• Published 29th Sep 2016
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Mlp: Predaking rising - DryvernX

Predaking got shot out of the ship by Megatron. But then a ground bridge appears, which sends him to a place, filled with magic and friendship.

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New friend. New disaster.

Equestria's sun rose, and it's light shined upon the land. That also included Predaking's cave. Predaking could feel all of his energy starting to flow through his body as it should be. The mighty predawn now knew that his powers has returned to it's full extent. He knew that he could now leave the cave without any trouble. The self proclaimed king of Predacons opened his eyes, as he opened his mouth to roar out of his pride.

"The time is now. My full strength has returned. At last I can go explore the world, to find out where I can go for ground bridge technology, and see if they can transfer me back to Earth." Predaking thought in his mind, due to his Predacon formed lacked the capability of speech aside from roaring.

As the Predacon started to spread his wings out, he started to hear something. He heard footsteps, just like plenty of hours ago, except they were fewer. Way fewer.

"What is it this time?" Thought Predaking. He waited for a few moments, as he stepped back and spread his wings out, in case if the newcomer is hostile and wants to fight. As more and more footsteps could be heard, he started hearing something.

"Uhm... hello? Mr. Predaking?" Mumbled a shy and quiet voice. One that was quite familiar to Predaking himself. The footsteps then fully reached the entrance of the cave, and the visitor was revealed. Predaking widened his eyes a bit, as he noticed that the unknown newcomer wasn't a newcomer after all. It was the same yellow equine with wings known as Fluttershy, whom he recognized from yesterday.

Predaking glared his eyes down on the small pegasus, who despite being way smaller than himself, tried her best to not scream and run away, at the sight of Predaking's "Dragon form". "Good... Good morning Predaking. Pleasant day isn't it?" Fluttershy mumbled with a slightly mute, but also underneath a gentle tone.

Predaking responded by growling a bit at her, which made Fluttershy take a few steps back a bit. "Oh? Sorry. I woke you up at a bad time didn't I?" She started to turn around, as she headed out of his cave. "I just wanted to check on you, but you may be too tired at the moment to talk, so I can just see you later if you don't mind."

He growled once more, which made Fluttershy stop at her tracks. He clearly realized that her shy and uncertainty wouldn't get either of them anywhere, and his Predacon form no doubt scared her, so he opted to turn the situation around. He roared for a few seconds, before shifting his body plenty of times, until his slightly smaller, yet still giant robot form stood in place of his alternate form.

"I see you came back to see me Shutterfly." Predaking said. His slow and royal accent akin to the Canterlot ponies could be heard in Fluttershy's ears. At seeing his humanoid form, Fluttershy eased up a little, and turned back to Predaking. "Just what is your business with me today?"

"First, It's Fluttershy." She corrected him. "And second, I came to visit you, just like I asked once yesterday."

He nodded to her, before coming up with a question he had in mind. "Is that the only reason why you came to my cave?"

Fluttershy both nodded and shook her head. "Well, yes I just wanted to meet you. But there's also another reason why I came to see you."

Predaking widened his left eye a bit out of confusion. Fluttershy started speaking her next words. "I want to hear more about you and your species."

"What did you just ask?" He asked while making a few growls, that almost intimidated the shy pegasus.

"Oh sorry. Did I offend you or anything?"

"That wasn't my point here. Why do you want to hear more of me and my race?" Asked Predaking.

Fluttershy looked down a bit, before coming up with her answer. "Well, it's just... that finding some new species of creatures around here in Equestria is what peeks my interest. And I may not be fully sure, but I just thought that if I visited you more often, and spoke to you some more, might give me a chance to have a new friend."

Predaking was surprised a bit of Fluttershy's confession of her arrival. But what surprised him the most, was that Fluttershy just spoke a word Predaking has never heard of. Neither before his resurrection, nor his time working under Megatron's command, did he hear the special word called 'friend'.

"Friend? What does the word 'friend' mean?" He asked the shy pegasus, which just made her gasp out of surprise.

"You... don't know what a friend is?" She asked him. She received Predaking's shaking his head as a reply, which made her gasp once more. "Are you saying you don't have any friends?"

Fluttershy almost got a few tears in her eyes, as she gently patted Predaking's right leg a bit. "Oh you poor dear. Having to live the whole life without friends."

Predaking was confused of the pegasus going from meek and shy, to motherly and caring. "I have no clue what you're doing."

Fluttershy stepped back a bit, yet this time it was without fear. "I just wanted to comfort you, for feeling so... so lonely."

"I see your concern Fluttershy, but I wasn't always alone back then."

Fluttershy sat down on her behind, as she listened. "Eons ago, I used to be a ruthless and relentless warrior that could not be stopped by anyone who wanted to."

He earned a gasp from Fluttershy. "You were a warrior?!"

Predaking nodded to her. "Aside from Royal Canterlot Guards, we rarely hear anyone who goes by as warriors rather than guards."

"Then it seems that your world lacks the necessary needs for warriors."

"Well... Equestria did encounter some fights back those times." Fluttershy said, remembering her time where she needed to stop the ancient enemy of Equestria; Nightmare Moon the evil princess of the night. Then Fluttershy realized something Predaking mentioned just earlier. "Wait. A bit earlier, did you mention... resurrection?"

She received a nod from Predaking in respond. "Are... are you a zombie?"

"If you're referring to non living creatures like Terrorcons, then no, i'm no non living Terrorcon." Fluttershy sighed in relief for a moment. "But someone did gave me a way to restart my life in the present."

"What a nice person. Who was it?"

Predaking growled a bit out of slight anger, yet not out of pure frustration and hate. "My former creator. Shockwave."

"Shock... wave?" Fluttershy mumbled a bit.

"Shockwave was a Cybertronian scientist working under a group known as Decepticons." Fluttershy had no clue what those unknown words meant to her. "To clear things up for you, Predacons are a sub-species of Cybertronian. Which makes me a Cybertronian myself."

"So you're a Cybertronian? But you're species category goes as a Predacon?" She asked the Predacon king.

"You're catching on. Maybe you're actually worth speaking with." He said. He was slightly impressed that she actually listened to his speeches a bit.

"T... thank you." She said with a small yet visible smile. "Can you tell me more about your past?"

Predaking sighed a bit. "Very well. If that will satisfy you, I will tell you the rest of my story."

Predaking leaned down to the ground, and started sitting down. The two separate beings stood one to one another, ready to bond some more(in Fluttershy's case).

Meanwhile back in Ponyville, the rest of the ponies from yesterday has just gathered together inside the Golden Oak Library.

"So, does any pony here know where Shy is? I checked her cottage an hour ago, and she wasn't there." Rainbow Dash asked.

"I haven't seen that gal all day long, cuz I was doing my morning work on ma'h farm." Applejack spoke up.

"I'm afraid I don't know where dear Fluttershy is at the moment." Rarity said.

"Neither do I. It seems none of us have met her at any point this morning." Twilight said. "I don't know about you girls, but I speculate that she's somewhere out of Ponyville right now.

"Oh. Maybe she decided to get this series on the road, and go buy me and the publishers some cupcakes so we can workout better for today." Pinkie Pie blurted out, which made her receive numerous confused looks from the girls.

"Pinkie? What... the hay... was that supposed to do with anything?" Rainbow asked with a slightly irritated tone.

"Oh. Just a hunch on what everyone might be doing outside of Equestria." She said. The girls clearly knew that Pinkie was getting them nowhere right now, and just decided to let it go.

"Well who knows? Where could she have been going this morning?" Twilight asked all of her friends minus Fluttershy.

Pinkie thought for a few seconds. "Just a new hunch, but maybe she decided to go visit Predaking."

"Aw come on Pinkie. There's no way that Shy's up back with that dragon from yesterday. She's too scared of shadows including her own, and especially dragons." Rainbow Dash said.

"Maybe, but ya were just as scared as the rest of us when he confronted us back then." Applejack pointed up with a smug grin.

"Girls. This isn't the moment we need to argue about the situation. We need to find out where Fluttershy is." Twilight pointed out to them. "Knowing Fluttershy, she should still be here somewhere in Ponyville, so we should just split up, and go find her."

"Twilight darling? I hope you don't mind me asking, but if she's just close to our town, then what's the point of us all going through a panic, and try searching all of Ponyville to find her?" Rarity pointed out to her, which made Twilight realize her point.

"Oh right. I get your point Rarity. I was just a bit paranoid." Twilight said with a small blush on her face. The lavender unicorn's eyes were also a bit on the grey side, as she also panted a bit out of exhaustion.

"Ya okay Twilight? Ya seem to be the most tired out of us all. Almost as if ya were looked on by a Cockatrice" Applejack asked her friend, due to her concern of her well being.

"The thing is, that Princess Celestia haven't really replied to my letter from yesterday." She explained. "Once I sent the message, I waited for hours, and hours. But no matter how long I waited, Celestia didn't reply to me at all. Is she sick? Did she catch a fever or something?"

Applejack placed a hoof on Twilight's forehead a bit. "Easy Twi. Take some deep breaths. We don't know why she haven't answered yet, but ya should just wait patiently until she answers. That's what I usually do."

That made Twilight calm down a bit, as she took a deep breath. "Thanks for helping me Applejack. And you're right, I should just wait patiently until Celestia answers my..."

Then out of everypony's surprise, the solar ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia has just teleported during the middle of the Library. "Excuse me? I didn't interrupt anything?"

"P... Princess Celestia?" Twilight mumbled in surprise. Everypony soon kneeled before their ruler out of respect. "What... what brings you here?"

She smiled down to her faithful student. "I came to see you all. Something i've been thinking a lot out of your yesterday's letter."

That statement made Twilight gasp. "You... you think that my letter was bad? Didn't you? If so, then i'm really sorry about this. Just please don't separate me from my friends." Twilight pleaded a bit, as her whole body shook out of fear.

Celestia's smile vanished, and shook her head. "No Twilight. That is not the reason I came here. But still, it involved something on your latest letter."

Twilight eased up, and every pony rose back up on their feet. "So what's the catch Princess?" Rainbow Dash asked her.

Celestia's face turned serious to all of them at sight. "Because everypony here in Equestria, will soon be at grave danger."

Those news made all the ponies besides the princess gasp in shock. "I know it's shocking, but I came here to warn and help you all, with a terrible disaster that has come here."

"What... what is it?" Twilight asked her.

Celestia turned to her student. "Like I mentioned, it involved your letter from earlier. And you've just encountered a Predacon."

Everypony gasped a bit. Pinkie's head appeared all of a sudden. "Oh you've seen that? Did Twilight mention how good friends we just became with him?"

Celestia shook her head. "No. Listen up every pony. If we don't stop our visiting Predacon soon... all of Equestria's ponies will go extinct, almost just like last time."

Author's Note:

This is it. The latest chapter of my most popular story so far. I decided to write it, as a thanks for really supporting it.

How does Celestia know about Predacons? And what is their connection to Equestria? Find out next time.

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