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Hi i'm going to make some stories here.


Among the sixth universe, a notorious hitman roamed around. The assassin held no background. No free charges. And no missions he couldn't succeed. He was flawless. He was Hit The Legendary Assassin. AKA: Hit The Infallible. He was by far the most dreaded and successful hitman all around his universe.

And now it is time for his next mission: To capture the former universal emperor, who's now the wanted fugitive Frost.

Hit has succeeded in locating Frost on a space station. But during the battle, the space station would malfunction and crash into a black hole. All seemed lost for both the assassin, and the fugitive. As they were hurled to their upcoming demises, the space station exploded out of it's fatal damages, which occurs at the exact same time with their collision with the black hole. Hit would soon find himself in a land... filled with equines, magic, and especially friendship. Will Hit be able to succeed his mission to capture the fugitive Frost? Or will he fail and bring shame to his title "Legendary Hitman"?

Dragon Ball Super crossover.
Cover made by RainbowDashVegetaFan123.
This story chronologically takes after the Tournament Of Destroyers(AKA: Universe 6 VS 7 Tournament) in DBS. And near end of Season 4 in My Little Pony.

Chapters (4)

After the defeat of Tirek, peace were once again upon Equestria. The ponies have taken down, but not out Starlight Glimmer, and the Mane 6 were having a nice break from saving their home. But it would soon end, as a group of rejected scientists are plotting against Princess Celestia, and their creating what is going to be known as the most perfect being. Can the princesses, and the Mane 6 take on Equestria's most perfect project and creation: D.N.A.C.E.L

First part of the MLP Z series. The Mlp special series, just with different stuff, and more DBZ style in it.

Chapters (5)

Pokemon trainers Brendan and May are still traveling around the region. Although not exactly a couple, they have been mistaken for a couple sometimes. During their journey, they arrive to a place called Canterlot High. Where they will start a Pokemon couple tournament, where a boy and a girl must become a duo, and fight double battles. Brendan and May both decided to enter, and perhaps find love there.

Sci-twi will be called Twilight here, and has the same design as pony Twilight, except with slightly different clothing. Pokemon crossover, mostly with ORAS.

Chapters (3)

Predaking out of rage, attacks Megatron for betraying his kind. But Predaking got blown out of the ship, to be sent to his doom. But then Soundwave makes a ground bridge that sends him far away from both Earth, and Cybertron. When Predaking comes out, he has landed in a place, filled with talking ponies, and other kinds of magical creatures. How will Predaking spent his new days... In Equestria?

Transformers Prime crossover.

Chapters (6)

I was having a costume party, with the Ben 10 fan club. In which we dressed up as our favorite Ben 10 alien. I was dressed up as Big chill. But the costume i got, was bought from a mysterious person. Later at the party i was engulfed by a mysterious light. When i woke up, i have been turned the Ben 10 alien Big chill. But i’m not on earth, i am on a planet… filled with talking ponies.

Chapters (7)

The Equestrian scientists have discovered a way to travel between the timelines. Princess Celestia, along with two others, have been chosen to go for a test run. But the past doesn't seem to be like they wanted. As the past is being invaded by an alien race called the Shroobs. Princess Celestia have been captured, and it's up to Twilight and Rarity to save the past.

Chapters (6)

When Super 17 was destroyed by Goku. Instead of being sent to hell. He somehow landed in a place filled with ponies and friendship. Can the elements of harmony defeat the energy absorbing super android. Or will Super 17 somehow reform.
Find out by reading it.
Oh yeah forgot to mention, this is a Dragon ball GT crossover
Cover art made by RainbowDashVegetaFan123

Chapters (13)
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