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Mlp: Predaking rising - DryvernX

Predaking got shot out of the ship by Megatron. But then a ground bridge appears, which sends him to a place, filled with magic and friendship.

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The letter

It's been hours since the small creatures, visited Predaking's cave. Predaking was glad that he was left alone for a bit, especially from the blue one who reminds him of Starscream, Megatron's skinny air commander. He remembered him torturing him back when he was simply known as the Predacon, but he always got Starscream back, even when he tried using the powerful Apex Armor. But his rage for Megatron burned more than for him, as he planned on how he would make Megatron suffer in his thoughts. He was soon at full strength, and soon ready to travel the new place known as Equestria, for any sign of Ground, or even better Spacebridge technology. If so, there is a possibility to get back to Earth, and hunt Megatron down.

"Just a few more hours, and my strength should be all good." He thought, while trying to rest some more.

Meanwhile in a small town nearby(yes, the same place Predaking's used energon smoke, came across earlier), the creatures known as Ponies, were back in town. Twilight was inside her tree like library. She really wanted to write a letter to the princess, after today's special events.

"Spike! I'm home!" Twilight called. Spike then showed up from the upper floor, having trouble with taking care of their pets.

"I'm here Twilight. So did you stop the dragon?" He asked the lavender unicorn, while he shook off the pets.

Twilight however shook her head. "We didn't... well not exactly. We did stop the smoke. But the smoke wasn't from a dragon."

Spike was surprised. "Really? Then where did the smoke come from then?"

"It was from some sort of burned blue crystals of some sort. But I had never seen such crystals or gems before."

"You haven't? But do you think they would be delicious?" Spike asked, while letting his tongue out, imagining how delicious such a gem could be.

"Not exactly sure, but Predaking did mention they were known as Energon, whatever that is." Twilight said.

Spike gave a confused expression. "Predaking? Is that the name of the dragon on the mountain you were earlier?"

"Well... it's both yes and no. Predaking looked like a dragon when we first met him, but he said that he wasn't."

"Then what was he?"

"He told us he was known as a Predacon." Twilight said.

"Predacon? What type of Dragon is that?"

"I don't know. I'm not even sure it's even related to Dragons. He was much larger than ordinary Dragons, his scales and hide appeared more solid and sturdier than normal dragons, his eyes glowed completely yellow and had had no pupils... well at least in his Dragon form."

"Twilight, why do you mention that he has a Dragon form? Is he a shapeshifter or something?" Spike asked out of curiosity.

"Well sort of. When he approached us, he became smaller yet still incredibly huge, he stood on two legs like bears or monkeys do when angered. His stance and appearance was very akin to royalty."

"I see. No doubt he calls himself 'Predaking'" Spike chuckled.

"Spike, I highly doubt he's a laughing matter. We're talking about a whole new species we haven't seen before." Twilight said, as she sounded serious at the situation.

"So what are we gonna do?"

"First, we'll send a letter to Princess Celestia. Maybe she knows anything about Predacons. Spike, take a letter." Twilight ordered.

"You got it Twilight." Spike saluted, as he took out a piece of paper, and a feather pen.

"Dear Princess Celestia, I am happy to report that the smoke that clouded all of Ponyvile is has completely vanished. But we did also find something that surprised us all, once we reached the top of the mountain, where you informed there was a dragon that snores all the smoke. It turned out that there wasn't a dragon on top of the mountain, but something that was akin to one the first time we saw it. While hostile at first, he turned out to be not as bad as we thought. We don't know that much about him, but he calls himself Predaking, and said his species are known as Predacons. Even i'm not sure what they are, so i'm sending you this letter to check if you know anything about Predacons. Always your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle." Twilight said, as Spike wrote everything down.

"Oh, and 'PS: Fluttershy did her best to stand up for him when he seemed hostile, but the stare failed miserably on him.'" Twilight added. Once Spike finished writing everything down, he rolled the scroll together, and breathed a green flame from his mouth, sending it away.

"Letter sent Twilight."

"Good. I hope Princess Celestia has knowledge about the Predacons."

"Oh i'm sure she does." Spike assured her with a smile.

"Thanks Spike... wait, where's my friends pets you were taking care of?"

Spike then snapped back to that thought. "Oh yeah. I'll be back soon."

Spike then ran off, to find the missing pets. Then Twilight heard a voice outside.

"Twilight! You gotta come see this! She's just five away from a new pony record!" Applejack's voice exclaimed from outside her library. Twilight smiled, as she walked to the library's balcony, to check on her friends.

Inside Canterlot, Equestria's capital town, sits Princess Celestia with a piece of strawberry cake, and a cup of coffee. She's been busy with taking care of her numerous usual ruling plans.

"Chef. Please bring me some more cake." Princess Celestia politely ordered her kitchen staff, mainly the stewardess pony standing beside her.

"Of course Princess Celestia. More strawberry shortcake coming up." The stewardess nodded, and walked toward the kitchen for more cake, to their beloved princess.

"Now, I wonder how my faithful student is doing with the little smoke problem." Princess Celestia wondered, while she sipped her coffee mug. "Did I give them a task too difficult for them to complete?" She thought, with slight worry of her student along with her friends.

After a few moments, she scuffed at her worry, and took another sip of her coffee. "Nah, there is nothing to worry about. They're the bears of the Elements Of Harmony. How dangerous and huge can the dragon be?"

Then suddenly, a letter suddenly appeared floating beside her head. "It seems that they succeeded their task."

Princess Celestia then opened the letter, as she skimmed the letter through, while taking another sip on her coffee mug. "They stopped the smoke. That's a relief. Now that spares me the work from doing it later."

The stewardess then returned to the princess, with a plate of Pound cakes. "I'm back Princess Celestia. I couldn't find anymore strawberry shortcakes, so I thought that..."

Before the stewardess could finish, Princess Celestia suddenly spit-taked her coffee, right in her face. The stewardess felt her head getting hotter, from all the hot coffee dripping on her face.

She tried her best to ignore the hot coffee that painfully scalds her face. "I'm so sorry Princess Celestia. But there really was no strawberry shortcake. Please don't punish me! Please don't send me to the moon!"

Celestia listens to her begging, and noticed her. "Oh, my apologies. I wasn't trying to spit my coffee on you purposely."

The stewardess soon calmed down, as she sighed in relief over not getting punished after all. "Oh. Glad to hear that, just afraid that you'll punish me for shocking you that I didn't bring you any strawberry shortcakes."

"Apology accepted. But that wasn't why I panicked."

"Then what was it then Princess Celestia?"

"I'm afraid that's serious business. Just please take a day off. I got work to do."

"Really? Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" The stewardess cheered, as she left the room, leaving Princess Celestia alone.

Her face soon turned serious. "I never thought that a Predacon would visit Equestria."

Author's Note:

Sorry it's late. This story however is not my most focused story, but it's not dead either.

Stay tuned for next time

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