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Hi i'm going to make some stories here.


Predaking out of rage, attacks Megatron for betraying his kind. But Predaking got blown out of the ship, to be sent to his doom. But then Soundwave makes a ground bridge that sends him far away from both Earth, and Cybertron. When Predaking comes out, he has landed in a place, filled with talking ponies, and other kinds of magical creatures. How will Predaking spent his new days... In Equestria?

Transformers Prime crossover.

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I already love this story Predaking one badass bot and I like how you get how Predaking is bigger then a normal dragon a lot of stories with him say he's the same size but Optimus would be about as big as a normal dragon and as you can see myklwebs.com/myklmecha/pictures/transformers-prime-predaking/transformers-prime-predaking-dragon-cgi.png Prime's pretty small to Predaking's beast mode

quick spelling error

But I was a champion of the pits of Chaon not only due to my savage might but also my cunning

is actually Kaon

nice twist on dragonshy

this makes me moist keep up the good work

this fic, is... bleh, at best.
mostly due to poor grammar and word choice, for example:

which looked like a Dragon except more robotic

whilst it's technically correct, it does not flow at all. it should be more like this:

which looked akin to a robotic dragon

And not only that, but aren't they called spacebridges? (I genuinely can't remember what TF: Prime called them)

Other than that this fic shows a lot of promise, so keep going!

I'm looking forward to more updates

I like the idea, but until this gets edited I can't read this without getting a headache. I'll hold on to hope and put this on tracking...

hmm very interesting please continue

Yes!!!!!!! thank you i have looking for a predaking fic

"Strike me again. And i will burn your hooves to crisp." Predaking threatened"

ha, i know the refrence

When is the next chapter?

7647202 I'm currently working on my Pokemon story. Maybe after that.

7647209 oh cool because i really wonder what happens if Predaking meets both royal princesses and if he finds himself in Canterlot what would the nobles would do/say to piss him off

7647214 When you say nobles, you mean mostly Blueblood right? And about the princesses, when they reveal their title, he would most likely tell them his royal status.

7647222 about the nobles ............................... yes mostly Blueblood but their are also other idiot nobles that might do stupid things that might piss off our favorite predacon try letting Blueblood the ringleader and regarding the princesses yes you should let Predaking tell them about his title

7647270 If Blueblood wants to piss off Predaking, then he must be on a suicide mission. Are there other characters you think Predaking should meet?

7647279 hhhmmmmmm how about Ember? have Predaking inspire Ember to become the next dragon lord and OH how about both Shining Armor and Cadence? if you allow, predaking could go at the wedding to meet up with the 2 of them but when he arrive'd the changelings just smashed through the shield and he help the ponies out.

7647440 and what about garble and the rest of the teenage dragons?

7647455 Hhmmm.

Garble and his gang + Predaking = Garble and his gang screaming like fillies, and flies away at the sight of Predaking.

7647460 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god you should so put that in this fic and how Celestia invites Predaking to the Grand Galloping Galla?

i can already imagine the nobles reaction, they would both piss and soil themself's at the same and run away like little fillies

"Just what i needed. Another Starscream."
I love it :pinkiehappy:

7605635 That part is finally fixed. I was too busy at the moment, but it's fixed now. It was also auto-correct that made the spelling error.

Nice chapter, but i was suprised that Celestia knows what a Predacon is

7922447 Which means we'll probably get some backstory sometime:ajsmug:

So Celestia knows of the great Predacon race


7928478 Of course. Just currently busy with my MLP Z series.

Great work on this story.

Please continue

I say it from everyone's opinion and mine as well, WE LOVE IT, CONTINUE PLS!!!

YES!! finally a new chapter, though it is a short 1 i still liked it

Celestia shook her head. "No. Listen up every pony. If we don't stop our visiting Predacon soon... all of Equestria's ponies will go extinct, almost just like last time."

Now things are getting interesting

Dun dun duuuuunnnn
Plus will we be seeing an appearance of Skylynx and Darksteel

This story has potential but at the moment it's lacking. Not only are you just straight up reciting the a lot of dialogue from Transformers Prime and MLP to the letter, you're also barely describing any detail. I commend you for your creativity quite a lot but I feel as if you have much to improve on. Nevertheless, some Predicons are always awesome <3

:facehoof: Celestia, please! Give Predaking a chance!

Yay new chapters. Please continue.

so it seems the predacons have been to Equestria before ,but apparently they did not leave on good terms :unsuresweetie:

Great work, nice set up for the main conflict.

Yeah, this time Celestia you couldn't be more wrong. Fluttershy just helped Predaking with opening up and making a friend. I hate to see what happens when someone hurt the mare with him around. Right up there with Discord protecting Fluttershy.

Is this still alive? I am pretty interested in this story and has a lot of potential. I'd hate to see it just go to waste.:apple cry:

8750868 I'm currently working on the latest chapter, so don't worry :twilightsmile:

I like seeing PredaKing's gentle side.

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