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Hi i'm going to make some stories here.


After the defeat of Tirek, peace were once again upon Equestria. The ponies have taken down, but not out Starlight Glimmer, and the Mane 6 were having a nice break from saving their home. But it would soon end, as a group of rejected scientists are plotting against Princess Celestia, and their creating what is going to be known as the most perfect being. Can the princesses, and the Mane 6 take on Equestria's most perfect project and creation: D.N.A.C.E.L

First part of the MLP Z series. The Mlp special series, just with different stuff, and more DBZ style in it.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 27 )

I like it so far!

Is this going to be smiler to the cell saga?

When writing numbers in a story, if it's less than a hundred, it looks better if you spell it out. (for example, one instead of 1)Why not just call D.N.A.C.E.L Cell? I mean, if you're going to go that way, you might as well go all the way.

7940978 I'll remember that, but D.N.A.C.E.L won't be renamed Cell.

By the way, thanks for favorite this story

7940707 Read more of the story(once more chapters are published) and you'll see. By the way, I see that you enjoy it. :pinkiehappy:

Wow dude. You did a good base off of Cell's creation. Keep it going.

tentacles was released from his torn off parts


Your eyes fast enough to catch my speed?

Are your eyes

The blue pegasus was send flying right down the ground

Was sent flying.
Overall, nice chapter! I really like that you have decided to add power levels!

7945412 I'll fix that once I have time.

Dude. I gotta say, that was some fight. You really gave some good detail on the fighting between the ponies and Prototype 0.1. You also gave decent and suitable power levels to the Mane 6. You gotta do more.

7945824 I will. Thanks for the compliment

You've done it again dude. Nice work.

Whoa whoa wait up spike needs to have a power level of 80,000,000

Scratch that spike needs to be 900,000,000

7972439 You must be quite a Spike fan? Am I right? :ajsmug:

How did I manage to miss this? Well, no matter, I have finally read it. Nice work man!

Dude. I love the references you made to Dragon Ball Z. Like the reference of Baby Goku's mission on Earth. And the reference to the Kamehameha Wave. And I've been planning to do an origin story for Spike in my current story that involves him being an egg for a long time as well.

Hey, interesting chapter DryvernX
Waiting for the next one now ^^

8140798 Glad you liked the chapter.

Very nice dude. I love how you have things set up.

Interesting. So they've found out that his Dna belongs to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
Cant wait to read more

I wish Goku was in this because I think Super Sayian and Super Sayian Blue might be needed. Besides they don't have information on those from other worlds especially Earth! Also along with Vageta.

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