guards' pride, too... "It's not a 'critical security failure', Ma'am, it's part of procedure. Now could you help untangle us, please?"

(Re-reading it, this story is still a prime example of everything I want in the stories I read, and I just love it.)

Is it wrong to want another chapter to this?

I want to see more.

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