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Perhaps, it is time for the lines between universes to be redrawn.


When one of his inventions causes an accident, the chief Decepticon scientist Shockwave finds himself in Tartarus. There, he meets an inmate named Tirek who clearly seems to lack the ability to make logical decisions. So, he decides to converse with Tirek about the basic concepts of logic and how he came to the conclusion that becoming a Decepticon is more logical than remaining an Autobot in the first place.

Shockwave is a Transformers character owned by Hasbro and is voiced by Steve Blum. The story takes place during "The Cutie Map".

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It tried to intimate me


Shockwave is one of the most interesting Transformers, period. He is a being of cold logic, and while his loyalty to Megatron and the Decepticons is without question, he always struck me as one who would flip sides if presented with a strong enough logical argument for do so. With the pros or defecting outweighing the cons of defecting, obviously.

And then, the dinobots rekt his shit and he swore to never be purely logical again

1) I'm sorry I missed that error.

2) He IS one of the most interesting Transformers of all time and there are several instances in the comics where he tried to take over the Decepticons due to his devotion to logic.

Are you referring to the Fallen Kingdom of Cybertron by JOHNNYFLASH?

Nope. I'm referring to Spotlight: Shockwave by IDW.

Oh, I forgot about that.

I read it a few years ago and really liked it.

Shockwave's a savage weather he admits it or not.

Whoops, autocorrect is a bitch. Let me fix that.

It's okay. I understood what you meant.

Great start on this!

Great work on this story!

You're welcome!

nice story

Thanks. Glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

story request please

What do you want her to do?

try to met elsa

I'll try to make it so.

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