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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony Mystic Season 3

In order to save Equestria and stop the forces of Storm King & Dark Curse, Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force must leave their homeland, meeting and recruiting new friends, overcoming various challenges and battling forces of evil during their journey. Their friendship, trusts and loves with each other are about to be tested.

Someone sinister and mysterious villainess was watching on them especially she has devised a deadly master plan, lustful obsession with Shadow Dragon and possessed personal grudge against Twilight Sparkle. Will they succeed and saved the day, or let her sinister plans to accomplish?

Notes: This is the dedication, honor and tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. Therefore, some of their songs will be part of this story.

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Shockwave and Phasma are in this story awesome!!!!

Sooo…. Nyx appears to be in this story, judging from the cover art.

Interesting concept, will give it a read.


Following the plans of both My Little Pony season 8 & 9, Equestria Girls franchise and also creating the Final Story of My Little Pony Mystic Franchise.

Now I'm scared. I wondered what is going to helped next? Well I guess we'll have to find out.

So Avengers Endgame esque Final Battle?

Nope. I'm not using that scene. That one is for the Final Story. I already have other scenes in this story.

Wow love the cover image, and I spy a nyx


Yes, you did. And I personally draw it out from last year. And it is quite challenging and interesting.

Well, I wasn't expecting the rest of the Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force to lose their Element of Harmony powers as well.
Also, the Storm King turning on Dark Curse made me feel like this:

In addition, the reinforcements arriving during the battle just speaks Avengers Endgame, in other words, I am amused.

I love you story.Could I translate it into Chinese and share it in a Chinese website called Fimtale,I think the Chinese Pony fans will love it,too

You may. Be sure that I get credited for this adaptation story. Be either Shadow Master, Power Master or Nigel5469 is fine or being credited.

Thanks, I’ll try my best to translate it, although my English is not well.

About the Dragon strikes Force, they are Oc, or some characters from other cartoon?Which cartoon?I want to know, it can help me translate this story

Comment posted by Shadow Master deleted Oct 6th, 2019


Here are the designs and details of the characters. And yes, Dragon Strike Force, Dark Curse, Maul, Nezha and Kyuubi Lilith are completely OCs, and the rest are FCs. Here's the link:


Oh Kyuubi Lilith, Your so dead! :flutterrage:

My reaction to Twilight getting killed:

Me when I realized that you actually had the guts to kill off Twilight:

It's time for a bucking crusade!
So yeah, Kyuubi Lilith is pretty much in for a world of hurt next chapter, because I'm pretty sure Shadow Dragon isn't gonna take Twilight's death too well and end up trying to KILL Kyuubi Lilith as revenge for Twilight's murder.
Overwise, great chapter, best one so far actually.

A Great chapter! :heart:
Here's some twilight sparkles in honor of her. :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile:

If the main OCs in this story series had voice actors, what would they sound like?


1) Shadow Dragon's Voice would be sounded like Matt Lanter's Anakin Skywalker voice for being heroic, determined and also angry.
2) Blazefist's Voice will be sounded like Josh Keaton's Spider-Man being mature and serious, and less jokes.
3) Aqua's Voice will be more tough and fierce as Korra's yet sensitive and caring as Kim Possible's and Mulan's.
4) Shorty's Voice will be more humble and calm yet intellectual as Sam Riegel's Donatello (TMNT2003)
5) Terrorcreep's Voice will be mysterious and cool yet ruthless as Matthew Mercer's Jia Chong voice.
6) Laxtinct's Voice will be goofy and optimistic yet innocent Bolin's Voice.
7) Saber's Voice will be mature, serious and confident Batman Beyond's Voice.
8) Icy's voice will be based on Cream's innocent voice.
9) Tailtech's voice will be young yet calm and innocent voice as Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog Series.

Thank you for putting the song in there. I really appreciate it. Once again thank you. Can't wait for the final chapter! Here is the song that Shadow Master used:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH8_Hr7fRrY

:) I love this ending better.

What is your reaction to the Ending A?

Well... Lets say I kinda felt my stomach drop into a pit.


So, may I know when do I get to see this Chinese Version of MLP The Lost Soul?

Tempest went out pretty much the exact same way that Anakin Skywalker did decades ago.

Are you going to have the Demon King fully return for the final battle of Mystic Season 5? Also, exactly what franchises do you include in the entirety of the series? Just want to be sure of that last question so that I don't get confused.

No. Grogar (Real One) is the main antagonist of Mystic Season 5. Dark Curse and his Dark Mystic Ponies and Chaos Heralds will be last one for The Last Story. I don't understand about 'what franchise included' but this universe is based on MLP: FIM (Canon Series) with some changes. Transformers and G.I. Joe are the movie version to crossover with this MLP version.

Okay, I just wanted to make sure because even though Demon King is trapped, I thought that he could be released and finally DESTROYED for good sometime in the future, because I believe even something as evil as that doesn't deserve to simply be trapped forever. Still, it's up to you to decide. This was just a suggestion. Also, I was thinking about making a library section for this series, so I just wanted to know: what would YOU call this series?

You can call it 'MLP: Mystic Series' or for short, 'Mystic Series'. And also, it's called 'Demon God', not 'Demon King'.

If Kyuubi called Dark Curse 'Demon Father', then that means that Dark Curse and the Demon Lord are one and the same, right? If so, I can see why Dark Curse will be the final antagonist for the Last Story. Also, do you think you'll be able to provide us with images of the characters that were added to your MLP timeline in your blog? (Dark Curse, for example, since he wasn't in the canon timeline)


Here is the website, where I posted most of images on Mystic Ponies and Dark ones, and all the information of the characters as well.


By the way, I wanted to make a bookshelf based on this series, but because there seem to be details that are in other authors universes, I'm confused on the order of the stories. Do you think you could put a story timeline in your blog?

P.S: If you need an example, go over to Foxhelm's blog. He should have a story timeline on his My Little Mages Universe.


The Timeline of Stories:
1. Twilight Destiny
2. His Light, Her Darkness (After MLP Season 4)
3. Rainbow Spark Rocks
4. Spirit of Hearths Warming (Haven't posted yet. Check from Deviantart or Fanfiction.Net)
5. Journey through Demon Land
6. MLP Mystic Season 5
7. Friendship's Heart of Destiny
8. MLP Mystic Season 6
9. Legendary Knights of Friendship
10. MLP Mystic Season 7
11. Mystery Magical Case
12. Mystic Equestria Girls (Including four movies)
13. MLP The Lost Soul
14. MLP Mystic Season 4
15. Spirit of True Gifting
16. MLP Mystic Season 5
17. The Colors of Hope
18. MLP The Last Story


No. It's Mystic Season 4 & 5 because I changed everything to start from 1 till now and lots of people get confused and wondering why I didn't start with 1 due to I started the His Light and Her Darkness. Read Terrorcreep's Light from Mystic Season 3 Episode 24.


I didn’t think of that. I chose Mayor Mare to do it since she’s both mayor and priestess because her appearance from Slice of Life and Perfect Pear.

Say what now?! Iris is alive?! Wonder what's her reaction to Twilight and shadow Dragon.

Uh oh here comes monkey face. (A Nickname for storm king.)

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